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Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens - Cats Funny

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Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens - Cats Funny Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens - Cats Funny Sparta giving birth to 6 kittens - Cats Funny Funny Cat Gifts Best Cat Mom Cat Dad Ever Rude Cat Lovers Cat Memes Gift Shirts This is a wonderful surprise cat gift to mention the new arrival or just to let Cat Lover know how you feel. Funny Best Cat shirt gifts for Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas, halloween, New year, birthday. ★ CHECK OUT YOUR FUNNY CAT SHIRTS & HOODIES ➡https://goo.gl/twivSL ★ ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH ORIGINAL COPYRIGHT OWNERS PERMISSION. This Video about our cat Sparta. She ask us to join her during the birth. It's like: - hey come-on upstairs, it's time. We got a little kitten on Christmas 2009 and we named her Sparta because we just loved The Mean Kitty Song about Sparta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Eqs... Sparta was spayed in 2013. These wonderful little kittens, all got adopted into wonderful homes. Sparta lives in London (UK) and the people that were talking in the background was in Lithuanian. Thank you for welcoming and supportive comments : I couldn't stop crying because they were so adorable I've never seen a cat giving birth to kittens. It was a wonderful experience, I hope to see it for real, one day. laughed so hard at 3:34 lol I thought the cat was a dog for a second My heart is in pieces, it has never exploded this many times in a row before. 6:07 BEST. CAT SMILING. EVER. I've never seen or heard a cat pant before This is probably the most precious video I have ever seen.. Thank you for posting! :) I have to say I don't like watching anything being born but this video was very nice to see. It's so wonderful to see you guys are respectfully whispering while she's giving a birth. Such a great footage to capture the beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing :) Nothing will ever be as cute as this video. NOTHING. Im a fan of Sparta after watching this, i am now a cat person over dog. cutest thing i've seen all my life, no exaggeration. during this video was probably one of the only times i've ever said "awww" all my life. This is one of the most touching videos on cats that I have watched. Usually I watch them clowning around or just looking cute. But this one took my heart away. Sparta is so pretty. Her eyes tell the whole story. She is so pure, so innocent, yet she knows just what to do throughout the whole process. To see how Sparta's kids growing up, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_v4ds... Who is the daddy ? go to: 'SPARTA DATING AND MATING' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdTX8X... Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/Qy3HwH Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #cat, #kitty
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Dark Thorn (2 months ago)
Welcome to a vid about cats panting like a dog, (yay) (not)
GalaxyStar (4 months ago)
3:38 lol
Rockman1033 (5 months ago)
Storm berry (11 months ago)
ŠtÅrĶ #StarkSquad (1 year ago)
Why you stealing videos?

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