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Huawei Y6 (2018): Some Hidden Secret Codes

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With this video, I want to show you some secret hidden codes at the Huawei Y6 (2018). Test your phone with that :-) Thanks for watching phonesandmore :-)
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Text Comments (54)
Vincent Angelo (16 days ago)
*#*#6130#*#* not going
Jeena Mata (16 days ago)
hi boss I'm asking my phone is huawei y6.....but he didn't function of code *#*#6130#*#*.....? I hope you help my phone problem
phonesandmore (16 days ago)
Hey Jeena. Yes, many people told me about already. May there has been an update of the operating system, which one is not allowing it anymore.
Micth Tabanao (25 days ago)
I was about to throw this phone it sucks the internal is 16 gb and my photo at the gallery is about 50 only I can't even save any photo cause the internal is full I have also an sd card 32 gb so tell me what's the use of the sd card at your bar area can't even download daghh!
Randell Cabagnot (27 days ago)
Why can't I use this code *#*#6130#*#*?
Same here
Andrei Atienza (28 days ago)
why is not working the code *#*#6130#*#* to my cp.... same cp huawei y6 2018
The Chowdhury Boy (1 month ago)
No slow mo camera in Huwaei y6 primo?
Natalie OwO (1 month ago)
*#*#2846579#*#* No probs
MeguMie Yeonyi (1 month ago)
Does huawei Y6 can scan QR codes???
abderaouf gharbi (2 months ago)
Hi I am a new follower for your channel. Please help how to show the video calling feature on huawei y6 2018
phonesandmore (2 months ago)
Thank you for your subscription 😊 Actually I do not have the Huawei Y6 2018. Sorry.
[AFK] ProButNoob123 (2 months ago)
3:20 the code didnt work it crashes and phone hangs up
Long Zhu (3 months ago)
Why can't I go into testing mode? The code doesn't work. Huawei y6 2018 model
Abdous jh (1 month ago)
Me too.
Hit And Run (4 months ago)
Im using huawei y6 too.. But im curious because one of my speakers aren't working.. Is this normal or what? Please reply..
John Rey Lupague (4 months ago)
Huawei y6 2018 has only 1 speaker(the right side), while the other side is built in microphone.. 🙂👍😁
Carl Valparaiso (4 months ago)
How to on backgroud debug
Micco Tolentino (4 months ago)
Putang ina mo bobo kang hayop ka puki ng inamo kamuka mo!!!
Nikki Gonzales (4 months ago)
Is there no nfc on y6 I can't find it
Haide Luna (4 months ago)
Can this phone can mirror casting on TV?
ella bonita (3 months ago)
Same question here. But i think it doesn't support casting on tv.
Sania Sarwar (4 months ago)
Hi... I really need your help ... Actually I really don't know that what happened with my cell phone.. Is it ,huawei y6.. I can't make a screen short our send image or can't received even can't upload status... One more think didn't download anything from Google... Kindly give me a response... As soon as possible... Thanks
Sania Sarwar (4 months ago)
+phonesandmore thanks
phonesandmore (4 months ago)
Hi Sania. It doesn't look good. So try a soft reset wirst, it will just reset the settings, without deleting pictures and so on. You will find it on the Settings > System > Reset > Reset all settings. Hope, that will help you. Best regards
Penguin Craft (4 months ago)
Are you from srebia
Cool Crush Ice Killa (25 days ago)
Ima klasican nemacko austrijski naglasak
Cool Crush Ice Killa (25 days ago)
Zaista ne znam zasto si pomislio da je ovaj lil oz srb?? hahaha
ALLY AUHAMMUD (4 months ago)
Your camera is flew
Girlym Girly (6 months ago)
I can't hide my apps
Bl_ itz (6 months ago)
Why mine is not working in testing i cant get signals
Abdous jh (1 month ago)
Is sd card in your phone?
Midhun Varghese (6 months ago)
Can hou tell me code for SAR value of y62018
amelia Cruz (7 months ago)
I cant open huawei y6 2018 It came from london
Ninja Dog (4 months ago)
Trow tea at it and call it a wanker
Ethan Marx (7 months ago)
How do u move apps to sd card
phonesandmore (7 months ago)
It doesn't work. But you can set up the SD card as general storage. But it is not recommended. The phone performance could be slower.
Rocky fish (8 months ago)
I got the honer 7a the camera is very slow go to apps then camera then storings then clear cache this makes it faster. I also use power clean by lion mobile because the inbuilt phone manager does not clean most filea
Nahid Mahmud (9 months ago)
my y6 prime slowly work have any solution for this problem....
TJchallenge (3 months ago)
Just use your Phone Manager app pre installed, clean everything on your phone including every search history etc
Daisy 24 (5 months ago)
Nahid Mahmud update it
Salam Sparrow (6 months ago)
My Phone also Y6 Prime Huawei Slow Performance
You are the best ❤️❤️
+TheMac OMG I will sub you ❤️❤️
TheMac OMG (7 months ago)
محمد حسين الغنانيم can you subscribe me I will sub you
Leenzanity (9 months ago)
You know how to fix lag camera? and remove timestamp in text message?
TheMac OMG (7 months ago)
Leenzanity can you subscribe me i will sub you!
my story xander (9 months ago)
Leenzanity update software
Arzahell Cazanova (10 months ago)
How can you spot your Y6 if it is fake or not? Cuz since the day i buy Y6 i have a doubt.. All things it was my foolish and pathetic self trust to other humans to let them carry out my phone to put some tempered glass on it.. Fcking mistake on that May 27, 2018.. I wouldn't never ever forget that stupidity moments of myself.. I hate myself.. Sht..
Arzahell Cazanova (10 months ago)
phonesandmore - - - - Thank you for guiding sir.
Arzahell Cazanova (10 months ago)
phonesandmore - - - - wow, ok, that was great. got it brother, the box is with my grandma's house, so i will check it out tomorrow real quick. Then if the numbers are not match, i will back at the SM store then i will hunt her.
phonesandmore (10 months ago)
O.K., don't worry, you can find it out easily. Your phone have 2 individual IMEI numbers. The IMEI numbers are written on the white box as well. Take your phone and dial *#06# The phone will shows his individual numbers (IMEI1/IMEI2/Serial Number). If the numbers are the same everything is perfect. If they are not the same, like the ones on the white box, she gaves you a wrong one.
Arzahell Cazanova (10 months ago)
phonesandmore ahmmm... You mean white box? The package? If you mean the package, yes it's white, but after i buy it, i heading out to another accessory store to buy some protection case and screen protector for my phone, but the thing the most i hate is to trust human, to carry out my phone, she told me that she will refer it to another store for screen protector, but the only thing that i doubt is..... Is she can replace/changed my original Y6 2018 into a clone (fake) phone while she refering it in nxt store? Cuz i didn't follow her to the nxt store to secure my phone, and that was my weakness of shts.. Im super idiot man in the world... Then the thing on that mistake,.. It makes my brain bothered every sec... what should i do to know/spot if my Huawei Y6 2018 is fake or nah?
phonesandmore (10 months ago)
Hey Arzahell. May they have sold you a previous version. The Y6 (2017) and the Y6 II Compact (2016) had a red box. The new Y6, which one were launched that year have a white box. Hope, I could help you.

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