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Huawei Mate 10 Lite: Some Hidden Secret Codes

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With this video, I want to show you some secret hidden codes at the Huawei Mate 10 Lite. Test your phone with that :-) Thanks for watching phonesandmore :-)
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Text Comments (32)
Pakistani Tech (2 months ago)
*#*#6130#*#* not working
phonesandmore (2 months ago)
Thank you :-) I will check it
Adnan Ali (3 months ago)
File save ka code Maloom krna agar bool gya ho
ツNotIb3 (4 months ago)
Engineer mode?
boody1318 boody (5 months ago)
جبها عربي لو سمحت
Johnny Black (5 months ago)
How to make multi-touch better
Jammy Ramber (5 months ago)
How about huawie p smart phone
phonesandmore (5 months ago)
it works also for the P smart
Ehab Fayez (5 months ago)
s sarker (5 months ago)
Maham Nawaz (6 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 lite ziada acha ha ya oppo f7?
Malik Nauman (5 months ago)
Maham Nawaz dear mate 10 is best comparing both the fone
Mudassir Ali (6 months ago)
Maham Nawaz OPPO ni
Shahzeb Khan (6 months ago)
Maham Nawaz Huawei mate 10 lite
pit4824 (6 months ago)
Also works with Mate 10 Pro
Aliraza Umrani (6 months ago)
Nice video 😎 BRO
EssA RomaN (6 months ago)
Abdulla Juraev (6 months ago)
RomaN whizz sq
Waqar Azeem (6 months ago)
Seriously dude..one can go to settings to see these
hammad gujjar (6 months ago)
Ally Alle (6 months ago)
Omg i have huawei P10 lite mate
Hassan Anwaar (6 months ago)
Good but y don't u use screen recorder to make this video
sahaya nevis (4 months ago)
Hassan Anwaar. Hiiii brother how to use screen recorder???
phonesandmore (6 months ago)
I were thinking about also. But I have decided for this way :-)
black ghost93x (7 months ago)
Kus Acht Heck device battery battery quickly and network network needs to be a side of Wi - Fi Mesh link and send calls Zabalh open it from above the device, but your hand on the spirit of transmission and the Internet means the other shame
Affan Siddiqui (6 months ago)
Hodor I think it's Google Translate😀😀
Hodor (6 months ago)
ammar sy what is wrong with your English bro?
Vijay Nice (8 months ago)
Nice it's working
Muhammad Bilal (6 months ago)
tamil boys to download for M. .
Abdul Muthalib (6 months ago)
How can I select the speed dial
Xion Xion (8 months ago)
Hi, how I can put only 4g? Please, could you help me? Th a lot

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