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*Try Not To Laugh Challenge* Funny Cats Compilation | Best Cat Videos 2016

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*Try Not To Laugh Challenge* Funny Cat Videos Compilation 2016, The best and funniest cats videos ever :) Hope you like this funny cat compilation, please like and share!! Watch the Funniest Kids Videos - https://youtu.be/RV9kdFz6-0I and Funniest Kids Vines - https://youtu.be/5ZSLPSfhA1w Funny Videos 2016 Playlist - https://goo.gl/2iYE4O Best Vines Playlist - https://goo.gl/OxcGTF Solo Vine Compilations - https://goo.gl/BiHQTk Socond Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRZE7EQJ4bfHN-rj4F4kFvQ Subscribe! : https://www.youtube.com/user/AlotVines Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/alotvines/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/AlotVine Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AlotVines Follow! : https://plus.google.com/+AlotVines
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Text Comments (2065)
aft7676 (2 hours ago)
*Please... A moment of silence for pets around the world who are harassed and tortured for the entertainment of their psycho owners......*
Emma Heiberg (8 hours ago)
1:28 when I have to go to school
Nicholas Andromidas (9 hours ago)
who the hell names there cat "Jose"
sarnobat2000 (13 hours ago)
2:11 - this one had me laughing out loud in office
Anna Laskowska (14 hours ago)
Haha 😂😂😂
Scat Cratch (18 hours ago)
0:35 Back In Black
Dead Memes (1 day ago)
This comment section is full of people who’ve obviously never owned a cat before.
Walkercat (1 day ago)
To all people writing "showing the cat a pic of herself or in the mirror isnt abuse, cause what bad could it do if the cat sees herself"....U are just fkin idiots... it is one of the things, we humans can, and animals cant... recognizing that it is ourself, who we see then. Animals just see another animal and that is pure stress and abuse! Why is humanity so dump?
Alex Garcia (1 day ago)
Prof. Troll486 (1 day ago)
Oh yess. Another "try to laugh" challenge
Cukin Charts (1 day ago)
7:40 Hey, you can't blame the cat on this one. I'd have the same reaction in that situation
Anthony Wells (1 day ago)
Who is in the Wii gang?
artic awesome fnaf (1 day ago)
1:35 your going to give the poor cat splinters!
Sylvanas (2 days ago)
Die Lache von manchen Menschen ist ekelhaft.
Kazuyo (2 days ago)
God, that girl at 7:13. I want to throw her off a cliff
James Savik (2 days ago)
2:28 It's a booby trap!
S.A.M Unknown (2 days ago)
Being a jerk and purposefully scaring your cat isnt funny. Also that girk with the picture was so mean.
xPropaganda (2 days ago)
@2:47 can confirm cats love that
christian velasco (2 days ago)
0:41, twist: its not a human
ThePerpetualShadow (2 days ago)
Lots of triggered people in the comments.
Twilight Rose (2 days ago)
2:48 not nice hitting your cat. 🙅
SwitchB*tch! (1 day ago)
Actually a lot of cats enjoy being hit on the back.
Kevin Hill (3 days ago)
aNiMaL aBuSe
anônima 123 (3 days ago)
5:54 quando você está sentado na calçada e passa dois cara na moto
Lone Wolf (3 days ago)
1:28 me when I have to do any type of work out. 1:19 cat: I didn't say you could touch me human!
Sally Chaos Aura (5 days ago)
2:03 This the best part and nobody can convince me otherwise.
LadyClaudine (5 days ago)
Ok blatant animal abuse aside, the guy at 8:17 is 10 pounds of CREEPY AF in a 5 pound bag 😳😰🤢
Gnome Warlock (5 days ago)
Once again, I've looped back to this part of youtube.
Thomas Levrie (5 days ago)
A+ for effort at 6:48
stone smoot (6 days ago)
9:06 lol
little Fire (6 days ago)
1:57 i got scare too XD
DMGHX (6 days ago)
5:54 the cat looks like Megatron
WHAT'S A WAL- WAGGER -DOG , DO. ? HE JUMPS OUT THE BUGGY IN WALMART. That's, what they do unleashed In The STORE . Where WE Buy our FOOD.!
FredBear17 YT (7 days ago)
1:08 that is one thick cat
LT GLITTER (7 days ago)
Reporting for animal abuse
AntiZ (8 days ago)
10:12 Its the Mickey Mouse Club House! *Cat falls with perfect timing to the show*
UwU OwO (8 days ago)
# Nimi (8 days ago)
My cats name is Oreo and it is black and white
_At __6:58__, the cat is so afraid of his photo, cool._ 😊😊😊 _На __6:58__ котик этак опасается свою фотографию, прикольно._ 😜😜😜
Katherine Bonkowski (8 days ago)
At 1:56 I died hahahahaha!
Ariana Kerner (8 days ago)
Ariana Kerner (8 days ago)
when your having a bad day and you can't get away from the mirrors
Ariana Kerner (8 days ago)
Dragged cat: "I ain't going to school and you can't make me."
Ariana Kerner (8 days ago)
the cat on the screen door: "If i stay still they won't notice me." So freaking cute!!!!!!
Shelley Breakell (9 days ago)
Great not
PsychoDuck7 (9 days ago)
1:00 me after eating too much food
Blank Cell (9 days ago)
9:30 Error
A Person (10 days ago)
2:49 Damn that cat likes it NASTY! Kinky shit 😂🤣
John Hopka (10 days ago)
#funny at 10:06
John Hopka (10 days ago)
9:05 lofreakingl
John Hopka (10 days ago)
Lol at 3:07
david hamilton (10 days ago)
Okay everyone who is complaining clearly have not had a single form of punishment and clearly have not heard of real abuse
1:55 q gracioso, me encanta😂😂😂😂
ECreepie 899 (11 days ago)
10:14 That is my exact reaction when one of my little four-year-old cousins turn Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on.
What I do not understand is why people allow cats on counters and tables. We have 5 cats and they all know that is a no no. Cats paws are unsanitary.
PETArds incoming.
Rosie Reinke (13 days ago)
2:35 booby trapped
John Higgins (13 days ago)
Ok 8:16 is creepy
David Martin (13 days ago)
4:16 its porno
Ibrahim & Zak (13 days ago)
This is animal abuse and why do u have a pet cat and dog
MrEpic01 (13 days ago)
4:15 Rotary Engine, Cat Edition.
NaZu! (13 days ago)
0:48 Thet kitty's pretty smart! Putting on some armor like that!
Wickle Pinksnout (14 days ago)
americans who over feed or dress their cats need to be banned from owning pets PERIOD
WeaBea (14 days ago)
0:08 How I play soccer/football
Movgto (14 days ago)
2:03 tongue.exe stopped working
Maria McNamara (14 days ago)
does anybody else relate to some of these acts cuz I do xD
Ana Carolina (15 days ago)
This is not funny. Scaring the cat is horrible. Do not teach this to children.
Park Powser (15 days ago)
I think I spent more of this video feeling bad for the poor things getting mistreated by owners who don't have the aptitude or understanding to take proper care of a cat as opposed to finding the torture they put up with funny.
Zach Campbell (15 days ago)
I have a coloured female support worker with long dark hair called Sonia and I think it would be funny if one of these cats climbed up on to her lap and pooed on her Making her stink and feel gross.
Nicolas (16 days ago)
8:16 sounded so sexual xD
Tom Stewart (16 days ago)
i dont know why people feel the need to film themselves bullying their cats. Looks like they're just desperate to make shitty 'funny' cat videos, there is so end they won't sink to
Skip ad (17 days ago)
and hope all ppl that harm animals will die. they will die one day. but i hope they never get borned again
Skip ad (17 days ago)
stupid idiot ppl laughing
Matthew Zablocki (17 days ago)
To many cry babies in these videos. 😒😒
Frosch Auto (17 days ago)
Cute they are, But pets arent toys.
Glacier Blue (17 days ago)
How many commercials must be shown during this period so tired of businesses thinking I need to see their commercial every time I move a toe a finger or look in a different direction. Watch our commercial, watch our commercial, watch our commercial!
Maria Camila Martinez (18 days ago)
7:46 even I would escape, that thing scary
Pam Barbeau (18 days ago)
1:35 I don't want to go to cat school MOMMMMMMM!
Maria queen09 (18 days ago)
3:04 omg😂😂
FireMinstrel (18 days ago)
The cone cat is pretty clever, huh?
EveryThingGirl238 (18 days ago)
You know what I hate? Hypocrite animal rights assholes in comment sections. :P
Austin playz games (18 days ago)
11:02 no no no no no
Ichi Yoichi (19 days ago)
7:47 Even I got scared of that tree
No Comment (20 days ago)
Some of these are mean
@2:26 It's a booby trap!
Enderman Useful (20 days ago)
Farya Rahman (21 days ago)
Wocxdid (21 days ago)
It was actually not funny at all.
Bob Anderson (22 days ago)
A lot of these videos are not funny at all, in fact they promote abusive behavior towards cats.
La Tui (22 days ago)
Most of these belong in r/trashy
Captain PringlesII (22 days ago)
1:36 My parents trying to drag me out of the house
Ildiko Kiraly (22 days ago)
At 2:58..old perverted dude hitting cat on heat!!!!!..,get fixed.../not just the cat!!
ang1stokes (23 days ago)
Some of these are funny but many are just mean spirited.
markeye (1 month ago)
My Kitten got stuck in the BathTub it was so funny! (Dont worry I got him out)
UniverseKeeper2 (1 month ago)
4:30 Uuugh the camera is upsetting them
St1lt0n Ch33se (1 month ago)
4:16 That cat sounds like a chainsaw.
Its Ali64xX (1 month ago)
Scaring your cats isn't funny
Em And The Girls (1 month ago)
My favorite was the kitty falling asleep on the piano while the owner was playing it. Very wholesome.
Oliver Zhu (1 month ago)
So many people complain about animals being hurt. To me it is just like people fell off, like during skateboarding. It would be most of the times no big deal and not happenning so frequently
tiastia (1 month ago)
Some of these are funny, and some are just mean. I'd like to see a compilation that maybe doesn't include a child chasing a kitten in order to continue frightening it. It's no wonder that people see behavioral problems in their cats, if they're doing stuff like this on a regular basis. :(

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