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Secret Codes HUAWEI P20 Lite - Hidden Mode / Tricks & Tips |HardReset.Info

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In this video we present all secret codes that works on HUAWEI P20 Lite. Let's get access to hidden menu and advanced features. Open the phone's dialer and open Project Menu, Android Testing Mode, Calendar Info and other hidden modes How to open hidden mode in HUAWEI P20 Lite? How to enter secret menu in HUAWEI P20 Lite? How to use secret codes in HUAWEI P20 Lite? How to open service mode in HUAWEI P20 Lite? How to get access to hidden features in HUAWEI P20 Lite? More Info: http://www.hardreset.info/devices/huawei/huawei-p20-lite/hardreset/first-method/
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Text Comments (16)
Mohammed Ansar P (23 days ago)
*#*#6130#*#* not working my phone why?
Tea Cotric (1 month ago)
I have p20 lite and my phone is say this number is unvibel
j b (1 month ago)
So nothing of use
pyro4fire NL (4 months ago)
My huawei p20 lite is brand new buy he's hot ( battery 40 °c) with normal use
percy the prepper (5 months ago)
Sadly my huawei p20 lite sucks.. Its brand new ant hangs big time.. I disposed it immediately.. Trash!!!!
Damakia A (5 months ago)
i used them on my p20 pro and they did work too..im confused now. r these code for all Huawei or just for p20 lite ?
Jawaad Tariq (5 months ago)
hi I have a problem with my p20 lite. everytime I get a notification it says 'chat hidden' so I can see whose sent me the messages unless I unlock the phone first, is there anyway I can set it back to normal, ive been trying for a few weeks and even went to a phone shop or two but they couldn't help me, thanks
JanVon 05 (1 month ago)
Same for me
The Haven (5 months ago)
I think you need to removed the Face Unlock for it to show again. It only started doing that with mine after I set that up.
Myra Togonon (6 months ago)
Watching this on my p20 liteno complains!
Rasheed Kanoor (6 months ago)
Myra Togonon
Gary Barquero (6 months ago)
Is there a way to remove the carrier banner when the P20 Lite starts? I really hate their animated logo at the beginning
Ραι Ιουλιος (6 months ago)
The only way not to see it is buy another cellphone product, and you will also see their carrier banner/logo so i think seeing huawei for 5-10 sec is enough . just close your eyes.
RED DRAGON (7 months ago)
Is it have "gloves mode" and "pocket mode" ?
RED DRAGON (7 months ago)
Thanks. 😎👍
radu Podar (7 months ago)
what is Ui theme color?

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