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BBC - The Secret History of the British Garden (2015) Part 1: 17th-century

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Monty Don explores the fascinating history and evolution of the British garden, from the seventeenth century through to the modern day. Part 1: 17th-century Monty Don uncovers the extraordinary stories behind Britain's 17th-century gardens. Starting his journey at the sole surviving garden of the 1600s - Levens Hall in Cumbria - Monty sets out to investigate what the gardens of this age would have looked like and what influenced and inspired their creation. Along the way, he sees a long-lost garden that - through archaeology and a German Luftwaffe photograph taken in the 1940s - reveals the hidden messages and religious beliefs of our 17th-century forebears. And Monty heads to Hampton Court, where politics, civil war and religious conflict played a key role in the evolving designs and fashions, including tastes in food, of the nation's finest gardens.
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Text Comments (51)
Kensho (1 day ago)
Better than melatonin
Monty is an awesome presenter, When will you post part two?
trainrover (26 days ago)
Shaping garden bushes and the a b u n d a n c e of shitty motorcycles and bike accessories are mightily dislikeable Euro attributes..oh well.
Korin Williams (29 days ago)
Glass ceiling
Korin Williams (29 days ago)
Put a roof up
Korin Williams (29 days ago)
Finish it as soon as I come
Korin Williams (29 days ago)
I love the sundial the best
harry oliver (2 months ago)
Absolutely...patterns seem to be no more improved here Now/Then, ~no ha ha ha intended...perhaps ~ we're simply Slaves these days to corporations that keep us *lawning* that which serfs, gardeners not to the Manor Born wanted to have their not owned cottages showing Off a bit of close-cut greenery! perhaps it is no coincidence that in the Land of *Eng* that which we call yards are still Gardens! one may be wondering, mayhaps... *W.T. Ferk Is THIS* Shite all about...Absolutely Fabulous!!!
ashy slashy (2 months ago)
there was no worship of the virgin mary until 1803.this is false info.
Gordon Tickle (2 months ago)
wonderful Monty is a class act
Zeljko Trifunovic (3 months ago)
the whole presentation is dedicated to the devil . disgusting. Jesus was born in sept. or oct. count back 6 months from april . an evil greedy catholic . Never was it mentioned what he did for the orphans ....sick , old or homeless . And his son was involved in conspiracy . But other evil spoiled pampered sons of satan don't seseepast their nose . and monty obviously has the same spirit..... the spirit of satan . sick and disgusting how people want to stay in sin and pretend .
Ana Maria Popa (3 months ago)
Smesh this guys is a such a brexiter. Lol. "it can tell the story of" all the horrid atrocities, of said empire, committed. "But of course those don't matter, we remember only the good stuff."
Traditionalist Cunt (2 months ago)
+984francis white supremacy isn't ruling the planet. It's not even ruling in most white countries. A minority actually, a very small number, if any..
984francis (2 months ago)
+Traditionalist Cunt Err. It appears to be wrecking the planet.
Traditionalist Cunt (2 months ago)
Not only do they not matter, they are preferable. White supremacy is good for the planet
INTUIT (3 months ago)
Extraordinary, the Human's absolute need to dominate....
Giorgi di Lemis (3 months ago)
This is a good doc but I am so appalled that they are touching centuries old documents with their naked hands
intlMind (3 months ago)
"...In command of nature" Thats where the problem started. Now only land that can sustain masses of livestock, or monoculture grasses for golf courses are deemed "valuable". Where as land that actually helps sustain wildlife, with trees and shrubs that keep the soil stable are only valuable in terms of how it can be "developed"
Kevin James Parr (3 months ago)
My ancestor lived at Hampton court and was last Queen to Tudor Hall the murderer but who will ague with this King? Hal Baggot I knew Robin his father who used to build working Virginals harpsicord are good as any Italians even better in fact. Sir Kevin Parr Bt used to visit that garden but now on 60 acres has built his own
April Marion (4 months ago)
Beautifully done! Thank you
Isaac Barata Mota (4 months ago)
I think them used labyrinth, to try to mess with people "pulse". The old garden are a journey with a theme and lots of different arrangements, there to try to give the visitor emotion. A labyrinth is a sure way to get their hart pumping. Thanks for the post!.
donna jackson (5 months ago)
interesting that all these years later the belladonna family of plants " nightshade" vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant are once again being looked at with suspicion as many people have a sensitivity when eating them as myself. When I finally elminated them from my diet I found that inflammation and digestion problems disappeared.
Señor MeinKrafter2020 (2 months ago)
I have absolutely no idea where you are getting that from. Nightshade vegetables are not under suspicion in the modern era --the vast majority of people have these plants as a staple food. Most people do not have "sensitivities" to any food, not to mention the fact that people can develop "sensitivities" to any food item. Are you suggesting that peanuts or sunchokes are under suspicion? Your own intolerance does not point towards a cultural shift in attitude towards a specific family of plants. The only plant that people are wary of in this family is the sunberry --and that's because people are ignorant towards this perfectly edible species.
Loy Lee (5 months ago)
Really cool documentary. Greenhouses rock, especially those with Orchids.
Figaro Hey! (5 months ago)
28:38 'For a stroll, entertaining guests, or even an assignment' - does he mean an 'assignation'?
soaringtractor (5 months ago)
Pull on your hip boots the British BULLSHIT is going to get really deep !!!!
Linda Jones (5 months ago)
Thanks for posting! I've been gardening with all different kinds of plants for about 7 years now and have recently created a YouTube channel to help as many people as I can see the beauty of what Nature has to offer us right in the backyard. I hope to help as many people as I can to make gardening just a little bit easier!
Ruthann Amarteifio (5 months ago)
Great four part series! Thank you-----
Angela Rickett (5 months ago)
Love Monty Don - he has done some fantastic TV garden series
Agusta Sister (6 months ago)
White carrots..lol..and radish pods to eat...lol. not me.
Wende Kirckhoff (6 months ago)
I've just recently found these shows, and I must say, I've never been prouder to say I live in Maryland, in the U.S., so glad we had that photo.! I find it fascinating to see these huge gardens from so SO long ago. Has anyone mentioned finding the woman here in the U.S. that uses satellites to find lost cities, sorry I don't remember her name, she was on Stephen Colbert some time ago, maybe something remains hidden that would show up in her photos.?
Wende Kirckhoff (5 months ago)
+Soaptivated.....Thanks, I'll check it out.!
Soaptivated (5 months ago)
Wende ~ She's here on TY, too. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sarah+parcak+ted+talk
Soaptivated (5 months ago)
Wende ~ Sarah Parcak... https://curiosity.com/topics/this-space-archaeologist-uses-satellites-to-find-ancient-sites-curiosity/
M. Arnold (6 months ago)
20:55 that is just nuts.
phuc ewe (5 months ago)
I'll take 2 dozen.
marbleman52 (5 months ago)
Him reading the list reminded me of " The 12 Days of Christmas"...LOL..!!
Sah. B. (8 months ago)
You fool: The Age of Enlightenment was not without faith in God.
Iam Notevenanumber (4 months ago)
True. Many of the early scientists were devout or extremely religious people. But they wanted to look for truths and knowledge in the real world, instead of believing they could find them in the bible.
Mary Harvey (1 year ago)
Fascinating discovery of the Catholic symbols in the garden and banquet hall.
Amy (1 year ago)
Where's part 2?
AmandaBeeRekendwith (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for posting. The host is a real treasure...so knowledgeable and passionate.
jack simper (5 months ago)
You would not realise listening to him that he suffers from the illness, maniac depressive .
Ph MWU (5 months ago)
1955 born writer/presenter Monty Don ...
andré rasemont (1 year ago)
La bonne" femme auraitt pu meetre u b o n j. Qux chvux uont oulsot lod'un sque de hntier l ferit....
MAINTENANCE (2 years ago)
Hello to everyone with passion to gardening ! Helpful tips, thanks :))) fb.me/northhillgardens
Gertrudes Tuazon (2 years ago)
thank you bbc, for beautiful, knowledgable,and entertaining documentaries.
5 Fold Understanding (1 month ago)
Even though BBC Lies about the Elite & Covers up corruption & the atrocities of the PEDO Aristocrats.Yes (besides that),, they have produced some very generous & visually stunning docs.
Aonso Felix (2 years ago)
me gusta mucho gracias

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