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Elaine Brown on Condi Rice, MLK and Civil Rights
Social Activist Elaine Brown at Marlboro College on March 6, 2008. Part of her lecture, "New Age Racism" reflects on the assassination of Martin Luther King and how it led to her decision to join the Black Panther party. See the full video at www.marlboro.edu.
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John Perkins - The Hope of Latin America
Part of New York Times bestselling author John Perkins' lecture at Marlboro College on April 24, 2008. In the clip he discusses the new democratically-elected administrations in several Latin American countries. Full video is available at www.marlboro.edu.
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Music for Sunday Afternoon Honors Luis Batlle - October 10, 2010
www.marlboro.edu - Music professor Luis Batlle is retiring after 30 years at Marlboro. On October 10, 2010 the College honored him with a concert and reception in the Serkin Center for the Performing Arts.
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Elaine Brown - New Age Racism
Social Activist Elaine Brown at Marlboro College on March 6, 2008. This is the entire talk.
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John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire
www.marlboro.edu - Author John Perkins spoke at Marlboro College on 4/23/08. Drawing on experiences described in his two New York Times bestsellers, Perkins describes the post-WWII era as one that created history's first truly global empire -- mostly through economics, rather than the military. Now we find ourselves catapulted toward a future that appears catastrophic to many people; however, in Perkins's view it offers great opportunities. Identifying corporations as "the most influential institutions on the planet," he challenges us to transform ourselves and the companies that so deeply impact our lives. He presents a plan for creating a world "that will make our children proud of us." John Perkins spent three decades as an Economic Hit Man, business executive, author, and lecturer. He lived and worked in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and North America. Then he made a decision: he would use these experiences to make the planet a better place for his daughters generation. Today he teaches about the importance of rising to higher levels of consciousness, to waking up -- in both spiritual and physical realms -- and is a champion for environmental and social causes.
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Beautiful Minds Challenge 2012, Marlboro College, Vermont
http://mind.marlboro.edu Prompt: "Make something beautiful. Say why it is." 2012 Submission Deadline: Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 11:59pm Eligibility: The challenge is open to all teens (age 14-19). You are welcome to work alone, but encouraged to work with up to two teammates. What to Submit: 1) An example of beauty, created by you/your team and documented in a digital format. 2) A cover letter that explains why your submission is beautiful. More information and to submit your entry visit: http://mind.marlboro.edu
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2018 Beautiful Minds Challenge Prompt Video
The Beautiful Minds Challenge is an annual scholarship and cash prize competition for teens ages 15–19 that rewards creative ideas and expression. Learn more at minds.marlboro.edu. The 2018 Beautiful Minds Challenge prompt asks you to identify a problem facing your generation and explain how you are working toward, or could work toward, a solution.
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Fiddler's Hymn, a performance by Mia Bertelli and friends
This was part of Mia's Plan Show titled "Delight Lies Somewhere Between Boredom and Confusion: 13 Facets of Harmony."
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Marlboro College Bridges 2017
Each year, new students at Marlboro College start off their year with a a week of activities in small groups, involving everything from spelunking to dancing and kayaking to writing. The Bridges trips are an intimate orientation to life at Marlboro, with your first group of Marlboro friends. Thanks to Patrick Kennedy '09 for his amazing footage and editing for this video.
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Marlboro College Snyder Center for the Visual Arts
Marlboro's newest building offers more than just studios, classrooms, and exhibit space. It has become a hub for the academic community.
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Howard Zinn at Marlboro College - February 16, 2004
www.marlboro.edu. Author and political activist Howard Zinn visited Marlboro College and delivered a guest lecture to students and the community.
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Hayden Carruth reads "Ray" and tells Carver story
A public reading by Hayden Carruth was rare due to health issues, which is part of what made his May 4, 2008 reading at Marlboro College so powerful. Here he reads a poem dedicated to the great Raymond Carver and tells a funny personal story about the man.
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Thomas Moore - Liberal Arts and Care of the Soul
www.marlboro.edu. Author Thomas Moore spoke at Marlboro College on April 6, 2009. Moore is the author of popular spiritual books including the New York Times best seller, Care of the Soul (1992). His lecture focused on the importance of liberal arts as critical to a humans mental and emotional well-being.
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Beautiful Minds Challenge 2017
Win a full or partial scholarship! Marlboro College's Beautiful Minds Challenge invites inspired high school students from across the nation and around the world to respond to the prompt: "Innovative communication unites people. Share your vision."
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Studying art at Marlboro College
Nick Rouke '12 talks about his work and life at Marlboro College.
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Marlboro College Graduate and Professional Studies
Marlboro College offers master’s degrees, certificates and continuing education courses in management, education, and technology. Designed for working adults, these programs blend engaging online study with intentionally small, in-person classes at Marlboro’s Center for Graduate and Professional Studies in Brattleboro, Vermont.
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What You'll Need at Marlboro College
Students share their Marlboro College essentials and useful things for life on Potash Hill.
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Student Interview. TESOL alumnus Leo Sloss talks about the program and how he found it.
More info: http://gradschool.marlboro.edu/academics/tesol/
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Beautiful Minds Challenge 2015 prompt video
The Beautiful Minds Challenge is an international scholarship and prize competition for teens (15-19). This year's prompt is "Human being: being human. Capture truth." Project submissions are due Dec. 1, 2015. For more information visit minds.marlboro.edu
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Exploring music at Marlboro College
Rebecca Gildea '12 talks transferring to Marlboro and developing her own course of study.
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Beautiful Minds Challenge Symposium 2015 at Marlboro College
The Beautiful Minds Challenge is an annual competition for teens sponsored and hosted by Marlboro College. Winners receive a cash prize, or scholarships - up to a full tuition scholarship to Marlboro College. The top 25 students to submit creative, original and innovative projects are flown in for a 4-day symposium at Marlboro College. Watch this video and learn more about the Beautiful Minds Challenge, and the impact that it has on the lives of participating teens. The Beautiful Minds Challenge runs from early September to early December each year, with the top 25 students attending a symposium the following spring. To learn more about the Beautiful Minds Challenge and view this year's prompt video, visit minds.marlboro.edu
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Interview. Michael Hathorn's EdTech Capstone project using SketchUp to teach high school history.
http://www.gradschool.marlboro.edu As my capstone project I am creating an online 3D history course for VTVLC (Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative). This course will provide an opportunity not offered at any other high school in the state, or even the country, and a chance for students to create their own town history in 3D. This course has been years in the making for me, and this capstone has helped me to focus and organize my ideas, as well as use the new ideas and tools I have learned through my time as a MAT student at Marlboro College. Before I get to how this course will be set up and organized, I feel it is important to give a background on how this course came to be a history course at Hartford High School, and then I will explain the transition of turning this into an online course that will be offered to all interested Vermont high school and CCV (Community College of Vermont) students. As a history teacher I have always been fascinated with the connections between real artifacts and the people behind them. It has often been hard for me to instill the same passion in my students. When a veteran teacher came to me in December 2008 with an idea to use new software to create three-dimensional buildings, record the history of the buildings and link them to Google Earth, I was intrigued. My students were initially reluctant to get out into the community to conduct interviews, but they instantly fell in love with SketchUp (3D building software for use with Google Earth). I found that the more time they spent on perfecting the buildings in SketchUp, the more connected they felt toward the building and their town. Once they found out there were people who knew why the building was built, they wanted to seek them out and find out more. These stories were turned into a website where their stories could be preserved. Now, not only is our town history easy to access on Google Earth, but it is also available on a website in which the students are the reporters, editors, designers and advisors. We quickly found out that each building had a unique story and that story was just a small part of our town. To really understand our town we needed to complete more buildings and conduct more interviews. Since the spring of 2009, when I started teaching students how to use SketchUp and its connection to Google Earth, we have added 200 buildings to the 3D warehouse, and 175 and counting are live on Google Earth. We have also conducted over 150 interviews of local historians who were generous enough to share their knowledge of the buildings. This has allowed us to capture a unique piece of history within our town and digitize it for the world to see. My view on teaching history has changed dramatically through this project. After 16 years as a teacher, I viewed my teaching as how much information I could give my students and how much they could retain. Now I am looking for my students to create the history by creating 3D buildings in SketchUp and conducting interviews with local historians, and my students are all over the state of Vermont. SketchUp has made learning fun for my students and has helped lead to them wanting to learn more about the historical buildings in their home towns. When students are interested in what they are doing they become better learners. It is very easy to get students interested in the technology of creating 3D buildings, and I use that as the hook to get them interested in the history that is tied to the buildings.
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Erika Klemperer Plan Show
An excerpt from Marlboro College student Erika Klemperer's final Plan of Concentration performance, titled "Oh, Sweet Romance."
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Aerial drone video: Marlboro College's Center for Graduate and Professional Studies
http://gradschool.marlboro.edu/. A quick flight up the side of the Marlboro College Center for Graduate and Professional Studies building, to a panorama of downtown Brattleboro, Vermont USA, and back down. Recorded using a DJI Phantom FC40 quadcopter
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UXOs in Quang Tri: A Digital Narrative about unexploded ordinance in Vietnam
A short film about the continuing threat of unexploded ordinance in Quang Tri province, Vietnam. By Reggie Martell, Marlboro College Graduate School, Teaching with Technology Masters Program, Class of 2009 as part of his Capstone Thesis project. More Info on Marlboro College Graduate School's Teaching with Technology program: http://gradcenter.marlboro.edu/academics/mat/
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Solomon Botwick-Ries '17
Solomon delivers the senior address at Marlboro College's Commencement 2017, May 14.
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Welcome to Marlboro College, Vermont.
http://www.marlboro.edu Marlboro College, perched atop Potash Hill in southeastern Vermont, is not your average school. We sat down with current students Emily, Sarah and John to get some honest insight about what sets Marlboro apart.
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2012 Broomball Tournament, Marlboro College, Vermont.
http://www.marlborocollege.com -- During the course of a week, close to ten teams made up of Marlboro students, staff and faculty, competed in a broom ball tournament on the fire pond of Marlboro Campus. On the morning of February 4th, the Jay Cray Chain Gang and the Newsies competed for a final space in the weekend long tournament. Vocal Narration provided by Cameron Cobane, a sophomore at Marlboro College and a Marlboro Alumni, Jodi Clark, who is also the Director of Housing at the college. Filmers/Photographers: Alison Pugh. Sophomore at Mt. Holyoke, NH. Graduating in 2014. Sound and Cinematography student with the Movies From Marlboro, Northern Borders film production. Jeremiah Davis. Cinematography student with the Movies From Marlboro, Northern Borders film production. Currently applying to college. Lu Zhang. Junior at Mt. Holyoke, NH. Graduating in 2013. Cinematography and Still photography student with the Movies From Marlboro, Northern Borders film production. Zebulon Goertzel. Junior at Marlboro College, VT. Graduating in 2013. Cinematography student with the Movies From Marlboro, Northern Borders film production. Reily Mumpton. Freshman and Marketing Videographer at Marlboro College, VT. Graduating in 2015. Cinematography student with the Movies From Marlboro, Northern Borders film production. Compiled and Edited by Reily Mumpton.
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Why Marlboro?
How first year student Reily Mumpton found Marlboro College.
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Marlboro College Apple Days
www.marlboro.edu - Apple Days is a student-organized celebration coinciding with the harvesting of apples from trees on campus. Videographer Jesse Nesser '13 captures some of the highlights from 2010 with photographic help from Alice Packard '10.
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College Certificate in Nonprofit Management. Marlboro Graduate School, Vermont
http://gradschool.marlboro.edu" This intensive four-month series offers nonprofit leaders and staff the opportunity to gain and refine the essential skills needed to strengthen their organizations and achieve their missions. The Certificate course provides immediately-applicable training in all the core competencies of nonprofit management. It is intended for people who want to make a serious investment in their not-for-profit careers. The program combines the best of face-to-face learning with ongoing discussion via online learning portals. To learn more about the program or to join our mailing list, please contact Kate Jellema at [email protected] or (802) 451-7510. For more info see: http://www.nonprofit.marlboro.edu
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Home - Beautiful Minds Challenge Runner Up 2012
This film was submitted by Anna Berger during the Marlboro College Beautiful Minds Challenge in 2012 and was awarded a runner up prize.
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Rashad Shabazz - Hip-hop and the Black Geographical Imagination
www.marlboro.edu. Dr. Shabazz is currently an assistant professor in the Geography Department in the University of Vermont. His lecture at Marlboro College explored the ways in which the dynamics of space, place, race, gender and culture are articled in hip-hop's verbal expressivity. Drawing on the lyrics of hip-hop artists, he highlighted how rap music has become an important site of the articulation of a black spatial imagery, while also making the case that hip-hop must shift our understanding of where geographic knowledge is located. Currently Dr Shabazz is working on a book manuscript that examines how Black identity, culture and anti-Black racism are produced and disciplined through spatiality.
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Love Letters from Marlboro College
Don't forget to write! Marlboro College's very own barber shop quartet, known as the Plan of Con-Sing-trations, performs "Love Letters" at a music ensemble concert in Ragle Hall, May 2016.
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Sut Jhally discusses media, violence and masculinity at Marlboro College, Feb. 2, 2010
www.marlboro.edu: film producer Sut Jhally delivered a lecture entitled, "Tough Guise: Media, Violence and Masculinity," at Marlboro College on February 2, 2010. Jhally, a professor of Communication at UMASS-Amherst and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation, examined gender and violence in popular media, focusing on the way in which "normal" definitions of masculinity position violence, intimidation and threat as key components of modern manhood. (WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC MATERIAL)
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Zachary Aubin Beautiful Minds Project
The Beautiful Minds Challenge 2014-2015 third place winning submission - "From the Ashes..." by Zach Aubin of Ipswich, MA.
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Tom Ragle on the Origins of the Plan
Retired president Tom Ragle recalls the early years of the Plan of Concentration, the culminating course of study for Marlboro College students.
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Peter Vale on South Africa: 15 Years after the End of Apartheid
http://www.marlboro.edu. Peter Vale, the Nelson Mandela Chair of Politics at Rhodes University in South Africa, gave a about modern day South Africa to students and the general public at Marlboro College on February 9, 2010.
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Janaki Natarajan Discusses Sustainability & Culture. Marlboro Graduate School, Vermont
http://gradschool.marlboro.edu Dr. Janaki Natarajan was the MBA in Managing for Sustainability Featured Speaker in October. Her presentation, "Origins of our ideas about sustainability and green business: reflections on history, culture and national struggles" raised questions and pointed toward activist answers about community, democratization, exploitation, political economy and change. Born in Bangalore, South India, Janaki Natarajan has worked with the Sarvodaya and southern African liberation movements. Her teaching and research experience includes extensive work in China, India, and Tanzania, where she taught at the University of Dar Es Salaam and in Washington, DC, where she taught in Lorton Prison, in the public schools, and at the University of the District of Columbia. Natarajan currently works with public schools on race and class issues, serves as a teacher-trainer, and teaches Dalit children at the Bapagrama Educational Centre in Bangalore. A founder of Educational Praxis, Natarajan teaches Culture Theories and Practice, Social Change, and courses in gender issues at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont. For more info see:http://gradschool.marlboro.edu/academics/mba/
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Hayden Carruth reads "Emergency Haying" and tells  backstory
Hayden Carruth was 86 years old when he gave a reading at Marlboro College on May 4, 2008. "Emergency Haying" is one of his best-known poems. Here he reads it and then discusses its relevance then and now. See the entire reading at www.marlboro.edu.
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Shea Witzberger's Senior Address -- Marlboro College 2012 Commencement
The Marlboro College Class of 2012 chose senior Shea Witzberger as its senior speaker. Witzberger did not disappoint her classmates, delivering a humorous retrospection on the dire circumstances surrounding contemporary graduates. Her speech is transcribed below. For more information about Marlboro College, visit http://www.marlboro.edu. "Congratulations class of 2012! I'm honored to be speaking to you, to your families, and alongside such accomplished, inspiring and dedicated nerds. This is an amazing day in a way that no other commencement in the history of ever has been, and not because Marlboro is such a rigorous institution, which it is. It's not because the Plans that this class wrote, danced, sang and acted were better than all the rest, although I'm quite proud of the work that so many of us pulled off at the last minute. We deserve congratulations for completing our undergraduate degrees, but I feel that our time here has gone underappreciated in one way—I have heard slim to no praise for completing college in 2012, year of the apocalypse. This is the least reasonable time in history to get a liberal arts degree, and I'm not talking job prospects and starting salaries, my friends. I'm talking Armageddon. While working so hard on our own projects in the last year, you may have missed some key doom signs. It's ok. You were in a dark Plan cave, typing for one thousand hours. Individualistic, academic, productive zombiehood prevailed during that dark age. While I'm glad to see you back in the social world, exposing yourselves to sunlight, wearing graduation robes instead of bathrobes, I have some news for you. Allow me to recap the writing on the wall. Doom sign number one—the Rapture. Do you remember? Number two. Revolutions sprouted across the globe! Everyone occupied everything! There were hurricanes and floods and tsunamis, but I'll leave that for Bill to talk about. Continued economic uncertainty kept little institutions like this one shivering in fear like endangered tropical birds in a nuclear winter. Sallie Mae was named an honorary fifth horsemen of the apocalypse, and her first hellish deed was in fact an attempt to repossess the speech that I'm giving you today. If, as you finished your oral examinations, the sight of "smokers" on a "party barge" on a "fire pond" didn't bring vivid images to your mind of Waterworld, then I seriously recommend revisiting your VHS collection. Global Weirding is certainly upon us. And, despite the amazing, articulate, inspiring and rational call to arms that I'm sure you will receive from Bill McKibben about saving the planet, I'd like you to take a moment to remember the Mayan prophecies. Have fun arguing against that, activism and science. Seniors. As your fragile, transitional minds drift toward worry about all of those little anythings—worry about moving back in with your parents, about how you'll survive an unpaid internship, about if there will be internships to be had for the survivors of whatever catastrophic craziness may head our way—remember that old cliché that liberal arts colleges teach you how to think, and maybe, just maybe, this place taught you a few things about how to think about surviving the black hole of a twilight zone real world that Marlboro is regurgitating us back out into. Marlboro taught us that when the going gets rough, it's good to have surrounded yourself with dedicated self-starters and lots of camping equipment. Marlboro taught us that when there aren't any cups left in the dining hall and while people debate about whether or not to buy new cups, we can drink out of bowls. Marlboro taught us that when resources are slim, people are going to argue about whether or not women should get any of those resources, and in the meantime you have found the dream fuel for excellent feminist criticism. Marlboro taught us to examine and change our governing processes, and to watch how our governing structure handles crisis and to improve it. This will mean that we are the people who are best prepared for leadership roles in the transient governments of the space colonies. These are vital skills for 2013 and beyond, if we make it that far. In closing, no one doubts that this is a weird time to be a bright-eyed graduate of a liberal arts college. But I'd be doing you a disservice by letting you "celebrate" with your "loved ones" about your "accomplishments" in such uncertain and dire times. Think about stockpiling the refreshments on your way out. A sharp social mind, an ability to thrive in uncertainty, and some really heavy-duty crampons and vacuum-0sealed food packets. This is the Marlboro alum of the future. I ask that you all glean from these last joyous moments of these golden years on this beautiful hill what pragmatic, critical knowledge you can, because it is a cold, cold world out there. But it's getting warmer at an alarming rate. Thank you!"
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The Andrew's
A reading by Marlboro students John Marinelli and Rainbow Stakiwicz of the play by Rainbow, based on her oral histories collected from patrons of the well-known gay bar in Bellows Falls. The play was a project for the class called the Politics of Change, Radical Movements of the Late 20th Century, taught in partnership with Vermont Performance Lab, Green Mountain Crossroads, and the Rockingham Arts and Museum Project.
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Jane Bolgatz - Talking Race in the Classroom
Author and professor Jane Bolgatz visited Marlboro College on September 22, 2009 and delivered a public lecture about the need for racial literacy and how it can incorporated into a school curriculum.
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Menefese on snow and video
Student Menefese Kudumu-Clavell shares his thoughts about studying film/video at Marlboro College, and adjusting to the snow.
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