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Untold History Of The Aborigines Of America - African Americans Are Indigenous To America Not Africa

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Dane Calloway (1 year ago)
For the readers - http://wp.me/p7Q8Fh-er How To Trace Your Native Tribe - http://goo.gl/Z23LP9 My official website http://imjustheretomakeyouthink.com
Dane Calloway #TogetherEvery1AchievesMore #TEAM
Dane Calloway (1 year ago)
msjuicycouture22 yes
msjuicycouture22 (1 year ago)
Dane Calloway where is the cemetery in the video? Marietta?
Benjamin Taylor (2 days ago)
Hi Dane ,I live in Metro Atlanta I would like to know where that cemetery is located at?
Taquisha Winters (3 days ago)
Email mi I don't have a evacuation place if something goes wrong I'm the black sheep of my family cause my hair is different from my family so I need to make sure it secure my family I know how to live without lights water everything I'm from Mississippi no husband no life just exploring
Taquisha Winters (3 days ago)
Are you married ? @Danecalloway
rashid muhammad (4 days ago)
We're indigenous to every place on the planet earth god gave the black people the earth and the whole entire universe
Alvin Pagan (5 days ago)
I'm Puerto Rican and I swear the original taino were Asianic Black Aborigines because my family looks more like them than northern American native and I have heavy brown skin and the same fro they have
OldWB1 (7 days ago)
Thank you for spreading the word, Mr. Calloway. My eyes are opening.
The Nrgetic Obtainer (9 days ago)
Holly sh** that looks like me in the middle!!!! 😂😂😂
Mak Wild (21 days ago)
Excellent video
Gord Desm (21 days ago)
I'm just here to think.
tina terrell (1 month ago)
I been here.
Kevin Thompson (1 month ago)
My brother. I live in Marietta. Tell me where this grave site is located. I have to go to see it.
Natron thePLAYER (1 month ago)
I am the descendant of native Cherokee of Cherokee Co. GA... watch your feet, you’re trampling on hallow grounds 👑🖤🔱
The Truth (1 month ago)
The military lady said slaves were buried on the base so if these were Cherokee it means they were prisoners of war on their own land
The Truth (1 month ago)
The Afro haired aboriginals facial features look just like todd Gurley from Georgia now all pro running back for the Rams.
rico mcclinton (1 month ago)
atlantic slave trade actually happened in reverse.. we were already here..
B Amos85 (1 month ago)
It's alot of restless souls in there 🙏🏿
plejaren giants (2 months ago)
Get em Dane! Good upload!
HERBERT BOURNE (2 months ago)
HERBERT BOURNE (2 months ago)
Chahta Qween (2 months ago)
Binge watching at work. 🤔
Shang T Sung (2 months ago)
Shango Sankofa (2 months ago)
My great grandmother was Apache. They void treaties for discovery. Meaning, if any natural resources are discovered the peace treaty becomes null and void with no regard to sacred burial sites!
Alkisha JnoJules (2 months ago)
Do you look into the history of the Caribbean? I’m from the beautiful island Dominica🇩🇲 also known as the nature island of the Caribbean... my ancestors r ofcourse black but I’m also mixed in with kalinago roots... is there anyway u could tell me about the black people n Indians there... I know a lot about my history cuz I was raised n born there but idk I feel like somethings missing.....
Mike Materne (2 months ago)
Hey Dane, if you ever have a chance, look into Mount Mariah church and slave burial grounds in Roanoke, Va.
Christina Abigail (2 months ago)
Fake ass red Indians
Babydoll Babydoll (3 months ago)
I love Georgia
The authenticity of the young military woman was beautiful.
Nativ3Mex (3 months ago)
Africans aren't indigenous to this country
Zoya Adams (3 months ago)
Wow....just wow...
Randall James (3 months ago)
good v
erick rosales (4 months ago)
The truth should set yall free there is nothing more beautiful than the pure truth you are a inspiration brother keep that hard work
Thomas McCullough (4 months ago)
I hope the young sister doesn't get into trouble for exposing the real truth on this base.
Thomas McCullough (4 months ago)
This country will pay for their many crimes real soon!
Thanks for this revelation Dane.
TREZZY P.O.P (4 months ago)
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Great Job and I'm IN LOVE with information your sharing. And they way I felt when she read off that last BIRTHDAY was amazing cuz I share the same.
Jesse Bonner (5 months ago)
Dane what base is that in Marietta?
Sherayx (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this,💕✌️
Rene 4 (5 months ago)
B4 running into your channel I told a friend, 'have you noticed how the true aboriginals of India, Australia, island of Solomon, are all dark skinned people. The lighter shaded Indians are mixed with British and Aboriginals, producing that lighter skinned population you see today.'
J. W. (5 months ago)
So chilling. I wish the public had access. We need to preserve that area.
Holly Love (6 months ago)
Thank you! 🙏
POSITIVE SIDE OF DARK (6 months ago)
Good work
TruthFan (6 months ago)
The public doesn’t have access to the cemetery? So they buried slaves with headstones? I thought they dug a hole and dropped the body in. Weren’t headstones for free people who could afford it? Serious questions.
The Two Gardens (6 months ago)
They could do all this while communications and NEWS did not exist. Wonder if there was a new land , what they would do to get rid of its inhabitants. ?????
Luis Arturo Sanchez (6 months ago)
wow you opened my eyes brother.
Abo shemane (6 months ago)
What moral and spiritual encouragement did these murderers have in robbing and killing, what's the origin origin, if anyone knows? (I'm not talking about physical/superficial motives e.g. land, money...)
Ian Armstrong (6 months ago)
Shout out to US Air Force Security Forces bring us real history American History!
Muur Ian MU'hammad ALI (6 months ago)
As I listen to our poor Bro. Sa Neter who is trapped in King Tut, Pyramid paradigm, cling onto the watered down "Out of Africa" Narrative. 1. We are the Original People of the 🌍🌏🌎 not just a Continent. Satan seeks to claim our planet and fool us into accepting only originating from a single landmass so called "Scipio Afrtica" when we are from the "AB" original inhabitants that were created from the living black humus called Earth or Asia. We existed before Hebrews, or the Books of Moses. We were present in the triple darkness of space when God created himself. The aborigines of Australia are our family also. We are one aboriginal families of various shades, hues, colors. 😈 divided us by skin color/caste and branded us with his names. Destroyed our libraries, books, artifacts to hide our original identity. We are not Negro that was used for commerce. We are the Originals.
tiffany Daniels (6 months ago)
Do a video on holidays true meaning
sam davis (7 months ago)
Thanks bro so much.
coryandziare (7 months ago)
Blacks were here first in the Galway,planet , and universe period. White people are Johnny come lately!
Steven Mcdowell (7 months ago)
Psalm chapter 83
BRLUXECO (7 months ago)
King you’re brilliant im subscribing
a moon (7 months ago)
Are you seriously suggesting black people have always been in North America?
Bobby Hartford III (7 months ago)
Mr. Calloway... I applaud your dedication on this topic. After watching quite a few of your videos, I too, am on a search for the TRUTH. Am a child of the 60’s and have been classified as; negro, colored, Afro America, black and NOW African American. Recently discovered my family’s from Tulum Mexico. WOW??? It’s been rumored that we’re Native of these Americans, as well.
Christina Abigail (7 months ago)
So lets take back our land....
Flaming Bull (7 months ago)
BlackChiiney89 (7 months ago)
thinkin outloudd (8 months ago)
New sub outta #Philly
12Sisters 1bride (8 months ago)
I noticed the headstone dates of 'slaves' beyond the supposed end date of slavery.does this suggest yet another lie?
The General (8 months ago)
hard to hear her over the music
Ms Alexander (8 months ago)
Amazing. I was getting excited along with here. I would love to visit this cemetery also.
Sherron Mcfadden (8 months ago)
Where is this place at in GA? Because we live in Macon Ga.
This is jerking my heart....the cemetery is really moving
Don Chillamenté (8 months ago)
This is news to me!
Linda Lackey (8 months ago)
I'm loving this but I'm a little confuse is we the real natives now remember when they brought the slaves to America the white men were raping the black African women men and boys so how do we know if we are the decedent's from the Africans that was brought here in chains because you know we can make dark light bright and damn there white skinned people so are we from the Africans that was shipped here in America or the natives black Indians that was already here and thank you
Chris W (8 months ago)
Subscribed 👍🏾✊🏾
T -Bird (8 months ago)
A shouts out to all my Aborigines who know they are
jayson taylor (8 months ago)
This dont shock me
Kenabien Henderson (8 months ago)
My Great Grandma is Cherokee
Nadine C LeGrand (8 months ago)
Our Ancient Ancestors to me were Divine. The greater story is the one they don't want us to know. The truth lay in the Britain museums and I other places across the globe of the priviledge few. Where did they get ATOM vs ATUM. I appreciate your work brother! The real journey is the one within to reveal that which is external.
Doug V.O.R. (8 months ago)
3:40 That has got to be the sweetest sounding military sister i've ever heard!! & she has mind towards our true history whether it was good or cruel!... Someone better marry that cutie, or get out the way for me! Keep up this good stuff Dane Calloway... I'm really thinking and watching now.
OriginalJackJack (8 months ago)
That airmen’s beret was all jacked up lol
Jay Sommerset (9 months ago)
surrounded by a military base.that way, nobody can walk right up on it.
M (9 months ago)
I see some trolls are here in the comments, posing as black people, trying to divide us in the comment section 😏 👋🏾 Hi! I see you!
Micheal Brook (9 months ago)
Keep on your a hero now ... I respect Black knowledgeable to the max ... Thank you...
Samantha Huiel (9 months ago)
Andrea Arrington (9 months ago)
Love Love Love your work. Stay blessed and keep blessing us!
Verathon (9 months ago)
Wow this make sense
Divine Steps (9 months ago)
Whoa this looks just like my grandfather
javon nelson (9 months ago)
Trillions of year check our calenders
AMJYT (9 months ago)
CA silva (9 months ago)
Edomites hide every truth to everyone. They eraise and change history.
All I can say is Wow!!
Michael Wood (10 months ago)
Good stuff man....we must teach the truth
Bronze Sun Of Ma (10 months ago)
You didn't just make us think, you woke us up!
Scott Mccord (10 months ago)
Freaking government assholes
Kel Smith (10 months ago)
Great video. Big eye opener
Jason Walton (10 months ago)
Wow amazing video brother ! Thanks to your military friend for the video and service
I love u bro , we still don’t know our place . I try daily to teach like u do bro sometimes it backfires but imma keep goin
Seth Turner (10 months ago)
I really enjoy your content.keep up the information.
Clayton Holmes (10 months ago)
Light! Asé🙏🏿
Eric Miller (10 months ago)
thanks brother
michael seth (10 months ago)
You are excellent...
Nick D (10 months ago)
So if “African Americans” truly originated from America. Then their is no such thing as an African American. But instead they are just AMERICANS
D Boudreaux (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this..i have a mixed child..and grandchildren..i am going to make sure that they learn this hidden history! Everything we've been taught is a lie!
goldy blood (10 months ago)
Ty brother.🤗🤗🤗
G George (10 months ago)
Schools are there to teach propaganda that benefits the ruling class. Howard´s Zinn´s book, ¨A People´s History of the United States¨ is an excellent book that will bring tears to your eyes at the injustices of the white European colonists; not just against the aboriginal people, but also against common European settler or common working man. The entire history as we learned it from school is nothing but lies.
C Wimbush-Palacios (10 months ago)
Please can someone do research in Russell County? There is a grave site with over hundreds of blacks owned by the Coal company. Located "Hanging Rock" before you get to Dante, Va and 2 miles away from Honeybranch/Morefield . This is a special site!!
Glean BS (10 months ago)
Keep posting.. Peace Brother..

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