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The Secret History of Knights Templar in North America 2018

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Many have searched for the lost treasure of the Knights Templar, most famously at Oak Island. But what if the treasure wasn’t lost? What if this treasure--necessary to sanctify the Temple of Solomon and create a New Jerusalem--was moved through the centuries and protected by a sacred lineage of guardians, descendants of Prince Henry Sinclair and the Native American tribes who helped him? The author explores how Sinclair’s journey from Nova Scotia across America also served to reactivate the sacred rose lines of North America through the building of “rose castles” and monuments, including the Newport Tower and the Kensington Rune Stone. Pinpointing the exact location of the Templar treasure still hidden in North America, the author also reveals the search for Templar sanctuaries to be the chief motivation behind the Lewis and Clark expedition. Thanks to Cliff Dunning http://www.earthancients.com/ https://twitter.com/cliffdunning
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Eric Hudson (3 days ago)
They found a roman spear on oak island
Rob Francis (22 days ago)
The worlds Holy Grail is before our very eyes, the treasure grail holds abundance beyond belief, yes! An infinite supply of regenerating energy resources exists and is the only common denominator of all goods and services we require for our survival. We're currently living in a kind of UTOPIA, Nirvana, land of milk and honey, heaven, promised land, or whatever you choose to call it, and don't know it. We've given away our natural born freedoms to access infinite energy resources to the Knights Templar's (creditor crusaders) who ACT as regulators of infinity. Historically speaking the Knights Templar's originated from the Middle Temple Inns of court, inner city London, and set out on a crusade to control the vast resources of the world, through a contrived LEGAL/BANKING system that benefits of a few self proclaimed elites. The Knights Templar's are known today as the Masters of the Bench (Benchers) who run Parliament. American citizens are known to be their subjects ruled over by attorney's (esquire apprentices to the knights Templar's) and bankers. We were never really free, we lost the revolutionary war, because we accepted and bonded ourselves to the Templar's rule of law over all the land and resources as we continued to pay their price for a few meager benefits and privileges whilst ignoring the reality of freedom, the laws of nature, and our existing technological know how to solve most all of our problems under the sun.
truthonthewind (29 days ago)
I believe I found it
Vera Correia (1 month ago)
First templar nation was Portugal the only country that did not kill Templars. The oldest country in Europe was created by Templars!!
Art Trombley (1 month ago)
The stone chambers that He speaks about in New England were built by the Druid Monks.
Sean Hross (3 months ago)
Video "The Swiss Beast - Home of the Devil" tells you the real Templar story.
MR BOSTON (3 months ago)
Stop hunting our treasure. The kingdom of god Is a kingdom of heart and conciousness. Obey his commandments. And surely Thy kingdom Comith. That which you are seeking I shalt not betray. If you are wise. You will play the Glass Bead game. If your mind is worthy. You will find the real treasure.
middleclassmomma1 (2 months ago)
Tools and more tools of awaking
Robert Morgan (4 months ago)
Scott is a rockstar of a geologist.
Robert Morgan (4 months ago)
Scott Wolter using 21st Century techniques was the one who definitively proved that the Kensington Rune Stone was real.
Ryan Dodson (4 months ago)
The authors name should be in the title or at least the info?? No links to his blog or anything lol. Instead of "the author" put his name? ❤🙏
전세계지도는 조작되었다.. lies old world map https://youtu.be/-lQZM7W5afc america is corea !!! https://youtu.be/uCVjvBfq14E .......
MR BOSTON (3 months ago)
巫MU佛MAGO DNA天武神ZEUS환인천황 bullshit.
Michele Eastman (4 months ago)
Please, what's the difference between the Scottish rite and the York rite??
Truth Army (2 months ago)
Annie B (5 months ago)
Great info! Can you please tell me how to correctly spell Olaf's last name? I'd really appreciate it!!! Thanks in advance.
Art Trombley (1 month ago)
Olaf Ohman
Armenius Sun (7 months ago)
The Templars are still with us today, you can see it all around in their symbology. We use their symbols every day without even knowing it. They are not Christian but they have use Christianity over the years as a mask. I think they are the keepers of an ancient European goddess religion. They are vaginas carved in stone all over Europe that our ancestors used for worship in ancient times, and I think they kept that goddess religion alive in the age of chistianity.
Armenius Sun (7 months ago)
Did anyone ever find what happened to the Narragansett rune stone that was so sad when it was stolen
UKz Romulus (7 months ago)
Any country in EUROPE with a cross in the flag like England were key members in the Templar Order
Kevin Jones (3 months ago)
Number 8 octogon that's the shape they love
mark herfrik (5 months ago)
Flags of Norway, Sweden, Switzerland(Absolute Templar Nation,)Greece, etc.
DAVID REYNOLDS (8 months ago)
Tom Dennis (6 months ago)
DAVID REYNOLDS He ain't lying
Elsa Cristina (8 months ago)
Did you all know that the Templars settle down in Portugal after 1307??? You can't understand the Templars without study Portugal history. Templars lived here inPortugal for more than 500 years. And still exist until 1910 and then came back in 1917. Til today our military still use their cross. Take a look at the Sagres Ship: http://www.marinha.pt/pt-pt/media-center/noticias-destaques/Paginas/Navio-Escola-Sagres-abre-a-visitas-no-Porto-de-Aveiro-.aspx You guys need to know that Portugal was the only country who didn't kill Templars. Our King D. Dinis protected them and offer santuary here. Templars moved to Portugal where they already had headquarters like Tomar Convento de Cristo. After the Pope banish the Templars, King Dinis decided to change the name to Order of Christ. And with that name they travel in the 15th century all over the world in the Age of Discoveries where we Portuguese own half of the world by the name of Order of Christ, which was the templars. Prince Henry the navegator was the Grand Master of the Templars and he was the master mind behind the Discoveries. if you don't know this, then you don't know anything about the them and my country Portugal, the country well known as The Templar Nation.
Elsa Cristina (8 months ago)
I don't believe that. Pope was Spanish and Columbus was not Spanish. So that is not true. And yes it was a success. Our Kings were intelligent men and I'm proud to be Portuguese. Have a nice Easter to you too
Lech Wyród (8 months ago)
So this Columbus provocation was quite a success. I have to read about it. Somebody mentioned (I think Webster Tarpley but not sure) Columbus might have been related with the pope and had maps from him, so he knew where he was going anyway. Whatever the truth is, History is exciting territory. P.S. Lucky you, usually allies of the British lose lots of blood. Have a nice Easter!
Elsa Cristina (8 months ago)
Spanish never got to india. India was portuguese territory so they couldn't go there especially after the Treaty of Tordesilhas. The only nations who were there was the Portuguese, who actually conquer: Goa, Diu and Damão and many of them were Viceroy in India. Then after the Portuguese It was the British, the Dutch The French. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonial_India#Portuguese. Small note aside: The habit of drinking the 5 o'clock tea in UK came from a Portuguese Princess, who married Charles II of England. And UK and Portugal still have the oldest alliance who still exist today. It is the oldest and longest alliance between to countries.
Lech Wyród (8 months ago)
One more thing, do you know when the Spanish got to India? I'm aware that the sailing routs were kept safe from competitors.
Lech Wyród (8 months ago)
Thank You for finding the time to give me this lecture! I'll take a closer look at this, I knew some of it, but most I did not. Well, we always look mainly into our garden and don't know what's happening elsewhere. Greetings from Poland!
nicholascremato (8 months ago)
This is all bunk.
Ken Brown (7 months ago)
Bilal (8 months ago)
Templar = Jew
A Doozer (8 months ago)
What a wonderful world we'd have had they been successful! Whooowaaaaaaa...........
Corey Scott (8 months ago)
TheAyasan (8 months ago)
Thanks a bunch for this informative post, thumbs up for this post! I greatly appreciated listening to it :) BoY! Scott I believe is right when he say's we tend to neglect or discard our youger generations opinion, they most probably will be the ones to figure out a heck lot more than we have so far! Start listening to them, the young folks might bring some light to the questions we all ponder on since so long now...
Another Day (8 months ago)
I knew the answer to the 5 point star. It's 8 for Venus to make its 5 poing circuit when it is the evening star and 8 to make the 5 point circuit when it is the morning star. This man told a great mystery in several of the stories he told. There were many. Great video!
XX YY (8 months ago)
I heard somewhere, a couple or three years ago, that the Kensington Stone inscription was in the dialect of Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea.
Mut zum Wolfsblut (8 months ago)
check out the Gotland museum rune stones
John Lord (8 months ago)
Who were the Knights Templars ? They were the sons of Jesus - Joseph and Jesus Jr. The true migrations of people around the Old World show the movements of these Rex Deus. As such, the Huns, Goths, Vandals, Moors, Angles, Saxons were all part of these descendants. The British Isles and Scandinavians and Vikings were part of these sailing tribes from the Old to the New World as early as the times of Great Uncle Joseph of Arimathea and Jesus sailing around the world on the Solomon Fleet cum Knights Templar fleet.
James Lee (1 month ago)
John Lord then they would have a jewish hapolope group as opposed to the normal R1 predominant in europe or the I of the Scandinavians line, thats simple and obvious
MR BOSTON (3 months ago)
John Lord you think you know something? But you do not. Look into the Pomegranate. If your mind is worthy. It will unlock the great mysteries.
John Lord (8 months ago)
Send a posted email titled Search for the Rex Deus to [email protected]
Holographic Multiverse (8 months ago)
You Do Know it’s a Holographic planet, right? Nothing is real.
TheAyasan (8 months ago)
XX YY Hi again! Ohhh if only all those web-bots were as nice! ;) YT would be a greater place!
TheAyasan (8 months ago)
Bilal! Hey! If only!!! Ha! That was the case for me 3 years ago, when I took this picture and used it in my profile. Had 3 heart atack since, 1 heart failure and ohhh yup, 3 ACV to add to the list. I get your point, friend. It's just weird for me now that when i'm out (to my Drs appointment mostly, , people don't see that hot babe anymore, they see a young lady strugling to walk with a cane! The prettyness from the outside is hidden under so much physical pain but heck, life is great, holographic or not, and it's still great! Not only because I know my end is near! Keep your fine attitude and keep enjoying this life bro :)
TheAyasan (8 months ago)
Bilal, my friend, anything and everything can be plausible. Every theory out there, for all I know, we are a freaking species with amnesia... I do believe that, we, as everything alive in our universe, is energy. Call it "electric" or energy, it's the same, right? Am laughing at your lsd comment down below, man! Those were the days!!! Tangerine also was something wawww! Anyways... huh, I was curious to understand what you ment, got your way of seeing things now, thanks :) Regarding this post, it's not far fetched to say Templars were in North America, they have been in so many places even remote islands (you know Queimada Grande in Bresil? Where there was a hidden Maya treasure...still hidden I think???)
Bilal (8 months ago)
XX YY sorry you speaking gotish? Being an interesting person test - failed.
XX YY (8 months ago)
"Bilal" is a web-bot. Turing test FAILED!
cfapps7865 (8 months ago)
Thanks Cliff. And Scott,...fellow UMD Bulldog. :)
captainbillshatner (8 months ago)
fake. and u ripped off dr who music. Please die.

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