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Sweet and Fluffy RAGDOLL CATS! - Ragdolls Cats Kittens are so CUTE and CUDDLY Compilation 2017

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Ragdoll cats are so adorable. They are like big fluffy polar bear always ready to snuggle! Check out these sweet Ragdolls cats and kittens who crave affection and attention! If you enjoy the video please like, share and subscribe to our channel! New funny and cute videos every weeks :) Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/breaktimechannel/ --- --- --- Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/dashboard?o=U You can also check out our second channel, Break Time Shorties! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-DjqD6r48-NAy6MiAoRg_Q See also: 90 Seconds of Adorable Kittens Drinking from Bottle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drKPYJVTr30 CUTEST Baby ANIMALS Ever - Adorable Little Pets Videos Vines Compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z77qDflZl6k Pet FERRETS are HILARIOUS and so PLAYFUL https://youtu.be/eerBTKiA8ds Funny and Cute Cockatiel Singing and Whistling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdBppu0IjNg&t=25s --- --- --- Sources: Chill couch potatoes fluffy white bears, relax; they basically always chill 00:00 - 00:30 : “Cute Ragdoll kitten meowing” video by Simba Chichi 00:30 - 00:47 : “Kitty concert meows” video by Fjärilflickans 00:47 - 01:13 : “Cute fluffy Ragdoll Kitten Purring and Kneading before Nap” video by NaturalRedHead1980 01:13 - 01:38 : “Bringing home a ragdoll kitten. Meet Sammy” video by sugargliderfun 01:38 - 02:02 : “I LOST MY FOOTBALL, PLEASE CUDDLE ME” video by PieSenpai 02:02 - 02:21 : “Timo the Ragdoll Cat loves his new cat tree” video by Xiedubbel 02:21 - 02:30 : “Sleepy kitty - Jeremy The Ragdoll Cat :)” video by Jeremy&Luigi 02:30 - 02:57 : “Playing with Ragdoll kittens [Spoiler - They are very cute!]” video by Aisika Twinkieragdoll 02:57 - 03:18 : “Zyre and Sieka Ragdoll cuddle time” video by Deborah Lohrenz 03:18 - 03:38 : “Ragdoll Blue Bicolour” video by Oksana Stolzberg 03:38 - 04:03 : “Huey the Ragdoll Kitten mesmerized by an Angel mobile (HD)” video by HueyTheRagdoll 04:03 - 04:27 : “My Ragdoll cats funny habits!” video by Duke n Jarrah 04:27 - 04:55 : “Blue Eyed Fluffy Ragdoll Kitten - Playing and Being Cute” video by NaturalRedHead1980 04:55 - 05:17 : “adorable ragdoll kitten Franz” video by giorgos k 05:17 - 05:41 : “Ragdoll kitten bottle feeding” video by Fjärilflickans 05:41 - 06:14 : “Eerste stapjes van schattige, speelse Ragdoll kittens die contact maken met de camera.” video by Mitch Henderix 06:14 - 06:31 : “Ragdollkitten 13 Wochen alt....seal mitted” video by Lucie Reimers 06:31 - 06:47 : “Seeing your human taking a bath for the first time :) 猫は初めて男を浴槽で見る”video by Jeremy&Luigi 06:47 - 07:21 : “Ragdoll cats like big dogs” video by Tatuks 07:21 - 07:52 : “14 Week Old Ragdoll Kitten Rosey Climbs A Cat Tree For 1st Time” video by Rochelle, Charlie & Rosey My Ultimate Ragdolls 07:52 - 08:20 : “Ragdoll Kitten” video by Oksana Stolzberg 08:20 - 08:39 : “This is how Timo the Ragdoll Cat spend his weekend” video by Xiedubbel 08:39 - 09:05 : “Ragdoll kittens 2 weeks old” video by Fjärilflickans 09:05 - 09:37 : “My Ragdoll cats funny habits!” video by Duke n Jarrah 09:37 - 10:17 : “Bringing home a ragdoll kitten. Meet Sammy” video by sugargliderfun 10:17 - 10:41 : “Ragdoll cat talking to her kitten” video by carameldreamsx Music : 00:00 - 01:12 : “Winter wonder” by Purple planet http://www.purple-planet.com 01:12 - 05:17 : “PACIFIC SUN” by Nicolai Heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 : https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ 05:17 - 09:35 : “Morning sun” by Nicolai Heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 : https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ 09:35 - 10:16 : “Blue Skies” by Silent partner --- --- --- Want to see your funny videos in our compilations? Send your clips to [email protected] Copyright issue? Please send us an email and we'll get it resolved.
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Text Comments (140)
Alex Kitylol (12 days ago)
*ded by cuteness*
Y Annetta (15 days ago)
Coco Popsicle (16 days ago)
my ragdoll cat, Benjamen, got lost last night,, pray for him to come home safge
Taj Baker (2 days ago)
Did he come back?
Flamingo Carlito (21 days ago)
That music is giving me a headache 🤕
Cat Meow (24 days ago)
They shouldn’t be called ragdolls they should be called cloud cats
CCGG262 (1 month ago)
where can i buy in Wisconsin?
Studio Master (1 month ago)
I neeeeeeeeed 😻
Berry Sweet (1 month ago)
Ragdoll heaven 😁
Kelly Seastar (1 month ago)
Yay! Kitties!
texas1852 (1 month ago)
Beautiful little babies!! 💕
Amanda Davis (2 months ago)
Sooooooooo cute!!!!!
hi mom (2 months ago)
0:32 cat overload
Cat Girl19082 (2 months ago)
So FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm about to die of cuteness.. 🐱🐈
Maisha S (2 months ago)
ladureegirl laduree (2 months ago)
As a proud Blue mitted ragdoll boy mum, I can say that he is the sweetest thing ever. You can't imagine my happiness to come home to him and my Puli puppy. I'm blessed.
Mila Mila (2 months ago)
So cutee (=^・ェ・^=)
Caique Caike (2 months ago)
I dont need jesus, I need these cats
SuzUke (2 months ago)
Awwwww😍 This is cure for everything💕 I must have a Ragdoll😗
AlbertaDMode (3 months ago)
28 people with heart :(
Denise Dias (3 months ago)
DivineTeen: Sno (3 months ago)
Long live the gods who run this channel
Octopus .Flower (3 months ago)
4:25 looks like my kitten Timmy
Octopus .Flower (3 months ago)
4:18 looks like my kitten Trixie
Octopus .Flower (3 months ago)
2:05 jut chillin!
Kristyn Dobson (3 months ago)
Lillian Pandola (3 months ago)
the 26 dislikes are jealous puppies with no soul
JeyDJ (3 months ago)
Soo your cats are dead when sleeping that’s the real name of the video
Ownnn 😻
Gloria Deliciosa (3 months ago)
purring so loudly:)
BIG KITTY (4 months ago)
Whoever disliked this video Fuck u
Rauf Ccx (4 months ago)
I neeeeed
Diddy Gamer (4 months ago)
Janelle Johnson (4 months ago)
I have a ragdoll shes sooo cute
Yaani (4 months ago)
And the black kitten? :(
Kyra en Lizzy cats (4 months ago)
oo so cute! beautiful ragdolls!! I'm going according to you! are you also going to have a look at my channel? Greetings Lizzy ragdoll and Kyra daughter Ragdoll
ANNA (4 months ago)
My ragdoll passed away 2 months ago, she was the best thing that had ever happened to me
Derrick Lange (2 months ago)
Sorry about your loss, I don't know what I'm gonna do when I lose my Cosmo.
Dina Rivas (5 months ago)
So adorable. Such a cute meow.
Yosho XOXO (5 months ago)
0:33 😊😊😊😊😸😸 sweet
Faiqa Raza (5 months ago)
I wanna get a kitten sooo bad, but my mom won't let me
liberty littman (5 months ago)
PilchardHalibut (5 months ago)
I have two ragdoll cats.
Helen Choudhury (6 months ago)
Real life teddy bears! Let them take over the world! It’s the age of cats!
Esther van de Rijdt (6 months ago)
Wat zijn we toch nog klein!!! 🐱🐱🐱💕💕💕
Esther van de Rijdt (6 months ago)
Och wat een moppies!!! 😹😹😹❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer Creed (7 months ago)
Nice cats .
Jon Tong (8 months ago)
I'm not really a cat person, but I have to say that this is SOOOO cute
Tonii (8 months ago)
That first one..... SQUEAK *lil kitten do a climb* SQUEAK SQUEAK
Samsonian (8 months ago)
Oh no! Cuteness tractor beam pullin’ me in...followed by cuteness overload....meltin’ down! AAAHHHHWWWWW
Xx707xX msp (10 months ago)
Aww i have a ragdoll and he look so but he is bigger he name is Findus
Sun Lee (10 months ago)
Why do cats purr and make that sound?
Gaming With Vlada (4 months ago)
Sun Lee r u dumb? What kind of stupid question is that
劉竹 (10 months ago)
so cute!!!!! <3 <3
Annabelle Higgins (10 months ago)
cstoao (10 months ago)
O my gosh. The fluffyness, Those cute talking kittens. I miss my ragdoll Vincent. He was a real comedian and he loved to bring the mail. Ragdolls are great cats :)
Malin Küster (11 months ago)
I LOVE my two little babys😻
Ha Midih (11 months ago)
Zona Zoe (1 year ago)
little kitten purrs https://youtu.be/JAOBIgQq9Jo
40Bethy (1 year ago)
I have a 4 year old female seal point Ragdoll and even though she is not a lap cat she does like to be around you and get pats and she loves to rub up against you. If I need to pick her up she is not crazy about it but never has offered to bite only meows at me lol I wouldnt change having her for the world!
Lien Truong (1 year ago)
oooooh!:) all of them are so cute!!
July Jackson (1 year ago)
that's the sweetest meow I have ever heard in my life.
danieleTV100 (1 year ago)
WOAOU ! SUPER VIDEO, trop mignons tous ces petits chatons, j'adooooooooore :-)))))))
Tom McGlone (1 year ago)
My "AAAAAWWWWWWWW" broke the sound barrier
As watching this video I heard my kitten (ragdoll) meow and get off my brothers dresser and is meowing for freedom (for me to let him out of bedroom) so I had to pause this video for more cuteness but from Smokey.
Ann Sidbrant (1 year ago)
I can't believe how cute the ragdoll babies are!
Ann Sidbrant yes!
EA DC (1 year ago)
from the first second to the end all I did was the "adore" face and "aaaww". My heart just kept on melting...
Kyla Matriano (1 year ago)
Such cute babies 😍😘😄😚😙😗
matrox (1 year ago)
He doesn't Meeow he squeaks.
MamaRoach 75 (1 year ago)
Can I have them all??? Please??? I want them! 😍
Jr Onetime (1 year ago)
This is my dream cat honestly..
Robbie .F (1 day ago)
Go for it... they are lovely!
Janelle Johnson (4 months ago)
Jr Onetime. I have a rag doll
Wuzie xD (6 months ago)
I have one Lol
Graham Mcrobert (1 year ago)
Best depression cure
chaueun (4 months ago)
Graham Mcrobert Ikr
DFM DFM (1 year ago)
That little "squeak" just gets me every time he does it.
Heather Harper (1 year ago)
I got a rag doll cat 😍 she is so adorable
Miranda Chitty (1 year ago)
Awwww i have 1 ragdoll and he is amazing
Beverly Senzee (1 year ago)
Cat Chloe Life (1 year ago)
пищат мило 😻
Love those squeaks!
RobJG1976 (1 year ago)
4 people have no hearts.
ghøstkittu (1 year ago)
I didn't know marshmellows could walk
MagicalPupper marshmellows that have little burn parts
Trippy Libby (1 year ago)
What can I say other than... cute, cute, and Kawaii!!!😻
Jeremy&Luigi (1 year ago)
Awwww they are so cute! We have two Ragdolls and they are really amazing!
Ebichu Hanner (3 months ago)
adrienxoxo how is he doing now? :)
adrienxoxo (10 months ago)
My ragdoll cat comes home march 26. He's lilac lynx mitted. This will be my first cat ever for my 30th birthday.
CakeFreeze (11 months ago)
I dont have one 😢
Jeremy&Luigi I have a rag doll too :D
FracturedDeath (1 year ago)
Unfortunately, my ragdoll is about as snuggly as a cactus most of the time. xD
jcfreak4ever1 (1 year ago)
Mine is pretty aloof, too, and he's oddly attracted to my youngest brother of 20 years while mostly ignoring me, but when I visit him at my mom's, he's usually glad to see me and still knows I own him. ^_^
A mu thai (1 year ago)
Christina Medina (1 year ago)
Too Sweet!
The Cringe Company (1 year ago)
Man i miss mah kitties...
1 like = 1 pet for everyone which pet would you like?
Fatma Demirel (2 months ago)
Noran Abdel-Aziz (2 months ago)
Ragdoll kitten!
Cat Girl19082 (2 months ago)
Ragdoll kitty obviously
The Robloxian Panda (3 months ago)
Rag doll kittens
Another Himalayan ragdoll kitten
kulokawa009 (1 year ago)
I wanna kiss them
Stephan Billardon (1 year ago)
Soooooooo cute !!
Ben Healey (1 year ago)
as an owner of two ragdoll cats, I can confirm how cute they are....too cute..
chaueun (4 months ago)
Ben Healey Fact
Ben Healey agreed.
RYNNY KITTY (1 year ago)
I like when the little kitten was snergaling so cute
Harry Hopworthy (1 year ago)
Ragdoll cats seem to be an absolutely delightful breed, and gifted with the sweetest of dispositions, a loving and caring nature, and the most beautiful blue eyes !!!! Quite enchanting, I must say.
Da Dragon Durp (9 months ago)
Lunna2012 Loaf Doggo and Marshmellow Catto together? Cute. No doubt about it
My ragdoll kitten learned how to open up coverts. And work with my corgi to open up the treats a few times can it classify as cute? 😋
Harry Hopworthy my ragdoll protected me from my brother when i was sleeping 😂
Chuckles the Jester (1 year ago)
The meows in the first one are little squeeks!!! So cute!!!
fluffy the cat (1 year ago)
THANK YOU GUY!!!!!!!!!!
fluffy the cat (1 year ago)
laura jackson (1 year ago)
warning cat cuteness overload
chaueun (4 months ago)
That one depressed person ಥ ͜ʖಥ SAME ;-;
Janelle Johnson (4 months ago)
That one depressed person what kind of name is that
welsh guy2014 (6 months ago)
I am as well
Valerie Alvey (1 year ago)
Who ever is watching this try not to say "Aw www" for the whole video
Sweet Sayori (3 months ago)
I completed your challenge boi
chaueun (4 months ago)
Crystals Sims FreePlay (4 months ago)
Cute Kitty I lost sisjshakxnsmasj
Janelle Johnson (4 months ago)
Sorrry aawwwwww😘😘😍😘
Janelle Johnson (4 months ago)
Cute Kitty. Ok
Mia Ovalle (1 year ago)
Mia Ovalle I know they are so cute

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