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CODES in HUAWEI Y5II - Advanced Settings / Tips & Tricks

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How to use secret codes in HUAWEI Y5II? Which secret codes works on HUAWEI Y5II? How to open hidden menu in HUAWEI Y5II? Tipis and Tricks in HUAWEI Y5II. Open the phone's dialer and type in the secret codes. You can open the secret menu where you can find advanced features and detailes information. More Info: http://www.hardreset.info/devices/huawei/huawei-y5ii/
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Text Comments (15)
MeTub Qav (1 month ago)
how to set Huawei y5 2 to be 4 4G LTE
DerpyCat (4 months ago)
OMG!!New Insta Tag!! #TagStart
DynamicKerv (6 months ago)
Please do always 4G please
Li na (6 months ago)
how to change the font on Huawei y5 ii plz
iAmierliciious (1 month ago)
Download huawei theme on playstore. I have that app and done change font
Carmela Mae Yugcasan (7 months ago)
do you have shortcut for phone settings? Cause i need screen unlock without loosing any data
Nice bro
Toby Buckle (11 months ago)
I need to know how to stop the autocorrect from ruining my life on this phone please help I used phonetically spelling and the phone continuously correct me into saying the wrong thing in texts if I want to spell correctly then I'll just speak it out like I am now
IMRAN KHAN (1 year ago)
is it will work on huawei y3ii?
Nico Productions XD (8 months ago)
IMRAN KHAN This is for Y5II.
Yadandla Mahesh Goud (1 year ago)
Say HUAWEI Y360 U61 codes
xlke chooon (1 year ago)
All codes not responding in my phone😪
Logesh J (1 year ago)
Close and go
Home Made (1 year ago)
Why this code "*#*#6130#*#*"is not responding in my phone?
Ford Mustang Fanboy (11 months ago)
Home Made bcuz u aren't in a Huawei Y5II read the tittle

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