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Never-before-seen clip from 'Hillary's America'

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Dinesh D'Souza dispels myths about one of the most frequent Democratic attacks on Republicans; filmmaker sounds off on 'The Kelly File'
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MaskedDemon (6 days ago)
Megyn Kelly is fuckin smoking!!!
cravinbob (16 days ago)
A political leader introduced a Civil Rights Bill that was roundly defeated by both houses. It was 1957 and the Bill was introduced by VP Richard Nixon. Both Houses were controlled by Democrats.
Robin Luich (19 days ago)
I dont see a half a million black men fighting and dying for whites to have fair treatment like the half a million whitemen did to free the slaves.
Karaoke Rebel (19 days ago)
Thank you Meghan for taking the time and air space to helping the truth to resurface. Welcome to the "real" side.
John Hanks (29 days ago)
Demonising Clinton.  Demonising fools dumb suckers.
alex droogy (1 month ago)
Who is Megan Kelly ? DEMOCRAT
Jesse Aaron (1 month ago)
I wish our brothers and sisters of all colors would wake up and get red pilled. Once you see the truth, you'll never go back, in fact you'll never stop running from it.
William Charles (1 month ago)
America needs my country man to show them their history, long live india
dumb ass Megan
Fire Ant (1 month ago)
Dinesh D'Souza has a batting average of .875.
John Drohan (1 month ago)
Dear immigrants......As of November 9 , 2016 ''recipient'' is NO LONGER A CAREER CHOICE !
stevebrownrocks (1 month ago)
WTF! Megyn Kelly better not be allowed back at Fox! If she is, nothing but trouble will will happen!
chris dube (1 month ago)
Actually, I found 2 Democrat to switch parties to the Republicans. They are Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms. So much for "the big switch."
me (1 month ago)
The movie Hillarys America is on YouTube and anyone can watch it. It is only a couple bucks
Raymond Holder (1 month ago)
Patricia Toth (1 month ago)
Martin Luther King... Republican
Simon Hudson (1 month ago)
Knowledge is power. Don't allow the bad guys blind us anymore.
griffin lamp (1 month ago)
Ha yeah there was a party realignment in the 60’s and the republicans became the racists in the south. That’s also important to note
griffin lamp (1 month ago)
Nick T my point was that all those people in the south that people typically look down upon aren’t democrats anymore they’re republicans because of Nixon and the realignment in the 60’s
Nick T (1 month ago)
so you can forgive democrats but not republicans...we see how you operate
Philip Tooley (1 month ago)
Then megyn goes to cnn. Whore
Stephen Heyer (1 month ago)
If I’m not mistaken it was this moron D’Souza that spent time in prison.
Nick T (1 month ago)
just like a liberal to discriminate against ex-cons......
Watch MAAFA21 on YouTube...you'll see historical truth.
Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd (1 month ago)
Democrats....evil for a long long time.
Kathie Logan (1 month ago)
Hillary is a true racist!
Joe B (1 month ago)
MAGA! Trump 2020!
Bernard Jones (1 month ago)
Megyn . . Me Gyn . . . Me Gin . . Me Pissed.
Bernard Jones (1 month ago)
That woman needs to eat something before her face turns inside out.
Brian Keech (1 month ago)
"What about" some historical figures from LESS than 150 years ago? Abe Lincoln and the Republican party of the 1860's were the party of abolition and emancipation? Wow, what a revelation there Dinesh! Of course, nothing about a political party can possibly change in 150 years.
Theresa G (2 months ago)
Right on Dinesh, tell it like it is.
Zonker Harris (2 months ago)
Clip. Clop. Lol.
Zonker Harris (2 months ago)
Is this clop be4 or after Barry Soetoro put him in jail?
C Dub (2 months ago)
I swear, the people who support this crap sound like they're in a cult.
PaulRevere RidesAgain (2 months ago)
That's the real socialist party...Socialism is nothing more than a system that traps some to use against others. It's a money extortion scheme, it's weapon of choice is the income tax, a tax our founding fathers were dead set against. Some call it a 'banker' tax because once private bankers took over the 'monetary' system in this nation, socialism became the standard. The reason is clear, the more money bankers loan, the more money bankers make, and to a banker, there is no better customer than a government...
StarsRhi2 (2 months ago)
This needs to be made public over and over again.
STRFLTCMND. (2 months ago)
in the year 2018, there aint 5cents worth of difference between dummycrats and republicants.
Martin Trapper (2 months ago)
FAKE NEWS has caused this
hokeypokeyalso1 (2 months ago)
Thank you sir!
carterbroadway39 (3 months ago)
Love ya d' souza!!!!
Daniel Worley (3 months ago)
I ask some of the kids right out of high school tha get a job where I work. Several questions about racism and political parties. They always say Republicans were the party of racism. So I then re-educate them.
Allen Clark (3 months ago)
No sense in repeating these facts over and over, the liberals will never listen or believe it. They make up their own history and then teach it in our schools.
Chewybrand (3 months ago)
Facts and the truth are very powerful weapons.
Lyn Travis (3 months ago)
Smart gal Dinesh is talking to. Republicans fought to get rid of slavery and the Democrats wanted to keep it going.
Jerry Sands (3 months ago)
this statement struck me "If you think about it" Therein lies the problem. Are the progressives not spending a lot of time thinking about pays for all of these programs? I guess it's us.
Pia Salvato (3 months ago)
We love you and are fully behind you Dinesh!
Captain Thumper (3 months ago)
Liberals think they are tolerant. That joke ain't funny.
Larry Wilson (3 months ago)
the DNC is all about covering up their past. Don't tell the truth......no matter what. Hillary and Bill have spread the Clinton Syndrome. If you have it, you just can not be truthful.
paul is love (3 months ago)
Gail Goodwin (3 months ago)
Steve Farris (3 months ago)
Megyn is struggling to keep her distaste for him from breaking out.
diana brown (3 months ago)
Obviously the reason DNC went after him....and POTUS pardoned him. Thank you POTUS
ted Clauss (3 months ago)
Watch the full documentary (Hillary’s America) on Comcast on demand to flee the plantation knowledge is power 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿
Eddie Puddy (3 months ago)
Well no one is perfect even the Republicans. As you saw here.
A OK (3 months ago)
I have the utmost respect for you Dinesh D'Souza . Keep up the great work you do. I enjoyed watching you debate Christopher Hitchens immensely ! All the best to you Dinesh! from Canada.. I hope your movie comes to a theater near-by soon !
David A. Torres (3 months ago)
Dinesh, you ended her political career! Awesome
georgemarsone (3 months ago)
Lu Ha (4 months ago)
Trump the best presiden
Larry White (4 months ago)
which was the party of slavery, segregration and the kkk. That is easy, megan smelly kelly's party, the democraps.
Jose Carranza (3 months ago)
HEADBANGRR (4 months ago)
I saw this the first weekend it came out back in 2016. And that is correct, EVERYBODY stood, cheered and clapped for at least a minute after the movie was over, amazing!
1956soulmate (4 months ago)
And now we have Democrats trying to bring down an elected President.
Roderick George (4 months ago)
I never knew Frederick Douglas. Was a republican wow!!! Never mention in school teaching
Marcos Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Tha interview was way back when Megyn Kelly had just the first dose of Blue Poison!
firewoodtime2 (4 months ago)
I had no idea. The walk away videos gave me a major league education... we have been lied to a lot more than I realized.
Chris Kilmer (4 months ago)
Wonderful, brilliant. Thanks
great outdoors (4 months ago)
Americans want Comrade Trumpski locked up!
John Pro (4 months ago)
D’Souza is NOT intellectually honest in this video! The true champions of abolition were Quakers, not exactly the Republicans. The Quakers helped free many slaves for hundreds of years, way before the GOP was founded. Many blacks didn’t wait around for a white Republican savior to free them either. There were hundreds of slave revolts that spurred functional colonies with freed slaves like the Black Seminoles and Maroons. Finally, a great book is called ‘They Where White & They Where Slaves’ which chronicles the small, but tragic institution of White slavery in America!
eric ezaki (4 months ago)
Watch "The Obama Deception" on you tube
Freddie Darko (4 months ago)
Clintons would own slaves today if it was still around.
Jaron Flanagin (5 months ago)
Jaron Flanagin (5 months ago)
robert nichols (5 months ago)
She lost her cocaine airport in Columbia even when Bush killed Pablo Escabar!!!!!!!!!!! Hillary is the biggest crook in History, Ilearned when I lived in Venezuela!!
Taylor Armour (5 months ago)
Hillary sucks Hillary sucks Hillary sucks Hillary sucks Hillary sucks Hillary sucks
nalvar82 (5 months ago)
Can't stand Megyn Kelly...ugly inside and outside.
Kenneth Tickle (5 months ago)
As our eyes are opened up at the atrocities committed by the Democrats. Why have they not come clean about it? And using the big switch ploy is sickening! All to hide and distort truth. I took my son with me and watched the movie in 2016 before he cast his first time voting in presidential race! As I knew these historical facts were not taught in schools, he was in shock from the things he learned of! Needless to say it was Trump all the way!
Jose Carranza (3 months ago)
It is taught in schools.
blamm981 (5 months ago)
dinesh d'souza is a very smart cookie
Temporary Billy (5 months ago)
Megan jumping ship ????
rnsr4trump Rnsr4u (5 months ago)
D'Souza was retailiated for this!! Thank GOD he was pardoned!
AriesSun LeoRising (5 months ago)
What the hell happened to Megan? She went off the deep end and now is on a struggling talk show completely out of politics
Borsu (5 months ago)
nice brown head nag champa,
great outdoors (5 months ago)
Thank you Jesus for showing Trump supporters what a fraud he truly is. Hiding behind the Lord, the flag, turning neighbor against neighbor. He is EVIL!
Jeffery Smith (5 months ago)
Dinesh think African Americans are idiots. He speaks as if he knows something about being black in America, as if he cares about our needs and concerns. Dinesh fails to point out the difference between Democrats and Dixiecrats of the 60's. The Dixiecrats flew to the Republican party, where they were welcome, when Nixon, the law and order president, ran for office. The Democratic Party gave us the first African American President. The Republican Party are constantly trying to take away our right to vote.
Jose Carranza (4 months ago)
What dinesh does is take the sins away from the southern whites and puts the sins of slavery on the modern liberal democrats, just cause of the same name democrat. Then he denies there was a switch in the parties. Like does he actually think the South went less racist as soon as they voted for Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon? dinesh is propaganda.
Vlasta Molak (5 months ago)
That is why D'Souza was in jail..as the first political prisoner...
Jennifer Puhl (5 months ago)
Intelligent woman!!
Anime Fan (5 months ago)
I loved this movie really opened my eyes
Black Swan (5 months ago)
This is why HRC and DemoPOOPs railroaded Dinesh D'Souza to jail over a minor funding contribution oversight (NO ONE ELSE HAS BEEN PROSECUTED FOR a similar offense)
Harry Gandhi (5 months ago)
dinesh u should make on auntie maxine one video...pl..
abxchange (5 months ago)
Megan is rude and butts in on every sentence. I'm glad she is gone from Fox.
B. Faster (5 months ago)
The black victim on welfare may go back generations. Someone strong to break the cycle.
gwen witt (5 months ago)
Democrats embraced slavery of blacks and were founders of ku klux klan Republicans abolished slavery and believed in equality for all Blacks have been hood winked by Democrats hook line and sinker look into your history know the truth for yourself don ‘t go on hearsay read
Jose Carranza (4 months ago)
KKK are republican now, they love trump.
Dave Dvorak (5 months ago)
Every Democrat should have to watch this! Maybe they will wake up???
Master Chief 00117 (5 months ago)
Best part of this interview. President Trump demolished Megyn Kelly ass. Now she is not relevant anymore.
JoAnn Klonowski (5 months ago)
wow dinesh is awesome
Debra Connor (5 months ago)
It was well worth seeing this movie.
Timothy Elliott (5 months ago)
DE-fame hillary, and her merry band of thieves, liars and killers!!
Nayla Milley (5 months ago)
I knew it was the Democraps
John Doe (5 months ago)
Let's not forget about LBJ
robert plummer (6 months ago)
Creepy Joe Biden (groper of little girls) BIGGEST RACIST i.e. > see Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing
Roger didit (6 months ago)
Facts don't pay da Beals. Democrats be handing out da munee. Das all dat matters. Gimme da munee!
paul Sanderson (6 months ago)
Danesh YOU are more American than most Americans. I congratulate you on your recent pardon by Pres Trump. You are a brave man. Much respect sir. US Veteran
Dee Bennett (6 months ago)
I'm late to the game. Where do I see this movie? And ur others? I love dinesh

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