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Huawei P Smart: Some Secret Codes

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With this video, I want to give you some hidden secret codes of your Huawei P smart. With these codes, you can test and update your phone. Thanks for watching phonesandmore :-)
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Text Comments (13)
ajay kumar (1 month ago)
how to get lte HD audio calls on huawei p smart
ajay kumar (1 month ago)
How to choose root in phone
Unknown Shadow (1 month ago)
Might require root for such. t+ajay kumar
ajay kumar (1 month ago)
In mobile networks
ajay kumar (1 month ago)
this not working how to get volte in settings
Unknown Shadow (1 month ago)
+ajay kumar Its already HD I think.
Sampruth 11 (1 month ago)
How to turn on volte on this phone ? Pls help
tyler watts (6 months ago)
You can do all this in settings
Pam Jack (7 months ago)
How do you remove an email account on the P Smart??
Feel Truth Inside (8 months ago)
Can't you access these menus through settings?
Dr_ JustTheTip (8 months ago)
Yes, but not with that ammount of information. Good video, thank you.
phonesandmore (8 months ago)
No, just with these codes :-)

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