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How to Alibaba Private Label Products

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How to private label ecommerce products using Alibaba. Let me know what you think about the new microphone. Music: Fallback - Emune Chinua - Made in M Pueblo - Philanthrope
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Victor Colon (11 days ago)
Thanks Bro👍🏽
Chris Tomicic (20 days ago)
Hey man, from canada too. When they quote, do they give you price shipped usually?
Chris Tomicic (20 days ago)
David Harned I’m in Calgary too hah
David Harned (20 days ago)
+Chris Tomicic I'm in Calgary. I would take inspiration from other sites but don't replicate. Try to figure out your brand image early on and don't dilute it with random products. Stick to your target demographic and build a brand for them. Best of luck!
Chris Tomicic (20 days ago)
Thanks for the reply man. Where abouts in Canada are you? Looking to start a private label/ design clothing company. Any advice? I don’t know to start with multiple designs/ prints/ sizes or keep it simple. I’m somewhat just taking the idea of what another small brand is doing now but I feel I could easily replicate.
David Harned (20 days ago)
Hey Chris, just let them know your address and they'll quote you on shipping. Be careful though some suppliers try to make a profit off of ridiculously high shipping prices. For a single small sample the shipping cost should be $40 - $50 USD for DHL or UPS.
LaJulie Hines (1 month ago)
How do people drop shipping with them if it have to be a min order?
Mark Livingstone (1 month ago)
Good video
vardant soft (1 month ago)
https://goo.gl/5SZR2j Visual branding is an easy and effective way to make products stand out from the crowded marketplace. Creating a brand-specific look is easier than you think. https://goo.gl/5SZR2j * Why a Logo Is Important to Your Brand Logos act as the face of your business. They’re a visual display of what your company stands for, and can be used to promote your brand both online and offline
shiv babbar (1 month ago)
Hello Friend. I liked your video. Keep it up.
Miriana Troobnikoff (1 month ago)
Would it be wise to get brand/logo trademark and graphic design for private label FIRST before ordering my product from supplier please?
Freestyle Football (1 month ago)
nice video but too much photoshop
Travelling Newbies (1 month ago)
Would it be advisable to process a copyright for your own brand when selling it on Amazon? I've seen stories where others would trademark your brand and end up suing or asking money for damages from you etc.
captinoaustino (2 months ago)
If you put a logo on a product you want to sell, do you first have to register that product brand such as logo and name before you can sell it on say Amazon? Or is it as easy as creating whatever logo and uploading it.
jdmlabel (2 months ago)
Dude all you did was design your own label you didn't show us or tell us how is the process waste of YouTube video
tad sanders (2 months ago)
I like that microphone! In fact, that would be a GREAT niche private label product!
Nockout_Nova_ (2 months ago)
really great help thx, also where can i create a logo
kieran burtenshaw (2 months ago)
hey brother, is this feature for personalized features on products available for aliexpress also? I'm thinking clothing tags. Also - wondering if I were to have a set wrapping/packaging for my brand can i use that with different shops and not just one on aliexpress? Look forward to your reply, great video btw! thanks :)
Nawaz Haraish (2 months ago)
great video , thanks for not selling anything and just giving some real value !!!!
Miriana Troobnikoff (3 months ago)
Cannot understand how I can just delete someone else's brand on wallet and add my own....without getting sued? Thanking You
Miriana Troobnikoff (3 months ago)
David Harned  Thanking you very Much ...very grateful for your video
David Harned (3 months ago)
Hello Miriana, this is for two main reasons. 1. We are using a very basic/standard wallet design here from a Chinese brand. I am not suggesting you rip off a unique design from a reputable company. 2. We are just trying to make a mockup photo as reference. You should tweak, change, add and upgrade any material, color or feature you desire for your own product. You would have a tough time selling product if it was the same as everyone else's. Add something unique that is useful and then your product will become much more valuable and unique.
AyeeHolla (3 months ago)
Honestly, THANK YOU. This is the most helpful, to the point video on this topic. PLEASE make more regarding alibaba and aliexpress
PowerfulLeviB (3 months ago)
Amazing content. Thanks for not trying to sell me a stupid course!
Jennifer Barnea (3 months ago)
Diamonds Pearls (3 months ago)
Thank you, I just found you. I am going to tart my onlin business by selling purses, wallets, necklace, earring, and bracelets with my own logo. I have a ways to go before I actually jump into the game. I got quite of bit of research to do but will hopefully be ready by next June. Thanks a BILLION!!!
David Harned (3 months ago)
Awesome! Best of luck to you. :) Thinking outside of the box is key.
Renato Visuals (3 months ago)
you have the sickest intro ive ever seen
Lilly V Gutierrez (4 months ago)
thank u
How to do? (4 months ago)
i want to enter some thing in your mouth like test**
Michael O Oke (4 months ago)
Great video buddy... Here is a global online private/white label opportunity website to find or advertise any private/white label products... https://www.completebizopportunity.com/white-label-opportunities/
Maiv Xyooj (4 months ago)
what app you used to get your label down?? did it came with your computer? I have a iMac.
MountaineerApiary (4 months ago)
More like white labeling products
paul wakeham (4 months ago)
Great video mate no sales pitch just honest to the point info
Jimmy Singh (5 months ago)
How much do yo make per month buddy
SomePolishGuy (5 months ago)
Haha, I think I bought some sunglasses from you last year XD
Deal Packs (5 months ago)
David what is the photoshop editing app you used ?
Deal Packs (5 months ago)
I see on google a free one and one for 99$.
Karen Stepanyan (5 months ago)
Hi. Great tutorial video. But what kind of Photoshop do you use?
Karen Stepanyan (5 months ago)
Thank you David
David Harned (5 months ago)
Photoshop CC 2017
Maiv Xyooj (5 months ago)
What type of label program are you using to make your label?? You have to buy it or did it came with your computer already??
_mclbrn (5 months ago)
hanap nyo ba ay extra income? ito na ang hinahanap nyo! clink the link and register for free. https://coins.ph/m/join/vpr654 may negosyo ka na!
sue ellen mcgoey (5 months ago)
Totally awesome vid! Subbed!
Michel Gil (5 months ago)
Hi, what plan of Adobe Photoshop do you have? Their cheapest is $9.99 a month. Do you know if that plan has those features that you just used on the Video? Thanks in advance.
Cherry Nellaw (5 months ago)
Finally.... Excellent Job and Thank You
Leo Navarrete (6 months ago)
Do you know where I can go and fulfill at a U.S. warehouse?
Leo Navarrete (6 months ago)
Do you know where I can go and fulfill at a U.S. warehouse?
Leo Navarrete (6 months ago)
David Harned So Printful can fulfill Alibaba products?
David Harned (6 months ago)
The warehouse I am currently using is called printful. Here's the link https://goo.gl/NXVM4z There are many other options available though if that doesn't suit your needs.
Leo Navarrete (6 months ago)
Which warehouse in the U.S.? Is there a website you go to find the warehouses?
David Harned (6 months ago)
No, I will get a few samples sent to my house to check the quality and make sure the product is what I want. Then I will bulk order the products to be sent directly to the warehouse in the US.
Leo Navarrete (6 months ago)
David Harned Do you have the items delivered to your house and you ship yourself with Alibaba?
Just Win (6 months ago)
great information, just about to go through all you vids. thanks.
Giordano Bruno (6 months ago)
Hey guys, If anyone is serious about shipping from China , we can help your factory coordination by handling all negotiations and product selection.
Naomi Zhu (6 months ago)
RC Action (6 months ago)
So you're not actually buying/using the specific item you chose off ali express? That wallet was just an example for the sellers at alibaba to make and supply?
Thatoneguy Mccool (6 months ago)
Your bass icky giving away a couple million dollars right now you know I’m gonna be hella rich then I’ll come back to this video to thank you and maybe (probably) boast about how much money I made thanks to you
MalluStyle MultiMedia (6 months ago)
awesome video
Negócios Virtuais (6 months ago)
Good movie, but I think Alibaba is not the best place to negotiate, many foreign people are having a lot of difficulties negotiating with them on this platform, I learned from my experience in China that Alibaba prices are more expensive than they are they advertise then they usually advertise a price when we ask for quote they increase the price and you still have the risk of not receiving with the same quality as you bought and realized that the prices internally are cheaper considering to help all international sellers Amazon, Ebay and others, I founded a Nantong Kelinuo Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. where negotiations internally with the Chinese, guaranteeing better prices and the specified quality. Contact us: E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +86 13906293604 (Whatsapp) Denny Moutinho CEO
Bobby Tighe (6 months ago)
Good work bro that video was useful! Appreciate it
Mohamed Hichem (6 months ago)
we need more videos like this sub already :D
NJ CAMOCUTIE (6 months ago)
where can a get a good logo maker besides FIVERR..
David Harned (6 months ago)
Take a look on Graphic River and see if there is anything that might work. (referral link) https://graphicriver.net/category/logo-templates?ref=davidjharned
MrA16 (6 months ago)
These are some real Photoshop skills
Brianna J Haskell (7 months ago)
Great, thank you.
Ryan Ab (7 months ago)
Very valuable. Thanks!!
sibopally (7 months ago)
Jia Sil (7 months ago)
omg this is great 😍😍😍
Zak Shoobley (7 months ago)
How did you make that logo?
Darren John McIntyre (7 months ago)
nice mike and very informative
Ownfeed (7 months ago)
Very helpful
Shonte Moses (7 months ago)
Alibaba ships products for you, no?
Aleta Mitchell (7 months ago)
Short, Sweet, Informative. Kewl!
Kenny Valentine (7 months ago)
Thanks bro. Good info, I'm a newbie... But this was easy to understand and straight forward.
Wero 1k (7 months ago)
Hi im a beginner and my question is if i was to sell a product in amazon how do i recieve or send the product or do i just stay home and it all does amazon take care of everything
David Andrews (7 months ago)
What photo shop application do you use?
CH CH (12 days ago)
Beth Pittman (7 months ago)
How did you learn to do photoshop so well?
David Harned (7 months ago)
I've never taken any formal lessons on photoshop, so for me the best resource is just watching youtube videos and learning as you need. A good design sense is something that you can pick up over time. For the sake of just learning how to use photoshop's tools just find random tutorials on youtube and do them. You'll learn so much more from actually doing then you will from listening to someone talk about it.
Ozzie J (7 months ago)
Good Job dude. There's not that many videos on youtube that shows exactly what you just showed. Even after a whole year.
Melanie Atallah (7 months ago)
This video completely enlightened me ...lol never knew it could be that easy to do this!
Antoine Davy (7 months ago)
Great content ! Keep it up G
new waves (7 months ago)
hi David thanku so much for the video. Any tips on how to use Photoshop?
Imran Dymez (8 months ago)
Great video! Really informative. Thanks mate.
Mohanad Al Haliq (8 months ago)
great work son
Gene Davis (8 months ago)
what if you need a lower MOQ? Alibaba only will work with you if you are ordering 500
Mohammad Hussain (8 months ago)
This logo will Not see in the wallet when someone actually buy the wallet. ." Black head"
Cristhian O (8 months ago)
Nice video bro, I personally liked the photoshop process you showed us. Can I ask what photoshop program you are using?
Costa vB (8 months ago)
Is there a way where you dont have to buy them and order them in bulk but have them delivered to your customer.
Roselie Phillip (8 months ago)
You said that if you're new to the game we should just focus on drop shipping random generic products till we find something we know will sell and look good with our logo. I'm new so what did you mean by "random generic products"?
benekaiwi1 (8 months ago)
Well done.
Narith (8 months ago)
if you drop shipping then you are selling someone else product. With private labeling you are basically an item that has you logo on it. Wouldn't the customer notice the different in product if you private label?
lisa liu (6 days ago)
CJ Dropshipping can offer white label for you. PM me if you are interested.
Cristhian O (8 months ago)
Narith usually costumers dont care about the logos, they only care about the product and the quality of the product. The logo is there to differentiate your unique brand.
mahdi manssori (8 months ago)
Whats the photoshop app calld ?
HKlaos888 (8 months ago)
https://goo.gl/tQg4ZE Beginners should try Tony&Vik's bulletproof Amazon Mastery course!!! Highly recommended
LlamasAreBest (8 months ago)
I used outlinematic.com to design my logo and packaging.
Renee Wright (9 months ago)
Thanks, awesome video!
Athziri Hernandez (9 months ago)
mic sounds awesome very soothing voice, thank you for your tips!
Cam D. Moor (9 months ago)
What a great video...thanks man!
Claudia Jahic (9 months ago)
good job...
Wreckd Project (9 months ago)
Awesome bro, good stuff
Benjamin Vicente (9 months ago)
Just wanted to say thank you for your work, and for all your videos. People like you make the internet the powerfull tool it is.
Blaine Mitchell (9 months ago)
Great video. The Mic sounds fantastic. I just subscribed.
Janet mcvaaazzzy (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video!! So much I just figured out by watching this.
Arcadia arcadia (10 months ago)
How can u identity generic products? Ex, avoiding patent infringement if supplier or manufacturer is simply knocking off from a brand
Chelle Padriga (10 months ago)
Thanks! I don't see too many people showing this part. I use to do photoshop... it's been a while but I know it is easy for something simple. Looks like I need to get it
Miley onDisney (10 months ago)
Nice mic! It was the first thing I noticed.
karen walker (10 months ago)
Wow, thank you David! You taught me so many things in this video! I'm thrilled beyond words! lol Where have you been all my life? :)
Boss Mama Purpz (10 months ago)
nice video... I learned something
CPA marketingacademy (10 months ago)
i have learned more from this honest guy about flipping money than, from fu*** Tailopez
yada451 (10 months ago)
Helloiuehe (10 months ago)
Do you need a logo on your private labeled product or can it be on the box or something
Cristhian O (8 months ago)
Asfar Asif if you want yeah you can ask the supplier to do all that for you, or in my case I will ask the supplier to send it to me first the first few times to check the quality of the product and once I establish a good connection and trust I will ask them to ship it directly to amazon.
Asfar Asif (9 months ago)
So like the manufacturer does the labeling and all using the logo And they ship it directly to warehouse!?
David Harned (10 months ago)
Box or product either looks good. Packaging is a big part of the perceived value on a product.
AfroTris (10 months ago)
Thank you for being so helpful and informative! I couldn't find simple, direct information anywhere. (+Sub from me)
Patrick Lynch (10 months ago)
Great video and sound. Very nice. Thanks for the info.
Jarne Donne (10 months ago)
good video thanks
Ashish Vairale (10 months ago)
Great job thanks
virginia patrick (10 months ago)
Thank you very good have a good year bro
LongPlay Nation (10 months ago)
Great Video. Just Subscribed... Photoshop Question.. what dimensions and what file type is your Youtube Banner?

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