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Hi Babes! In today's video I'll be sharing the steps that I follow to shop on Aliexpress successfully every single time! These are a few tips that have changed the game for me and a lot of you wanted to know how I find my stuff on there, so I really hope this video will help and I hope you guys enjoy it.♡ THANK YOU FOR 9K! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW FIND ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! ♡ Snapchat: Jen.Drs Instagram: JenniferDrs_ https://www.instagram.com/jenniferdrs_/ Twitter: JenniferDrs https://twitter.com/jenniferdrs SHOP ON ALIEXPRESS USING MY TIPS! : https://www.aliexpress.com/ MAKEUP DETAILS ♡ Lashes: "D108" Visofree Lashes from Aliexpress Highlight: "Rodeo Drive" by Ofra Cosmetics Lips: (Video on My Favorite Lip Combos is Coming Very Soon!) ADDITIONAL INFO ♡ Want To Get a Hold Of My Videographer? Here are Jhay's links: https://www.instagram.com/jhay_mars/
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Kamiya M (2 months ago)
New subby, first video of yours I found, thank you for the tips
Stephanie Ruby (3 months ago)
You look like Kali Uchis 😍✨
Brandon uwu (4 months ago)
Thank you so much these are very good tips and I think I’m going to use them. Stay beautiful uwu
mishmish mish (5 months ago)
Pls do your favourite nude lipstick/liquid lipsticks like the colors you wear.
Blackbird 7u7 (5 months ago)
I miss u, come back);
Sabrin Doukkali (5 months ago)
Can you buy and review some eyeshadow pallets from Ali express please 😍❤️
Janesia (6 months ago)
You deserve more views
TheLovelyPlace (6 months ago)
More makeup tutorials please 😍
Sara Sara (6 months ago)
Puoi far vedere cosa hai comprato e che ciglia finte compri su aliexspress? :)
Sara Sara (6 months ago)
MAke up tutorialll :) è così fresco
Lola Andlee (6 months ago)
ayy I have the same top as this :)
Anyaaxxx (6 months ago)
where is your top from?
Jennifer Drs (6 months ago)
It’s from Yoins!
peachy keen jelly bean (6 months ago)
super helpful video ty ! i'm just wondering since some stuff is from asia and what not do you ever pay extra customs for your package?
Jennifer Drs (6 months ago)
You're welcome! No I've never had to pay for any extra stuff :)
Lily love1126 (6 months ago)

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