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Huawei P8 Lite 2017: Some Secret Codes (Phone Test)

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With this video, I want to show you some secret hidden codes at the Huawei P8 Lite (2017). Test your phone with that :-) Thanks for watching phonesandmore :-)
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Text Comments (14)
Sheralam1212 Khan (3 days ago)
Very nice sir... Sheri from Islamabad
phonesandmore (3 days ago)
Thank you
nodari deminashvili (1 month ago)
not testing notnuse 6130
TREVOR RIDDIN (2 months ago)
When mirroring from device to Hisense HDR TV the sound works but no video pictures.
sSsgaming channel (4 months ago)
I test it in huawei nova lite that the same type of p8 lite 2017
sSsgaming channel (4 months ago)
It's work😁😁😁
brett mncube (4 months ago)
Is it possible to put 2 sim cards and have them work here
phonesandmore (4 months ago)
Hey Brett. If you have the common DUAL SIM version, yes :-)
md rohim (5 months ago)
My Huawei P8 lite 2017 show the need update so When I go to the eRecovery and try to Download Latest Version And Recovery it gave me an error that says Getting Package Info Failed now please help how can I solve it ?
Infinitygameplay4150 (3 months ago)
Yeah I have the same phone and had that too You need at least 3 gb of memory free After the update you get 5 gb free!
Rémi le Hobbit (8 months ago)
Code non valide pour moi.
Infinite Loop (9 months ago)
big like
nasir shaikh (9 months ago)
Sir may mobile is not updated
Rene We (10 months ago)
Könnte man eigentlich so n Telefon ent'google'n. So dass der ganze sinnlosen vorinstallierten Google Schrott verschwindet und das p8 trotzdem noch funktioniert.. Frag mich manchmal wofür ich den ganzen Kram brauche, nervt, und ständig riesen Updates für Apps die ich nie anwende...

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