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Secret Huawei Codes | Mate SE, Mate 10, p20, p20 Pro, p20 Lite

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Text Comments (27)
Daniel Irving (5 months ago)
6130 doesn't work on mate 10 international.
Jowelle Dionisio (7 months ago)
Nice case can.u send.me. the link were did u buy it
DK Nex (9 months ago)
Please sample videos of mate SE
La Leche (9 months ago)
What do codes do
Good Vibes ønly (10 months ago)
I want to change this what a procedure to change the background clour
Good Vibes ønly (10 months ago)
My Huwei mate se. I am go to the phone background is white. But our mate se background is pink.. Why Sir..
Travis Mills (11 months ago)
That’s so cool is there code for doom pc version just kidding lol great work tech.
Juan Felipe Carvajal J. (11 months ago)
Which screen protector do you recommend for the Mate SE? I have been researching on Amazon but all of them have bad reviews.
Lumelore (8 months ago)
I like armorsuit's screen protector. It can reapplied almost indefinitely and it has self healing technology.
La Leche (9 months ago)
Juan Felipe Carvajal J. Go to Walmart online and get one it is for the 7x and the se
Jared Wallenmeyer (10 months ago)
Clear protector from IQ Sheild.
Juan Felipe Carvajal J. (11 months ago)
Oh and congrats for the 17k
Alo Lindsay (11 months ago)
They're not working for me because my phone is running KitKat. I didn't realized you went 17k, congrats.
Alo Lindsay (11 months ago)
Wow. The only one I knew was the imei #Techgang
lordliam8 (11 months ago)
I don’t see a point in this, not trying to be rude I like ur vids and that phone :)
christian bernard (10 months ago)
I have buy mate 10 lite n volume call low, what is the code increases volumes?
Francisco Ulloa (11 months ago)
Thanks to you I bought this cellphone and I'm so happy with it!
Tech4YourNeeds (11 months ago)
Congrats on 17K!
maricheri239 (11 months ago)
Unlocked bootloader yet?.. Any talk of root.. Very interested in this phone.. Dope vid fam
Jorge Dominguez (11 months ago)
Kevin Powers (11 months ago)
I appreciate the info keep up the good work
TechRight (11 months ago)
Definitely will
Kevin Powers (11 months ago)
No problem keep the vids coming
TechRight (11 months ago)
Appreciate you watching bud
Mr. Dragon (11 months ago)
You are the best person to support Huawei phones 👌
Mr. Dragon (11 months ago)
OMG am first .. you make the best videos I have to say it cuse it's true
TechRight (11 months ago)
I appreciate it

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