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Wes Modes "A Secret History of American River People"
A Secret History of American River People is a project to recreate a 1940s shantyboat for a series of epic river voyages to build a collection of personal stories of people who live and work on the river. The collection and shantyboat will be featured in a touring installation as well as an interactive web documentary. Visitors to the shantyboat or its online proxy can explore issues faced by individuals and communities on the river, navigating individual stories, multiple histories, and thematic paths. Secret History seeks to step into the past to bring something forward to inform our present, our thoughts about the fringe edges of society and our own forgotten histories. Wes Modes is a Santa Cruz artist who has exhibited his sculpture, new media work, and performance regionally since 1996, recently at the FIGMENT art festival in Oakland and the LAST festival in San Jose. He is also a writer, performer, adventurer and community organizer. Video by Dani Williamson.
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Nathan Ober "The Orrey Harp"
The Orrery Harp is an autonomous musical instrument designed to play a composition based on the movements of planetary bodies in motion around the sun. The instrument includes nine strings representing each planet in our solar system, including the dwarf planet, Pluto. Frequency is determined by the rotational period of a given planet (day), while rhythm is determined by the planet’s period of orbit around the sun (year). Each string is activated by an electromagnetic pulse to induce harmonic resonance as a planet reaches its starting point, or yearly cycle. One Earth year is scaled to 36.24 seconds on the Orrery Harp. Nathan Ober is a new media artist whose work crosses disciplines from installation and performance to video and sound. His current research is focused on astronomy and astrophysics, and deals with techniques of sonification and processes that attempt to expose our innate connection to the universe. Video by Dani Williamson.
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Jonathan Menendez "Qulture" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Jonathan Menendez is an interdisciplinary digital media and event producer who uses technology to build online communities for social empowerment. Some of his projects include co-founding The Latino Queer Arts and Film Festival, xQsiMagazine.com, GayLatino.LA and Qulture.org.
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Natalie McKeever
Natalie McKeever, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
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Stacey Mason "Between the Cracks" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Stacey Mason is writer, critic, and researcher of interactive narrative. Her work focuses on the intersection of games and literature, exploring what the two forms might learn from each other. She also writes about feminism and gaming culture, and advocates for women in gaming and tech industries.
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Scott Tooby "Embedded Soundscaping"
Embedded Soundscaping is an interactive sound installation exploring how audio-reactive technology can be applied in creative and scientific contexts to enable deeper understanding and connection to the world through sound. Through the combination of machine listening and embeddable computing, the installation features the Sonic Mirror, a new electronic instrument that selectively records and transforms the sounds of its environment into musical soundscapes. Additionally, the instrument audifies the movements of an experimental robot made by engineering researchers at UC Santa Cruz to reveal the physical dynamics of digital materials - a new material technology developed by NASA's Ames Research Center. Visit Scotts's website: scott-tooby.com Scott Tooby is a sound artist and musician making electronic instruments and art that integrates machine listening and embeddable computing. After obtaining a BA in music composition from UCSB, Tooby moved to Los Angeles and acquired skills in electronics and sound design while working in the entertainment industry. He now lives in Northern California.
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Steven Trimmer "Vocal Landscaping"
Vocal Landscaping is a voice interactive sound installation modeled upon modal intoning paradigms common throughout the Renaissance. Vocal Landscaping explores how machine listening might be utilized to cultivate the uniquely embodied voice while challenging conventions of passive consumption and mimesis which have arisen alongside prevalent configurations of sound media. Visitors use their voices to complete puzzles dependent upon particular tones and durations. Matching tones activate a virtual landscape, are inscribed into audio buffers, and are rebroadcast into the installation space through a series of resonant objects affixed with transducers. Each round of the game explores a particular modal/elemental correspondence. Visit Steven's website at http://theleapyear.com Steven Trimmer is a sound and new media artist centered in Santa Cruz, CA. His work invites participation in expanded forms of expression and listening through the synesthetic coupling of embodied and technical systems. In considering historic sound methodologies throughout his creative process, Trimmer hopes to uncover new paradigms for interfacing the embodied with the virtual.
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Steve Gerlach "Topological Projections"
As part of the Pan-DANM-odioum Ball at UCSC’s Digital Arts and Research Center on April 25, 2015, projection artist Steve Gerlach will provide the digital visuals for the event by using projectors and LED lighting to illuminate the tall, angular surfaces of the DARC façade above the main Ball area – there will be vivid images from the past transforming through the evening. His goal is to complement the success of DANM’s rich ten-year history as it resides in UCSC’s larger 50th celebration while not overpowering it. The memories and illusion will help to create a festival atmosphere for participants to mingle while enjoying a spring evening. Steve Gerlach began working in live performance at very young age in the rural Midwest. He quickly left the spotlight’s focus and found a calling in production design. Steve’s lifelong pursuit took him off the farm and eventually on to the Great White Way of Broadway. Fulfilling his dream, Steve has branched out to research new technologies and their possibilities in live performance. Video by Dani Williamson.
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UCSC Digital Arts & New Media 2013 MFA Exhibition
Interview audio recording courtesy of: Nada Miljkovic-Artist on Art http://www.artistsonart.net/ Music by Kristin Miltner ground(ctrl) - 2013 - UCSC DANM MFA exhibition Digital Arts Research Center UCSC http://danm.ucsc.edu/ April 27-28 + May 2-5, 2013 featuring the work of: john-patrick Ayson. derek Franz. jacob Garbe. catalina Giraldo. dan Heller. andrew Siller. eve Warnock. laura Wright
Views: 52 DANM UCSC
Alexei Othenin-Girard
Alexei Othenin-Girard, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 144 DANM UCSC
DANM TV Segment 2 - Orientation 2014
Published on Nov 18, 2014 ASSEMBLAGE STARRING: Monica Andrade Ben Spalding CREATIVE TEAM: Benjamin Spalding Monica Andrade Michael Thomet LIGHTING TEAM: Sean Pace David Harris Timothy Furstnau CAMERA + AUDIO: Sarah Fay Krom Monica Andrade Marcelo Viana Neto ART DIRECTION: Steven Trimmer Benjamin Spalding Hope Hutman SPECIAL THANKS: Nathan Ober Steve Gerlach Danielle Williamson
Views: 30 DANM UCSC
prom14 documentation
Video: Danielle Williamson Camera: Nicholas Baldwin Music: Squinky, "In which our fallen hero sings a torch song" Saxophone: David Kant Dancing: DANM cohorts 2014 and 2015 Dance Contest Judges: Felicia Rice and Michael Chemers
Views: 34 DANM UCSC
Sean McGowen "Public Goods"
Public Goods is an installation that illustrates the ability of experiment based art to challenge existing theory, which stands as a pillar of unchecked law. Using the lexicon of experimentation and the participatory digital art, Public Goods seeks to challenge this economic game by means of communal interaction and altruism. Public Goods is a sculptural installation with interactive video designed to challenge the game theory for which it is named by altering the cooperation and ‘punishment’ structure within the Public Goods game the artist intends to create a test of altruism. Sean McGowen is a Santa Cruz based artist, whose work focuses on a mix of technology and economics. He has received a BA in Art and Economics, from UC Santa Cruz and is currently studying for an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media. By using his economic education he creates installations which challenge existing theories in a gallery setting. Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 66 DANM UCSC
Lisa Banks "Suspended Motion Series" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Lisa Banks is a digital artist and current MFA candidate in the Digital Arts and New Media program at UC Santa Cruz. Her conceptually-based artworks encompass everything from music videos to electronic sculptures, and are united by Banks' interests in associative imagery and alternative depictions of movement.
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Jolie Ruelle
Jolie Ruelle, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
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"The Invisible Fury"
The Invisible Fury is a digital interface comprised of stories from people that have experienced cancer. Using collected video, archival material from the 1900’s, conversations from digital forums, and found footage, the Invisible Fury is presented in the form of an interactive documentary. The rhetoric of “invasion,” “cancer battle” and “survivorship” have negative psychological and emotional consequences for patients. The project aim is to unpack these consequences of the warfare language and provide a resource for education and empowerment. Video by Dani Williamson.
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Wayne Booth Marci "Shift - Indian Country’s Changing Landscape"
Settler colonialism, genocide and imperialism included, are often normalized in U.S. ideologies. Shift, Indian Country’s Changing Landscape offers a reversal of those ideologies into decolonial data-visualizations. Data of and from the Indigenous peoples of the area now known as the U.S. constitute Shift, an immersive and colossal, yet intuitive display. Vine Deloria, a Native scholar defines true liberation as “chang[ing] the way that Western peoples think, the way they collect data, which data they gather, and how they arrange that information.” Shift visualizes Indigenous data-sets (population, land area, wars, and treaties from 1400-2014) into an immersive and colossal, yet intuitive display to re-teach American history. Wayne Marci is a technology savvy, rock climbing, data artist roaming the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the open road. Born in Oakland, schooled in Silicon Valley, and partially raised in South Dakota, he has experienced urban and rural views of what is now America. His work investigates the questions, “what are borders?” and “what is American history?” Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 196 DANM UCSC
Gene A. Felice II "Oceanic Scales" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Gene A Felice II is currently working with OpenLab and DANM's Mechatronics Research Group to develop his project Oceanic Scales. He divides his attention between interactive art, living systems, and the latest available technology for new media. His hybrid practice is at the intersection of nature and technology where he explores symbiotically creative systems as arts/science research.
Views: 196 DANM UCSC
Duncan Bowsman
Duncan Bowsman, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 173 DANM UCSC
Matthew Jamieson "Aquapuncture" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Matthew Jamieson is an artist-cartographer engaged in promoting ecological awareness and community action. Matthew has a background in planning and geospatial technology, and has journeyed from Florida's National Wildlife Refuges to New York City Parks.
Views: 140 DANM UCSC
Sabrina Habel
Sabrina Habel, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 287 DANM UCSC
Marguerite Kalhor "the this: artifice + superfice: two scoops of banality"
A series of works which highlight the sleepwalk-waltz of the user and their associated social media networks. Using the selfie as an easily produced and understood mechanism of virtual self-fashioning and communication, Kalhor explores its use as a tool of visual deception rather than a subject of personal celebration or a narcissistic phenomenon. With an assortment of image and sound editing software and the idiosyncratic content of Kalhor's social networks, "the this" aims to construct alternative narratives to the banal and repetitive nature of the socio-virtual sphere. Visit Marguerite's website: octo-mystic.com Marguerite Kalhor received her BA in art practice with a concentration in new genres and drawing from UC Berkeley. Her current research focuses on the selfie, social media and their effects. Pulling from a variety of aesthetic and conceptual sources, Kalhor creates tension between seemingly irrelevant cultural themes and mass media messaging.
Views: 40 DANM UCSC
Alexandra Teixeira Riggs "We Arrived // Chegamos & It Had To Be With You"
We Arrived // Chegamos and It Had To Be With You both address themes of language, cultural authenticity, borders, and contemporary globalization. We Arrived // Chegamos makes use of the structure and aesthetics of language learning software, focusing on translation and attempts at understanding social and cultural situations within the artist’s familial narrative. It Had To Be With You is an interactive poem that unfolds as a series of words animated in time to music. The poem relies on memory, fragmentation, and translation to conjure up notions of unresolved cultural identity, familial distance, and attempts at understanding. By focusing on a personal narrative, these works navigate the borders of languages, generations, and continents, investigating broader notions of identity within a digital global epoch. Alexandra Teixeira Riggs is a new media artist and second year MFA candidate in the Digital Arts New Media program at UC Santa Cruz. Working within the intersections of art, writing, game design and web development, she focuses on creating new platforms (both physical and digital) for interactive fiction, games and new media art. Video by Dani Williamson.
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Adrian Phillips "No Frontier"
The frontier fantasy is a notion that has enabled the destruction and subjugation of native peoples, providing a romantic justification for colonial and imperial dogmas. No Frontier addresses these notions of frontier fantasies through a digital game for two players in which one player takes the role of a native population, while the other takes the role of a newly-arrived foreigner. Throughout the course of play, both players must come to terms with the colonial situation in which they find themselves, and discuss and negotiate what is ultimately a complex, ever-changing issue. Visit Adrian's website at http://adrianmphillips.com Adrian Phillips is a digital media artist and game designer whose work explores the use of procedural rhetoric and the creation of emergent gameplay narratives. He studies the ways in which these methods create meaning within playable media. He is currently pursuing an MFA in the Digital Arts and New Media program at UC Santa Cruz, with an emphasis in Playable Media. He completed his undergraduate education at UC San Diego with a major in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts and a minor in Computer Science.
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DANM TV "The Dept of Holidays Presents Ecksmas" (Orientation 2015)
The Dept of Holidays Presents Ecksmas CREATIVE TEAM: Lauren Benzaquen Marguerite Kalhor Matthew Balousek LIGHTS: Darrell Ruppel (Mic) Knox Huppert AUDIO: Katherine Green CAMERA TEAM: Finley Coyl Dillon Votaw Scott Tooby SPECIAL THANKS: Steve Gerlach Kristen Gillette Kristin Erickson
Views: 60 DANM UCSC
Deirdra ‘Squinky’ Kiai "Well, This is Awkward..."
“Well, This Is Awkward…” consists of two playable digital media experiences: “Coffee: A Misunderstanding”, a mobile device-assisted, audience participatory interactive play about internet acquaintances meeting in person, and “Interruption Junction”, a one-button arcade game about interrupting people in group conversations. Both games give players mediated interactive narrative spaces in which to experience different kinds of comedically uncomfortable social interactions. Blending light-hearted absurdity and silliness with a clear understanding of the harsh realities of everyday oppression, these games aim to be relatable and cathartic to marginalized audiences traditionally overlooked by the mainstream commercial games industry. Deirdra ‘Squinky’ Kiai is a writer, programmer, musician, and visual artist who creates videogame-like artifacts about gender identity, social awkwardness, and miscellaneous silliness. Recently recognized as part of Forbes’s “30 under 30 in Games”, they are currently completing an MFA in Digital Arts and New Media at UC Santa Cruz. Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 94 DANM UCSC
Joan Raspo "Birth of Stars"
Artist Joan Raspo directed the play, Birth of Stars, in November 2014. The story weaves leading-edge astrophysics on the nature of stellar evolution through a human story of a young prodigy who seeks to become one with the Universe.Through visceral projection mapping and video based explorations of perception, Birth of Stars explored issues around identity, mortality, and science, creating a context for the audience to view themselves as part of a larger system: the universe—where energy does not die. One of the major conversations within performance is the question of how to engage the secondary audience—the people who weren’t there for the live show. Taking a temporal theatre experience—Birth of Stars—and creating a full-length film version, Raspo uses the editing process in the way an archeologist excavates an archaeological site.Through this exercise, Raspo reimagines the relationship between the actor, audience and technologies that bind them. Joan Raspo is a filmmaker, artist and educator pursuing a MFA in Digital Art and New Media at UC Santa Cruz. Through a variety of expression—performance, video art and film, Raspo experiments with unexpected processes. She is an award-winning director whose work has been featured in Wired, Times Square Alliance, and The Sundance Film Festival. Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 93 DANM UCSC
Kelly Skye "Resilience"
Resilience is an interactive documentary project focused on sharing community-based ecological restoration stories. Beginning with two watersheds in the remote Peruvian Andes, this ongoing project is a collection of very short film poems, which act as mobile verses in an interactive film that adapts to the viewers’ interests. The Resilience interface is modeled after a weaving loom that frames the content using different perceptual and conceptual threads. The viewer can use this loom to weave together film verses and photographic haikus, thereby creating their own unique poetic micro-documentaries. This creates a fluid and interactive story fabric that can be seen from many different points of view. By weaving together these stories of struggle and transformation, this interactive documentary explores humanity’s potential to be resilient amidst extreme drought conditions and unprecedented ecological change. Kelly Skye is a multimedia artist, filmmaker and ecologist. Her work explores expanded forms documentary film and photography that are lyrical and immersive. Her focus is on co-creating visions of ecological resilience based on ideas of embedded interdependence and systems thinking. Her guiding intention is to support community based efforts to restore and protect life-sustaining ecologies. Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 86 DANM UCSC
Daniel Christopher
Daniel Christopher, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 139 DANM UCSC
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 136 DANM UCSC
Jesse Fulton
Jesse Fulton, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 127 DANM UCSC
Marcelo Viana Neto "Radical Play"
Game design is traditionally practiced and taught within pyramidal, top-down hierarchies. While they can efficiently produce market-ready products (and workers), they result in the empowerment of select individuals at the top of the hierarchy while wasting the creative potential of the majority. Radical Play demonstrates the development and application of a game design curriculum that embodies principles of critical pedagogy and direct democracy, in which all individuals are empowered to manage their own work and personal development, while also being directly involved in the overall direction of the practice. In doing so, it seeks to challenge designers and educators to stop replicating, within our own practices, the injustices we so openly condemn. Marcelo Viana Neto is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator interested in how games can help explore socio-economic relations based on solidarity and mutual aid, reveal illegitimate forms of power, and enable creative expression. He was born in Sete Lagoas, Brazil and has been a resident of California since 2002. He holds a BFA in Graphic Design with high distinction from the California College of the Arts and is currently an MFA candidate in DANM at UC Santa Cruz. His current research focuses on applying non-hierarchical participatory modes of organization to game design pedagogy and practice.
Views: 126 DANM UCSC
James Pollack
James Pollack, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 115 DANM UCSC
Helen Hyung Park
Helen Hyung-Park, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 112 DANM UCSC
Phil Ly "The Interrogation" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Phil Ly has a background in Film and Visual Media Studies from the University of California, Riverside with practical experience in digital imaging gained instructing intercity students in Los Angeles. Phil is an interactive digital media designer who is interested in studying mass media representation of marginalized groups, and in making playable media with empathically-driven design.
Views: 106 DANM UCSC
Jacob Garbe "XMPLAR"
Interview audio recording courtesy of: Nada Miljkovic-Artist on Art http://www.artistsonart.net/ ground(ctrl) - 2013 - UCSC DANM MFA exhibition Digital Arts Research Center UCSC http://danm.ucsc.edu/ April 27-28 + May 2-5, 2013
Views: 36 DANM UCSC
Sean Pace "C.R.A.W.L.E.R., the Community Roving Artists Workshop Lab for Educational Research"
The C.R.A.W.L.E.R is a platform for arts outreach, social justice, and field research. The motivation for this project involves the social integration of art as a practice for preserving human creativity and fostering its growth. Relationships forged through creative behavior expand the impact of the artist’s practice from the “artist to audience” into an “artist to artist” co-creating relationship. The co-generative space is a uniquely inviting experience where the formal boundaries between art and observer are disrupted, manifesting a unique experience validating the art. Sean Pace is an artist from Asheville, North Carolina with a background in kinetic sculpture and social activism. His interests have been in energy, social and cultural development, and personal exploration of mechanics with reappropriated found objects, often obscuring meaning with charged metaphors and playful forms of hearsay. He co-founded the Flood Fine Art Center in Asheville, NC and he started Blue Ridge Bio-Fuels in Asheville as well. At UC Santa Cruz he has worked to generate a social intervention practice that brings a mobile workshop into the public arena to create access to some of the newest technologies for sculptural fabrication and object exploration.
Views: 108 DANM UCSC
Joel Dream "Portrait of Resonance and Chaos"
Portrait of Resonance and Chaos is a performative, interactive architecture made of large mechanized pendulums that move as a networked system and display projected imagery. The movements of these pendulums are precisely controllable and the patterns of their motion are driven by generative algorithms that explore complex harmonics, chaos and fractalizing relationships across their network. This continually reforming space is illuminated by projected imagery that swipe into view as the multiple planes of motion interact with and recontextualize its image into the environment. The opening and closing arms of the pendulums create an alluring passage for audience to enter the sculpture and experience its dance from the inside. Joel Dream is a new media artist and inventor currently based in Santa Cruz, California. He integrates mechatronics, projections and immersion into performative architecture and sculpture. Dream's installations have been featured at events in Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco, and around the country. Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 87 DANM UCSC
John Mawhorter "Play the Environment" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
John Mawhorter is a play designer who makes games, objects, and structures for play. His games use natural and built environments and materials to create chaotic physical play. Research includes play, perceptual physiology, phenomenology, game studies, sports history, and systems theory. His game Throw Into Chaos was featured at Come Out & Play San Francisco.
Views: 84 DANM UCSC
Kristen Gillette "ReSound"
ReSound uses sound as a vessel to explore the Arctic Circle’s changing landscape. Different data sets, ranging from temperature fluctuations to sea-ice extent, are transformed into synchronized audio tracks that sonically describe the planet’s changing climate. These layers of audio form a complex soundscape, which functions as both a stand-alone musical composition and an interactive environment connected to the ReSound’s main visual component, a large-scale map. Interacting with this map, users can affect the characteristics of the multiple data streams and even change the system itself, essentially “playing” the climate shifts occurring in the Arctic Circle and rippling throughout the globe. Kristen Gillette is an artist-designer with a penchant for practical magic and results-driven mischief-making. This usually amounts to a mix of breaking down oppressive systems, challenging dominant narratives, time travel, and/or striving to reimagine and rebuild from multiple perspectives with other rebel rousers in Santa Cruz, the Bay Area and beyond. Video by Dani Williamson.
Views: 148 DANM UCSC
Harris David Harris "Bound" DANM '14 MFA UCSC
Harris David Harris is a media and performance artist whose work explores how emerging technologies affect political economies and social practices, particularly in the contexts of neoliberalism and gay assimilation. Harris has performed in venues ranging from gay bars to universities, SFMOMA to the streets of OccupySF.
Views: 77 DANM UCSC
Michael Thomet "Dirt Under the Rug"
Dirt Under the Rug is a game following the plight of a cleaning service worker who is in a difficult situation. You have a huge number of overdue bills. Your life partner can’t help with the bills and has a demanding job that requires dedication and attention. Your boss knows your situation and is extorting you to do blackmail work. On top of that, the clients seem a little off. They have strange requests, pictures in their homes don’t match who you meet. Then there’s the nagging thought: why do you own a three-bedroom house that you can’t afford? Visit Michael's website at http://incobalt.me Michael Thomét is an MFA candidate studying experimental game design. He designs games that push the expectations of what games can do and what they can expect of their players. Many of his games offer alternative experiences and narratives, challenging the player to interact with the game in unusual ways. As a researcher, Thomét focuses on player psychology, play styles, and close readings of games. While studying for his previous master’s degree, he developed a method of describing digital games and their players, as an alternative to genre. He has published on the subjects of play styles, player communication, and queer narratives in games.
Views: 73 DANM UCSC
Hope Hutman "Twitch Odyssey"
Homer is back in town. He’s back to claim his place as the greatest storyteller in the West. But he’s in for a surprise. Twitch Odyssey is a performance that allows the audience, individually and collectively, to have a hand in creating and shaping the content and direction of the narrative and the storyworld. Presented as performance in physical space, an installation, and a live stream on Twitch.tv, this adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey invites the audience to create moments of content that will be included in the streamed performance (both physical world and virtual world). Hope Hutman is an MFA Candidate in Digital Art and New Media at UC Santa Cruz. She has worked with major movie studios and advertising agencies to create transmedia experiences mostly to sell stuff or to highlight cool technology which is what lead her back to school. Her work has been presented at the Williamstown Theater Festival, SF Fringe Festival, YBCA, and Digital Hollywood. She has a BA in English Literature from Grinnell College.
Views: 70 DANM UCSC
Deryke Franz "Disinterest Action Machines"
Interview audio recording courtesy of: Nada Miljkovic-Artist on Art http://www.artistsonart.net/ ground(ctrl) - 2013 - UCSC DANM MFA exhibition Digital Arts Research Center UCSC http://danm.ucsc.edu/ April 27-28 + May 2-5, 2013
Views: 68 DANM UCSC
Ben Spalding "Hydras Like Stories"
Hydras Like Stories investigates new methods for visualizing and understanding the unique qualities of multi-player narrative for improved multi-player narrative design in digital games. The work investigates how tool-making can operate as a non-prescriptive form of design research in an art-making context. Using the image of a many-headed, fantastic creature, the work makes the act of constructing multi-player narratives strange and open-ended. Each of the free-standing modules that comprise the tool encourages the user to explore an unknown, drawing on practices of critical design to unravel and investigate the assumptions of use embedded in the software object. Visit Ben's website at http://www.bnspalding.com/ Ben Spalding is an MFA student studying multiplayer games as sites of collaborative storytelling at UC Santa Cruz's Digital Arts and New Media program. He creates games and software tools as part of his design practice. Spalding is a UCSC Arts Division and Plantronics Creativity and Innovation Scholar. Before coming to Santa Cruz, he studied Media, Culture, and Communications at New York University, taking additional minors in both Game Design and Creative Writing. In addition to his work as a designer, he has taught game design programs for middle and high school students in Santa Cruz and New York City.
Views: 62 DANM UCSC
Peer Gynt 2013
Views: 56 DANM UCSC
Heather Logas
Heather Logas, UCSC DANM MFA 2012
Views: 114 DANM UCSC
Catalina Giraldo "Verde Oscuro"
Interview audio recording courtesy of: Nada Miljkovic-Artist on Art http://www.artistsonart.net/ ground(ctrl) - 2013 - UCSC DANM MFA exhibition Digital Arts Research Center UCSC http://danm.ucsc.edu/ April 27-28 + May 2-5, 2013
Views: 54 DANM UCSC

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