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Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (Dinesh D'Souza Interview)

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Dinesh D'Souza (author and filmmaker) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his new book and film, "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party." ***Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RubinReport Watch the full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3PtvBFacW4&index=4&list=PLEbhOtC9klbAz-5U41C08xg1Y8wO6xzX1 SUPPORT MONTHLY (Patreon): https://www.patreon.com/rubinreport SUPPORT ONE-TIME (PayPal): http://www.rubinreport.com/donate What are your thoughts? Comment below or tweet to Dave: https://twitter.com/RubinReport Sign up for our newsletter with the best of Rubin Report each week: http://www.rubinreport.com/newsletter Find us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rubinreport?ty=h ****** Dinesh D'Souza Author and Filmmaker Dinesh on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dineshdsouza Get the book "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party": http://amzn.to/29ZXKCj ****** Follow Dave on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RubinReport Follow The Rubin Report on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rubinreport Follow Dave on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daverubin About Dave Rubin: http://daverubin.tv/ ****** Care about free speech? Tired of political correctness? Like discussions about big ideas? Watch Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report. Real conversations, unfiltered rants, and one on one interviews with some of the most interesting names in news and entertainment. Comedians, authors, and influencers join Dave each week to break down the latest in politics and current events. The Rubin Report is fully fan-funded, find us on Patreon.
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Text Comments (1644)
Danny Boy (5 days ago)
Lbj killed Jfk
Nick Gagnon (11 days ago)
Horrible film. And I hate Hillary.
Love L (22 days ago)
Wish more people had this guy's attitude.
Maria Aguirre (27 days ago)
Pinchus Schadenfreude (28 days ago)
Dinesh has salient and common sense ideas. And is polite.
angel whispers (1 month ago)
Ruben I really respect you but the truth of the matter is now is not the time for a Libertarian uprising they need to stay solid with the Republican party and after we've destroyed the Democrats the Libertarians can replace the Democrats and I would be perfectly happy to see that happen. But in the meantime you're f****** up the whole works by trying to push your ideological dream at the wrong f****** time
Fred Jean (1 month ago)
The one thing I truly hate about this man is when he references slavery and African Americans without making historical honest criticism. Dinesh looks at slavery as if it was no big thing, but wonders why the Black family have these inherent flaws that they just can't seem to break free of. Dinesh and many conservatives of color are puppets, that gives justification to White Supremacy and all its evils and places the blame on the oppressed. He has no real historical understanding of African American history or true American history, he is here to peddle misinformation to make conservatives and republicans feel good about their place in America. Without question the democratic party has not helped people of color as it should. But lets be honest, you really going to tell me that their isn't a cast system here in America? You really going to tell me that if you are born into poverty in America that their is a higher chance that your children too will be born into poverty. are we to believe that Slavery was no big thing, when the South still practice and honor their Confederate legacy? Are you shitting me??? Dinesh has blinders, rather than focusing on corporate backed policies that has widen the gap among us he retreats to age old, if only if "they" could get their act together theories.
FYI the Sally Hemmings thing was invented when Clinton had his scandal. The organization that suggested it to begin with, retracted it after the Clinton thing was over. Why we're still spreading this, I have no idea. The science for it was invented from nothing, based on a Clinton political need.
Ravash Sphinx (1 month ago)
Rubin interveiws are a bit better than joe rogans imo becouse Dave let the guest talk and sell their idea not interupting them.
Dwane Yocum (1 month ago)
On May 20, 2014, D'Souza pleaded guilty in federal court to one felony charge of using a "straw donor" to make an illegal campaign contribution to a 2012 United States Senate campaign. On September 23, he was sentenced to eight months in a halfway house near his home in San Diego, five years probation, and a $30,000 fine. On May 31, 2018, D'Souza was issued a full pardon by President Donald Trump. Accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt. https://www.politico.com/story/2014/05/dinesh-dsouza-pleads-guilty-illegal- campaign-contribution-106882
Arrow Durfee (1 month ago)
Hillary is a sex addict too.. watch the youtube videos of Cathy O'Brien.. she tells
Craig Anderson (1 month ago)
I have to disagree Obama once he got the taste for that cash he went all out to grab what he could as fast as he could.  and then his Muslim heritage came out and the communism got m ot to destroy this country.
Craig Anderson (1 month ago)
They have never been the good guys, they have always tried to blame everyone else for the wrongs they do and they have done a lot of wrongs.
Carolyn cook (1 month ago)
you are wrong on Trump, we loved him from the beginning, but then more come on board in the past 2 yrs.
Mark smith (2 months ago)
RED wave in November
Grianne Alexa (2 months ago)
Just changed form yes to no. I have thought this through myself for years.The problem is giving a girl money to have chidren. One is a mistake, two is a plan, without a family, job, etc. It is not the Democratic party. it is the welfare system.
Grianne Alexa (2 months ago)
Haha walking around Baltimore with PTSD from the crimes. . .
Andromeda M31 (2 months ago)
There’s a reason why some would disagree, or even hate Dinesh, it boils down to human nature, and always will, people hate hearing the truths about themselves. We love to be lied to, we love to lie to ourselves, it makes it easier to accept traits and practices which deep down we know are wrong.
S K (2 months ago)
His hate ate his chin away and he is blob-faced and for some one who rags on black people constantly he himself is blacker than the Ace of Spades. He needs to go to "Deliverance" country to be with his beloved whites.
Debra Grubbs (2 months ago)
I had voted for Bill Clinton but never like killlary I’m ashamed to have voted for him now knowing he’s a rapist and woman violator!!! His wifey thing is worse.. she and him both are very sick and sadistic people!!! They’re involved in pedogate, PizzaGate, child pornographey... spirt cooking of children, she’s a lesbo...
M.A. Arch (2 months ago)
Can't stand they VERY BLACK RACIST INDIAN SELF-HATING man. He's black as ace-of-spade-- yet he's so racists toward others blacks who are mostly lighter in skin tone.
Randy Brindle (2 months ago)
More ignorant Democrats need to listen to this...Dinesh is always factual and right on the mark.....as shown here...390 ignorant, uninformed morons..
Timothy McGuire Jr (2 months ago)
Its funny that has right about the dems and wrong about the reps. The republicans won big!!! And now the dems have to reform.......one problem. They're communist and are now being open about it.
majedeeh (2 months ago)
Dinesh is an abomination to historians and history. He leaves out important details like the nomination of Barry Goldwater and the fact that White southerners who supported Thurmond and Wallace are now supporting Nixon, Reagan, and Trump. Those facts are important if you want to talk about how the Republican Party or the Democratic Party have changed. I mean, look at the South now! There's one party defending confederate statues; while the other is fighting to remove them down. It's clearer than ever that modern Democrats like and idolize Abraham Lincoln, while modern Republicans idolize his enemies in the confederate. Otherwise, if you say you're still the Party of Lincoln, please explain to me why your base in the WHITE SOUTH is fighting to immortalize his enemies the slaveholders.
Sydney Baker (3 months ago)
Well there ya go. Everything said about the Clinton's is still true, and the speculation about Trump is gone. We have seen positive policies from him, not just BS, blowing smoke up our asses, or lying outright like Obama and friends. The policies are positive unlike the negative and destructive policies that Obama saddled our society with.
Dean Baumgartner (3 months ago)
Never ever give a person who interviews someone a swivel chair.
charles burke (3 months ago)
And in the end she still didnt get to be President hahahahaha shes a stupied lieing ass bitch she will burn in hell when its her time to go
jomax clux (3 months ago)
The Democrats need more slaves from Mexico and central America.
Kevin Falcao (3 months ago)
D'souza, you have a slave master mentality. Your explanation is idiotic. India is not a slave nation. Those that traded in humans anywhere are despicable. They built their free southern plantations on the blood and backs of the people they had purchased from slavers. Your comparisons are skewed. I dont know where in India you come from that gives you these opinions. Slaves were kept people with No chance of escape because their labour was FREE. YOU ARE SPEAKING COMPLETE NONSENSE.
Xervello (3 months ago)
The interview and the comment section, lol.
Kenneth Merrill (3 months ago)
We who lived through this era know that D’Sousa is a slick and smart proponent of a bogus version of recent U.S. History. By the 1930’s, the Republican Party had bailed on its support for civil rights and had become the party of big business.The Democratic Party had a Southern Wing which was against civil rights laws and a northern wing which supported both civil rights and the New Deal. These progressive ideas began filtering down into the south and gradually began producing pro civil rights people like Lyndon Johnson. African Americans joined the Democratic Party because that party had a growing pro civil rights plank and a growing number of Democratic progressives. This change caused a backlash of the right wing Democrats (called Dixiecrats), who went over into the Republican Party in droves. These new republicans (like Strom Thurman) had one primary thing in common—a resistance to integration and civil rights. In 1964, Barry Goldwater, a Republican, ran against Lyndon Johnson for the presidency. A key part of Goldwaters position was opposition to civil rights legislation, which he alleged gave too much power to the federal government. In short, by 1964, the Republican Party has become in the North the party of big business and in the South the party of resistance to civil rights. Desousa’s attempt Portray the Republican Party as a continuous supporter of civil rights from the 19th century to the current day is manifestly false. Check out this video: How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump https://youtu.be/s8VOM8ET1WU via @YouTube
War N Peace (3 months ago)
Why are public servant politicians wealthy and public servant law enforcement and military personnel not
War N Peace (3 months ago)
It's not just black American plantation city's it's white and Hispanic too
War N Peace (3 months ago)
There is nothing democratic about the democrat party nothing
john Edwards (3 months ago)
Dems are the real racist, you guys! Let's ignore the fact that parties change and evolve over time so that we can virtue signal about how totally non-racist we are!
cnniz fakenewz (3 months ago)
Our black Americans are waking now.And I for one am so inspired by that fact.They have held them long enough.I remember when I first began to learn about all of the truths of the Dem. party.I realized that I had been douped for so long.They teach all of us the same things in school.But our schools are run and controlled by liberals who have been indoctrinating us all for years.The gig is up.And I’m loving this huge walk away movement.It is long overdue..Trump by the biggest landslide in American history 2020.MAGA
Up-a-Creek (4 months ago)
Something Dinesh missed an opportunity to bring to light, is that when the Founding Fathers got together and the 13 Colonies all had slavery... it was NOT the Colonies that had instituted slavery it was the homeland of the Colonies... the English who originally brought slave to the Americans and to the Caribbean Islands to work various money crops for the "Empire"... the majority of English Colonist did not own slaves... so in a moral sense American's did not originate slavery and America was not "founded" on slavery... it was already a political institution that many objected to... you could say it was an inherited legacy from the Spanish and the English.
john Edwards (3 months ago)
Up-a-Creek, Guess what ethnic group was involved in the Atlantic slave trade.
Blackfoot Indian Bigfoot (4 months ago)
The mulatto's running around the plantaion. Lol
Morpheus x (4 months ago)
Dave Rubin could play the role of the BATMAN in the future .
# Guiltless (4 months ago)
Dinesh is speaking pure truth!
Skrilla Man (4 months ago)
Dems are an evil evil bunch. I pray for them often. The history of this party is treacherous. It’s a shame most have been lied to about the party that seems so caring. I heard a great quote the other day , “ if your not a democrat by age 20 , then you have no heart. But if your not republican by the age of 30 you have no brain.” Think about that before the dems try to make thinking illegal.
Jose Carranza (4 months ago)
That was the South.
Sweet jesus (4 months ago)
If Killary didn't have a vagina she would've struggled to even get on the ballot. Possession of a female sex organ was her entire platform.
Bernice Booker (5 months ago)
That’s Not true Republicans would not let blacks vote .Democrats gave them the right to vote they got jobs they moved into the inner city, where the jobs was , ( whites )the government brought drugs in there and gave them drugs and took the jobs out . Those that didn’t take drugs they lied on them said they did .Then they opened up privately owned prisons and put the blacks in private own prison. Put them to work for $.50 an hour. In order to keep those private own prisons by whites running So they put the black back on the plantation and it still going on which is private owned prisons . Newsflash now the drugs are taken by whites and now they need doctors . The chickens have come home to roost Tell the truth J Edgar Hoover did that and everybody knows it After he died the FBI told the truth
Barry Aneda (5 months ago)
These men are so sexist the way they speak about Hillary! You can tell they are really afraid of smart intelligent women the way they talk about her. They make Hillary out to be some scamming fortune teller witch almost with magical powers. And they make her inhuman. Sorry guys but both of you have a very frail male ego and your fear is showing. But yes keep demeaning and demoralizing Hillary a woman who has had to deal with sexism in male dominated politics her entire career. Keep on with the need to make her out to be a devil because of your fear. Geez I feel like I am watching a Salem witch trial here. This interview actually clearly shows their weak egos and their own male fragility. Sad men! Also, next time someone talks about American History with Dinesh, please get someone who is educated on the formation and trajectory paths of both political parties because D Souza presents a very skewed picture of that.
Brandon Boggs (5 months ago)
And they are getting worse and worse.
Marty Coplen (5 months ago)
Dave! I’m so happy you’re not a libtard anymore!
Nick Voss (5 months ago)
Dinesh is wrong that the Democratic Party hasn’t fundamentally changed since the nineteenth century. If you read the Democratic Party platform from 1876 and the Republican Party platform from 1876 you’d see that back then the Democratic Party was a far right political party and the Republican Party was actually a more progressive party. One issue back then was Chinese immigration which the Democrats were wholly opposed to on the basis of white supremacy. Democrats back then supported laissez fair policies, decentralization of government, state power over federal power, and fiscal responsibility. They also were strongly opposed to tariffs, the only form of taxation talked about back then. Republicans talked about women’s rights, civil rights, limiting the power of monopolies, centralized banking and a gold standard, and government provided free houses I shit you not. Republicans became more conservative on economic issues after the first red scare in 1917, and this was the reason TR left the party. However, in the 1920s the Democratic Party was still the more Conservative party. You may think that Coolidge was a staunch conservative but have you seen the democrat he ran against in 1924? The democrat, John Davis was to the right of Attila the Hun. John Davis was also opposed to FDRs new deal. FDR fundamentally changed the Democratic Party by betraying almost all of its “values” as president and he redefined the party. After FDR, in the mid-twentieth century the Democratic Party wasn’t just the more fiscally liberal party but also the more socially progressive party and this became truer and truer as the century progressed. Now here we are in the 21st century and democrats are essentially socialists and republicans are conservative.
Jose Carranza (4 months ago)
dinesh is nothing but propaganda.
Claudette Johnson (5 months ago)
Say what you want about Hilary she did not declare war on Canada. Trump is planing tariffs on our allies. Tariff were the cause of the Great depression. Trump is a swamp snake. Also Racist Dems left the democratic party when Black people got their civil rights. Many became Republicans. So there are a whole lot of racist in the Republican party. Likewise many Black people became Dems because JFK helped them to get civil rights.
ComicBookGuy Henderson (5 months ago)
dinesh is an absolute scumbag, i am ashamed that he is indian
Francis Hutchins (6 months ago)
LBJ push civil rights bill after killing JFK. Got it passed and then said "they will vote for us for the next 200 years"
Randall Kohn (1 month ago)
Francis Hutchins - Truth
Travis Robertson (6 months ago)
The path to Hell is paved with good intentions.
DANI SMITH (6 months ago)
Joyce Braun (6 months ago)
Nihlax: 6/2018: we are bankrupt. A little transparency wld expose that truth. Thxobama
Joyce Braun (6 months ago)
Mr. Rubin & Dinesh... What we, Patriots demand is TRUTH & INTEGRITY. This is obviously b 4 much truth was REVEALED! HOPE U WOKE UP. This is totally depressing.
Paul Eckersley (6 months ago)
Wondering about Trump??? Get saved n find out right from wrong. Simple. Trump works well n providence will back him up.
Erik Bishop (6 months ago)
I think what Reagan meant is that as he grew he found something wrong with the Democrats. That was when the Democrats “left” him.
Raoh (6 months ago)
The demon-crats/plantation owners hate minority groups that don't need welfare . Communist want to wipe out America's history through ideological brain washing and there useful idiots.
i am deacon (6 months ago)
this guy is a complete idiot
td202 beats (6 months ago)
Obama is after the cash or else he wouldn't be doing Netflix deals lol
MegaSkilla (6 months ago)
It's not lost history, it was taken out of history class in school because of the leftist indoctrination that has been prevalent within the public school system since the 1960s.
Anna Devereaux (6 months ago)
The third party sounds like a good idea, however, the people who are able to run will be the same. Wealthy and backed by self-interest other people, therefore, there would be no different then what there is right now. Only a handful of Americans can ever run for a political position in this country. The only way I see any change for the better is to drop the $ sign so anyone who is an American Citizen can throw their hat into the ring to campaign using their own funds and limiting the amount that any one person is allowed to use.
James Saemenes (6 months ago)
I love how you guys complain about free speech but all you have is criminals like him on
Brotha Liphted (6 months ago)
Yo, how did Dinesh learn to speak with a semi good American accent?
Leonard Wong (6 months ago)
Democrats target dissidents and desperate people. They are in the business of creating them for vote numbers.
ED Morphis (6 months ago)
The "progressives" are not progressive at all, they have become the new conservatives at this time in America. They refuse to allow the change. “Progress means getting nearer to the place you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turning, then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man.” ― C.S. Lewis
Luís Assunção (6 months ago)
The top 10 countries in the World by GDP but USA, are governed by Left Politics (Democrats politics in USA), not SOCIALISM. I have been listening Americans talking about socialism, which I doubt they know what they talking about... Because Left Politics IS NOT EQUAL to socialism, as in Venezuela. Almost every country in Europe (Russia included) has implement left politics in general (yes, FREE healthcare, housing, pensions for the poorest, etc., etc...), and we're doing just fine, in every level. I will conclude that there are very Ignorant Americans, who simply cannot understand the policies of the left.
DAVID OLIVER (6 months ago)
The "hood" is just a geographic area getto is the mentality of it's residents. If you took the getto rat out of the "hood" and moved him to the Hamptons it would be a getto in less than a decade. Think I am full of it happened in a very prestigious area of a city that is close to where I live, 50 years ago it was the "place to be" now it is like a 3rd world shithole...….what changed, the people and their mentality of the way to live life.
Angie CJ (6 months ago)
Demonic Democrats - he’s so spot on
Mike Reiley (6 months ago)
Love Dinesh his movies were great very knowledgeable on American history.
JFJ C (6 months ago)
Dinesh D’Souza is right about the Clinton’s. They’re pathetic!!!!
Robert Lange (6 months ago)
And something many people forget or dont know is Bill Clinton was a nobody when he ran for president. Unfortunately like usually happens with Republicans when things are going well we form a circular firing squad on ourselves. Ross Perot struck a nerve with many and for the first time in history pulled enough votes to swing an election. If that had not happened Bill Clinton would more than likely been nothing but a foot note in history.
David A (6 months ago)
A bit off current debate we must understand Abe Lincoln cared nothing about freeing slaves that was a convenient cover story for his plan to centralize and mercantilize America .. and smash the valid secessionists and much of the Constitution!
David A (6 months ago)
Poverty for blacks AND whites for that matter and o o wedlock children have actually risen significsntly since 1965
David A (6 months ago)
Thank God dinesh is a dark skinned indian if he were a awhite w supposed privilege he would be again persecuted for saying "urban plantation". Regardless of how utterly true it is.
John van Heerden (6 months ago)
Big mistake to think that Obama did not make money as President!!! Truman said very clearly that " if you come into politics poor and leave rich, you are stealing!!!" Take a long hard look at how the Obama's got "rich"!!! Low selling Books do NOT generate that sort of money that's for sure!! Is the entire Left and media so bind or are they just plain dishonest??? We see it all the time in Africa.
Krishan Chaudhry (3 months ago)
Media has been counting on poor people who are controlled by TV and they are in majority that is what Democrats want I voted for Hillary
Peggy Roberts (6 months ago)
Hillary Clinton needs to be locked up. I don't trust her at all.
nunya efin biz (6 months ago)
Francisco Feest (6 months ago)
This motherfucker is so fucking smart. I love it!!
Colin (6 months ago)
Dinesh is a fraud, watch Cenk school him in a debate, it's pretty funny!
ryan green (6 months ago)
Colin and also watch Ben Shapiro destory Cenk. 😂
Networ X (6 months ago)
To Dinesh D'Souza : Mr. D'Souza, I wish and pray for you everything good and true. You are most honorable. God BLESS you, Dinesh D'Souza, sir.
Tony D (6 months ago)
talk about Russia, what Obama did to this guy was just exactly like they talk about Russia dose, how much of a bigger scumbag can you be than that
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
Views on Trump have greatly improved while views on Hillary and the Dems have gone over a cliff.
Walter Palmer (6 months ago)
Very astute - D’Souza. Kryptonite to the left.
MP14236133 (6 months ago)
Let's be clear not only black people but all people who allow themselves to be controlled by bleeding heart programs are indeed allowing themselves to be enslaved to the dependence mentality. Americans need to decide to pick themselves up by their own abilities and stop making excuses of their condition. Wake up America and Stand Up America. Everyone is responsible for our own success or failure!
Michele Lyn (6 months ago)
Please my vagina is power believe that lol we use it to get own husband's to clear the garage.. come on now let's get real
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
Michele Patak Hillary is a lesbian. Making Chelsea is probably the only tine Bill touches Hillary's vagina. BTW vaginas aren't rare,unique or special. There are 3 billion of them on the planet. Being a good companion is much more important to a successful relationship.
WIDave0311 (6 months ago)
The Big Switch... Democrats under LBJ made the shrewd political switch of attracting voters with honey, and vaulted, quietly, the vinegar of their party's past. Uncle Sam had become the Sugar Daddy "you dare not cross" or in other words, "the new slavery."
Jose Carranza (4 months ago)
douglas carpenter I see that after years you're still spilling lies or you don't know history. That was the South, southern whites who opposed every single civil rights legislation, and the northern people always passed civil rights. dinesh is a fraud, but sadly people like you don't see it.
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
WIDave0311 they had to do this because they're disgusting murderous actions fighting the Civil Rights Amendment exposed them as pure evil. Lbj's war on poverty is the reason we have over 20 trillion dollars in debt today. All to buy forgiveness for racism.
grizzlygrizzle (6 months ago)
I would suspect that Jefferson, being as sympathetic toward slaves as he was, would find it easy to develop a real fondness for Sally Hemming, a respectful fondness. And that was likely reciprocated. People should keep in mind that at that period in history, slavery was a long-standing, worldwide institution, and that for people who found themselves born into slavery or slave ownership, that's just the way the world was. Within that context, individuals had the choice of being decent slaves and owners or hateful slaves or owners, but not much of a choice to end the whole thing. -- The other thing he failed to mention about slavery in general was that it wasn't an American institution, it was pretty much worldwide, wherever and whenever large civilizations occurred. It goes back as far as human history (and likely into pre-history), and was present all over the world. It was a standard response to conquest, taking conquered people as slaves. (The other standard response to conquest was to kill them all, or kill the men and take the women and children as slaves. What made slavery unnecessary was the Industrial Revolution, which made human labor more efficient. And slavery wasn't a racial thing, either, through most of its history. It only became racial accidentally, when Europe's technological edge over the rest of the world made them more efficient conquerors of people from other areas. The slaves in the Americas would have been Native Americans, but their lack of immunity to Old World diseases made them unsuitable. What made Africans the obvious choice was that they were disorganized and easy to capture, in many cases, captured by other Africans and sold to Europeans. -- The notions of imperialism and colonialism are short-sighted terms of short-sighted historians who often fail to see them as mere variants of the expansiveness of great civilizations that went on throughout human history. The Mayans and Aztecs and ancient Babylonians and Persians and Greeks and Romans and Chinese were imperialist and colonialist, as were the Muslims between the 7th and 15th centuries. The notion that these are bad things is a relatively recent idea that only took hold in the 20th century, after the planet hit its first billion of human population in the 19th century and was about to hit its second billion in the 1920s, and after the carnage of WW I. -- Human life has been very rough for most of its history. What feminists and critical race theorists lack more than anything is perspective, and their way of looking at history is like that of a spoiled teenager nurturing her resentment of her protective and providing parents for not making all of her difficult growing pains go away.
Stephen Zeigler (6 months ago)
Rubin.....Jefferson did not rape Sally...we will never know for sure..but he might have been in love with her as much as he could have been at the time....and by that I mean the tragedies he had been through...his heart ( love ) ...may have been a bit cooled off...
Fit Flik (6 months ago)
Hilarious to look back. POTUS to Dinesh: "How do you like me now?" Kek Oh and Dinesh, Barry absolutely did this for money bc he's a puppet. He's pissed he doesn't get to wander the world for the rest of his pathetic life giving speeches and making $$$ bc Trump, and the patriots who voted for him, wrecked his plans.
Jeffrey McGill (6 months ago)
We are still living on a plantation ! Federal income tax is SLAVERY !!!!!!
Reuben Florez (6 months ago)
moderate democrats should try to listen to D"Souza he makes a lot of sense, instead of liberal ideologues who will never change.
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
Reuben Florez Modern Democrats are being brainwashed like all the rest. They all are made to defend the indefensible. Trump is exposing the lies and causing conversions. But before they see the light they are just as far left as Nancy Pelosi or Mad Maxine.
Navah Wolff (6 months ago)
Amazing ! Scary
Mason Weaver says the same things And he is a former Black Panther He’s a Vietnam Vet also
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
East Coast Scooter Trash Onepercenter Love Mason Weaver. I subscribe to several black Conservatives whose voices are finally being heard.
Pedro Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Now "Everybody Loves Dinesh". Freeloader's!
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
Pedro Rodriguez Huh?
Cas & Cora (6 months ago)
Sally Hemings children were not necessarily Thomas Jefferson’s. Based on timing of pregnancy and Jefferson’s travels it is more likely that they were his brother or nephew’s . I forget which - google it.
Rick Petawanikweb (6 months ago)
Come on, the reason she stayed with Bill was that she had more girlfriends then Bill did. They weren't really married in a holy way, thier racketeers.
Charles Lloyd (6 months ago)
In the Ideas convention the Democrats just had they railed against money in politics. When it was they whom took their case to the supreme court that corporations should be allowed to donate what ever they want to political parties and candidates. Things they came up with for the 2020 platform are. Free college for whomever wants it. Regardless of qualifications. Free healthcare for all. Guaranteed income for all. And creating millions of government jobs with full benefits for all. They will not tell you to even start these free programs they will have to tax the working people 60 to 75 percent. And the people receiving all of the free stuff will be living just as well as the working. Until we have no more working, industries are nationalized and people are forced to work so to support the government and government industry.
Arthur Humphreys (6 months ago)
Democrats are wicked
Southern Deplorable (6 months ago)
Arthur Humphreys they should change the c to an n and it be the DemonRat party. Seems more fitting for them.
Justin S (6 months ago)
Dinesh supported apartheid and compared homosexuality to bestiality. But you gotta hear both sides, right?
ClassicExampleBand (6 months ago)
I was sold on Trump, and I was correct. Dinesh and Rubin were wrong.
douglas carpenter (6 months ago)
ClassicExampleBand I wasn't sold. We do admit we were wrong but too many Trump train fans can't stop rubbing noses in it. It's childish,stupid and hurts Trump in the end. Not saying that's your view. But you'll admit to seeing it.

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