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Android secret codes (2017)

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Find out which codes work for your device and what they can do...
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MOHAMED HAMZA (1 day ago)
what is useful of imei
All-Tech 21 (1 day ago)
Well for one you can unlock your device with using any Carrier...
Eric Krell (5 days ago)
I have an international Samsung Golden Galaxy i9235 I would like to change band and frequencies to accommodate US frequencies, how do I get to that part of the system? Thanks Eric
All-Tech 21 (3 days ago)
Anoustly I don’t know...
Geoffrey Arndt (7 days ago)
All-Tech 21 (6 days ago)
Cg Bautista (10 days ago)
Need a coed for cricket
All-Tech 21 (10 days ago)
Call your service provider and ask them to change your IP address I’ve been hacked before and that fixed everything for me ( note all passwords to all of your account must be changed after words not before)
Cg Bautista (10 days ago)
+All-Tech 21 to see if my phone is being hack or have other device's attach to my google account
All-Tech 21 (10 days ago)
What kind of code?
Carlyn Watts (12 days ago)
I need to add a Android code from Healthgrade.com
Arnold Payan (12 days ago)
I will never forget to erase hitory or take good care of my phone
Ginger's gatchatube (13 days ago)
Since you seem like a phone expert do you have any idea on how to fix broken soft keys not digital soft keys but mines are broken and glitchy sometimes they work or sometimes they will just randomly go into recent or do whatever they want do you have any ideas on what to do?
Ginger's gatchatube (13 days ago)
+All-Tech 21 okay thank you
All-Tech 21 (13 days ago)
No sir
Ginger's gatchatube (13 days ago)
+All-Tech 21 does it require root?
All-Tech 21 (13 days ago)
Go to the play store and download an app called soft keys
Ronnie Fowler (17 days ago)
Some are looking at alot of time seems u may have some involvement
Ronnie Fowler (17 days ago)
And all is been tracked
Ronnie Fowler (17 days ago)
All is been documented
All-Tech 21 (17 days ago)
Laurie Fowler (18 days ago)
My bank account been tampered with and my sons information as well
NAD (1 month ago)
If you need to know more details when you can contact bestrootapps.com
Lord of awesome (1 month ago)
November 2018!!!!
Emani07 Emani07 (1 month ago)
How do you unlock a ZTE model z798bl sim card please please help
All-Tech 21 (1 month ago)
You have to look it up on chrome
Princessshanda1 (1 month ago)
Lindsay Nippi (1 month ago)
How can u unlock a pc network
All-Tech 21 (1 month ago)
Pc network?
Syed Sher Ali (1 month ago)
You are mantle
Nathan Miller (1 month ago)
Jills Mcfarland (1 month ago)
iPad have no cell! Now what
Tone Bunns (1 month ago)
Jills Mcfarlan did you get the email I sent to you on that one
Virgil Dennis (2 months ago)
Adam Cluett (2 months ago)
Hi can someone help me certain codes worked but the main one I wanted / need is the location one but everytime I put in the last code part it keeps deleting the whole code I put in so its like somehow being stopped to find out about someone tracking me so please someone help its the *#*#1472365#*#* code for it keeps doing it thanks
Mike Watson (3 months ago)
Special hacker is the real deal. He told me there is a refund policy if I found any of their services unsatisfactory. There was no need for refund because I was satisfied with all the levels of services delivered. I had access to everything ranging from the call records, messages, all social media apps and accounts on the phone, gallery and emails. Most of these posts claiming to know a hacker and all are fake. Very few are real and KEVINMITNICK7410 @ GMAIL COM is one of them. Follow him up on email : KEVINMITNICK7410 @ GMAIL COM
Mike Watson (1 month ago)
contact [email protected] he is one of the best hacker out there
All-Tech 21 (2 months ago)
Try her last ss# birthday, kids birthday anytime related
Derick Hansen (2 months ago)
My girl is cheating.. I'm not a computer wiz .. How can I get insider her phone. Can I do anything with just a cellphone number?
M Tubaña (3 months ago)
How to enable my video call in my phone ? Zenfone 3 max Pls help me .
All-Tech 21 (3 months ago)
These codes wont enable video calling
Tetsuo (3 months ago)
my menu info code dials unsuccessfully. 2nd vid ive seen saying itwould work. even saw *#*#197328640#*#*. any help ? need for Samsung
All-Tech 21 (3 months ago)
What kind of code do you need and for what model?
Samuel Chulu (4 months ago)
Need a code for Techno w4 for inlarging the space...
Ronald Volcimus (4 months ago)
Good afternoon how about for Galaxy S6 edge+ model SM-S550TL version 6.0.1 I would like to unlock the carrier.
Ronald Volcimus (4 months ago)
Thank you so much i follow you from Haiti
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
There are newly updated codes on chrome, type in your model phone and the specific codes and they will pop up. These codes are outdated and may not work anymore but your welcome to try them...
Kareem Acosta (4 months ago)
Metro pcs need help plz
Andea Jones (4 months ago)
do u have codes to cricket/boost phone
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
No, sorry
Tammy Jones (4 months ago)
whose phone number is +251-205-251-7600 how do I find out who that belongs to
Derick Hansen (2 months ago)
My girl is cheating.. I'm not a computer win... How can I get insider her phone. Can I do anything with just a cellphone number?
john paul diaz (5 months ago)
need code for vivo y53
Mighty Ssj3 (5 months ago)
How to turn off the call forwarding code the ##002#
Ultimate Ormus (5 months ago)
Every important information video has FN band and party going on.
Nothing happened ;(
Harry Hite (6 months ago)
What can you use the IMEI code for?
Josh giampapa (6 months ago)
MarkGamer148 (6 months ago)
the IMEI work to me but what it do?
Ernesto Matta (7 months ago)
Hobbs video
Francesca Ravanes (7 months ago)
i try everything to my phone but never one has not working....all is not working☹😟😔😔😞
Francesca Ravanes (7 months ago)
ok i will try😌
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
It works on certain models...
Francesca Ravanes (7 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech but my phone is android
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
It works on SOME Android Devices...
priscilla loerwald (7 months ago)
hey I need help real bad. i lost my phone during a move. just found a year later. forgot pin# I've tried all these codes, but still can't get past lock screen.it will only let me emergency calls. I don't want to lose data. plz help. coolpad catalyst old metro pcs acct. no longer with them
All-Tech 21 (2 months ago)
Is the phone paid off?
cwrent (2 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
Did you back everything to Google?
priscilla loerwald (7 months ago)
forgot vto tell u how to reach me [email protected] plz answer back
Ravin Jasoliya (7 months ago)
New All Android Secret Codes https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=secret.trick.androidsecretcode
daniel shields (7 months ago)
How can i open my samsung s7 edge from private mode I have messages in there that I copied to my gallery and I need them for my divorce but I forgot my password
Joseph Stinnett (7 months ago)
daniel shields
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
No unfortunately because they weren't back up...
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
As long as you can back it up you'll be okay, and if it's backed up then you can do a hard reset in order to get back into it
daniel shields (7 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech no i didn't could i still do that
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
Did you back the photos to Google?
Kaden-Playz Minecraft (7 months ago)
MHD Yabré (7 months ago)
Salut mes amis pouvez vous aidé svp j'ai un iPhone 4 qui refusé de ce connecté a icloud
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
MHD Yabré (7 months ago)
J'aime toute ces expérience
Pedro Morales (7 months ago)
back page.com
Glen Tindal (7 months ago)
None of your android codes work for me.
Isadore DeHerrera (7 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
patti dobson (7 months ago)
Will these wrk for notepad?
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
I'm not sure?
aung Ko (8 months ago)
Ricky Coswello (8 months ago)
hi i need help i have a telstra sim and when i start the device up it comes with network locked simcard chuck a puk in i have the right code but keeps saying unsuccessful is it thesame process as this please give a detailed explanation thanks
Ricky Coswello (8 months ago)
+S.A.T. Tech ok thank you
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
What that basically means is that the network is locked to that specific carrier and you need to unlock the network. Go to google abd look up SIM unlock and put your model in the info box and unlock it from the directions that are giving to you...
Gaurav Bhalke (8 months ago)
##7764726 this chode won't run
Christopher Frasher (1 month ago)
Lmfao 😂 chode
Thorn Newthorn (8 months ago)
motorola code is false
Kenny Jones (8 months ago)
Android secret codes 2017. I have a pin locked HTC and not one of the codes he gave worked. If anyone knows how to open my HTC I would really appreciate it.
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
Your welcome
Kenny Jones (8 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech Thank you. It worked.
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
You have to do a hard reset in order to get your device to unlock
HB Loki (8 months ago)
I got voicemail call out on the debug 😣
Daddys Girl (8 months ago)
How can I find out if my phone is being watched or if anyone has been watching my phone activity
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
Install spyware app on play store, if there is a alert on your device the app will notify you immediately https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arcane.incognito go to the link and install this app, it works great and it will help you feel more secure...
judy tonkin (8 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
judy tonkin (8 months ago)
O.k. thanks again
judy tonkin (8 months ago)
Lawanda Moorer (8 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
Sankar Narayanan (8 months ago)
I need ussd code for disable call forwarding when unreachable in Android device
Wolker Cz (8 months ago)
I have good phone 3GB Ram, 32GB ROM, 8cores processor and wot blitz still lags, can you help me ? When you know how and what :(
Janet H (5 months ago)
Wolker Cz Clear your WhatsApp sent folder. Everything you send even though you think you've deleted it, can be found there.
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
From the play store
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
Download empty folder cleaner
Wolker Cz (7 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech i using ccleaner on all devices what i have :(
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
Holy shit dude that's bad, you really need to download this app, empty folder cleaner and CCleaner use that and tell me how the phone acts after that...
proboaplayer 14 (8 months ago)
What about sprint
Stefanie LaQue (9 months ago)
I forgot my pattern on my Samsung Galaxy 6S edge, can you help? I do not want to lose any of my data.
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
A system reset is the only way I know, or call your provider they may be able to help...
Staci Mooney (9 months ago)
I have an Amazon fire phone.. forgot pin code for any access to it at all and it's not connected to mobile carrier as well as Wi-Fi. Therefore I can't get Amazon account to reach my phone to.change pin code. Anyone have any ideas besides factory reset. .? I don't want to lose my data, irreplaceable pics of my kids on there, etc.
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
We're did you buy it at, and did you buy it like that?????
Malik MMk (9 months ago)
I forgot my Google account
Malik MMk (9 months ago)
How about a Galaxy 8 what happens if you locked out of your own phone or cold do you use then
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
Do a hard reset by holding the power button with the volume up or down at the same time and select factory reset
Hafiz Munib (9 months ago)
how can i update my on5(2016) to nought
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
Have you tried calling google about it??
Jd Evans (9 months ago)
How do you change the network lock on a ZTE model: Z812
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
You mean unlock?
Bill Williams (9 months ago)
How about sraight talk (tracfone) boost and the other pre pay providers
wally strange (9 months ago)
I have a straight talk Samsung phone it only has 8gig of memory is there any way to get memory
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
Yes, you must purchase an SD card
ebin paul (9 months ago)
*#*#4636#*#* is not working on my Moto G4 Play. Please help
Michael Ohare (9 months ago)
Doesn't work
Brad Erickson (9 months ago)
I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017). Was hoping the codes would work, alas it is not to be. Wondering if its because of the latest Android update?
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
What os do you have? If it's below 6.0 then more than likely it won't work...
Cirece Overton (9 months ago)
Keep these things app. Android 10shortcuts
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
? Huh
Joshua Tolodxi (9 months ago)
Remember to be caution
kaka abubakar (10 months ago)
Please my phone is tecno L8 Lite if it can be possible pleased sent me the code. thanks sir
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+kaka abubakar dude, you can pick up a microSD card or regular sd card to gain more memory...
kaka abubakar (10 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech code to increase the internal memory
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+kaka abubakar what code do you need??
Terrance Moultry (10 months ago)
Fake stuff want even work I got a at atat phone
grlnexdoorable (10 months ago)
I have a metropcs Galaxy S5. Error mssge I got was "This feature not available for your account type."
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+grlnexdoorable so what are you trying to ask??
deb patterson (10 months ago)
When you use the caculator like that you automatically Root the device!
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+deb patterson say what?????
Mowac (10 months ago)
These codes do not work on a Samsung Galaxy S7......the dialer tries to place a call instead using entered codes.
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+Mowac good to hear bro
Mowac (10 months ago)
UPDATE: I came to an understanding that it is Verizon that had disabled that feature on all it's Galaxy S phones possibly through an update on my phone. I have a company phone that is a galaxy S6 through AT&T and some of those codes do work on it.
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+Mowac ok
Mowac (10 months ago)
No biggie,...it's not like it's mandatory to have the secret codes working on my phone, anyway.....I can simply do without.
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+Mowac I'm not sure...
Karen Stephens (10 months ago)
Cell phone is locked..using elipisis tablet. Help!!!
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+Karen Stephens have you done a hard reset???
Justus Warner (10 months ago)
I need storage code for android LG m-150 I have 7.0 but its a 16gb phone I do have sd 32 gb but I like to add more features and stuff with out using data and storage space plz help
Al Ybarra (10 months ago)
ive tried 2 diffrent websites to get a carrier unlock code for a Lg Fortune m-153 cricket is the carrier..ive paid with credit card and havnt recieved anything ..i canceled the order from one they got back telling me the refunded me the amunt hasnt got to me yet ???? wat cud i do
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+Al Ybarra go to my video called how to unlock a LG g5, there you will find info on the site you need to go in order to unlock your Android device, it does work...
Mahesh Kunche (10 months ago)
monoqqr (10 months ago)
How do ifind phone in android? Cant find it
mahogan13 jingks (10 months ago)
plss help me agana bayn sa starmobile plss help me
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+mahogan13 jingks what do you need help with???
SHADOWGAME 93 HD (10 months ago)
just put 911 To help!
Erick Intea (10 months ago)
help me my cellphone is storage space running out pls help
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+Erick Intea you need a SD card lol
The Reaper (10 months ago)
Everyone except for the data did not work. I got Welcome to Verizon wireless the call can not be completed at this time.
All-Tech 21 (10 months ago)
+The Reaper what do you mean?
Joseph Long IV (11 months ago)
It did not work
Vanessa Thai (11 months ago)
Justin Megadudecat (10 months ago)
Vanessa Thai ,
Justin Megadudecat (10 months ago)
Justin Megadudecat (10 months ago)
Vanessa Thai elk
Justin Megadudecat (10 months ago)
Vanessa Thai
Vanessa Thai (11 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
+Vanessa Thai ?
Vanessa Thai (11 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (1 month ago)
Vanessa Thai ?
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
+Vanessa Thai ?
Vanessa Thai (11 months ago)
MINECRAFT YT (11 months ago)
its only for samsung phone
Lovely Teacher (11 months ago)
What is the battery info code for samsung Note 2?
Jarell Barrett (11 months ago)
Mine work I think
Mike McGuire (11 months ago)
If you have a phone that has been factory reset how can you get rid of a pin screen lock code?
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
+Mike McGuire you have to do a hard reset
justlace69 foru (11 months ago)
How do I get the phone to even go to the dialer because the password pad comes up it has no stars no symbols?
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
+justlace69 foru have you tried clearing out the cache on that system app?
Wally Rakista (11 months ago)
I just came here to see the comments also before watching.😂
Ron jack Burns (1 month ago)
+who whos ŷ
All-Tech 21 (9 months ago)
Entertaining isn't it? Lol
who whos (9 months ago)
Hi there
DANNY HAMZACK (11 months ago)
Help!!! Why does my Lenovo a5000 doesn't work on *#9900# for the system dump mode. All it shows is nothing. Plszz help me on this. Thanks!!!
DANNY HAMZACK (10 months ago)
Yah but y is it so???
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
+SILENT KILLER not all codes work
cruise wadsworth (11 months ago)
what is ##002#

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