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Android secret codes (2017)

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Find out which codes work for your device and what they can do...
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Rapture Angel (5 days ago)
3:51 Under phone information, it says "this application does not work on this device". Am I being hacked? I have a stalker who listens to my calls!
Rapture Angel (5 days ago)
4:28 that worked. I pushed start.
Mike Watson (14 days ago)
God has always been my help since the past 8 years of marriage but it got to a point and time my wife loosed control and started sleeping out side..i have always wanted to open her iPhone but it has a finger print code so i went online to look for a very good hacker to help me access her phone without her notice then i found this hacker whose email is>>>> KEVINMITNICK7410 @ GMAIL, COM who i saw people posting his great works online so i contacted him and he asked for some simple details and i provided it to him under 24 hours i got access to my wife phone all her applications she uses to chat and her gallery i was able to see all her photos and where she goes to and all then i saw she has a man outside who keeps her company and all i also saw his pics but am so happy this hacker could feed me with what i wanted his really great and this hacker also made the finger print to work for my wife and my finger also indeed this hacker deserve more..thank you Mr Kevin the world needs more people like you!!!
Grimlin Wins (15 days ago)
I tried the #3282 on my Verizon Samsung J3 phone and it made a call to Verizon the automation started talking then it just cut it off and hung up on me. Tried several times, every time cut off earlier and earlier until it refused to call at all. Why??
Dean Herington (16 days ago)
My phone wi not let me dk the menu info or gps. The last 4 # * 's wont type and verizon says cant complete call
Anthony Lloyd (1 month ago)
Non of these codes worked and I have a LG android phone
All-Tech 21 (1 month ago)
Some codes won’t work for all phones, sorry
N.Patraj Patraj sathya (1 month ago)
My phone you my google
Ferguson-Factor 710 (2 months ago)
I know that this video is old but can you tell me how to fix a tech issue on my Android device? It won't download any apps on my phone. Thank you.
All-Tech 21 (2 months ago)
Are you signed into google?
RBLX GamingMastah (2 months ago)
For verizon it just rang the usual then sent a sms Message.
Chris H (2 months ago)
Wow if I want to check my data usage, I just go to settings and hit data usage. I don't need a code, lol.
J.A. Capaldi (1 month ago)
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J.A. Capaldi (1 month ago)
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Jane Morgan (1 month ago)
You're Hot!
All-Tech 21 (1 month ago)
Who are you talking to lmao
Tracy Westerman (1 month ago)
My name is tracy
Kirkhuff Huff (2 months ago)
Shelly Osborne (2 months ago)
My phone is getting forwarded to something called erasure, with a different number than mine. I've spent hours on w phone with AT&T and ZTE with no luck. Does this really work??? I'm very sick and missing phone calls
William Ash (17 days ago)
I'm looking forward to hearing from together let me know if you are interested
Mhae Gacoscosim (2 months ago)
How to remove #*008# ?
David Cook (2 months ago)
Glad to know that
Mosharrof Mishu (3 months ago)
K. MARIE Zamora (3 months ago)
Which one is which or what is the correct code to Format your HTC Device? The Full Factory Reset code for HTC Device *2767*3855# is the exact same code to Format your HTC device. I believe the speaker on this video without realizing that he gave the exact same code for a full factory rest for the Format code. Which one is which or what is the correct code to Format your HTC Device?
William Brown (2 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (3 months ago)
All the codes are in the video but if the codes don’t work for your device then I can’t help...
Janice Caneda (3 months ago)
Need for Vivo phone
Elisson Eliphat (3 months ago)
i subscribe you channel. can you please do the same for me?
All-Tech 21 (3 months ago)
Ayden Holton (3 months ago)
This means nothing to me as I'm not American but.i do have boost mobile.but Australia
Sare jaha se achha hindustaan hamara.
Vancity Marsad (3 months ago)
What the hell 😡 doesn't work 👎👎
Mdhabu Rahmaran (3 months ago)
RR Shaikh (3 months ago)
hakim nejjar (3 months ago)
Thank you.
legacy system (3 months ago)
1like =2subscribers
Cassandra Thomas (3 months ago)
How do I fix my phone to receive text messages from verification.
All-Tech 21 (3 months ago)
Register your phone number with your google account and cell provider
gerda daktere (3 months ago)
Neesmu neko vēl veikusi.
Jerry Wilmoth (3 months ago)
Paul Kincaid (3 months ago)
Ocean Edmundson (3 months ago)
Happy birthday thing I
Ocean Edmundson (3 months ago)
Titus alien
Oscar Martinez (3 months ago)
How do you desactavte it
Vipusurag Vinusurag (3 months ago)
Sir pls tell me if 0000# I dial my phon is hacked ?
Enrique barba (3 months ago)
Christopher Lozano (3 months ago)
Enrique barba area
Enrique barba (3 months ago)
Karin Seidel (3 months ago)
Leck mich am Arsch
ahmed Badshah (4 months ago)
*#0228# what this code does? And what does the quick start option mean?
Doug Roden (4 months ago)
Doug Roden my birthday is January 2nd 1951 guys
ajoy kumar das (4 months ago)
here are more : https://letsmesaytech.blogspot.com/2018/12/know-secret-android-codes-you-would-not.html
Tracy Mitchell (4 months ago)
주재범 (4 months ago)
주재범 (4 months ago)
한글로번역해주는것이 ㆍ잘모늘겠다
Jenifer Knouss (4 months ago)
Your factory reset code for htc is the same as the one u have for formatting
MOHAMED HAMZA (4 months ago)
what is useful of imei
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
Well for one you can unlock your device with using any Carrier...
Eric Krell (4 months ago)
I have an international Samsung Golden Galaxy i9235 I would like to change band and frequencies to accommodate US frequencies, how do I get to that part of the system? Thanks Eric
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
Anoustly I don’t know...
Geoffrey Arndt (4 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
Cg Bautista (4 months ago)
Need a coed for cricket
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
Call your service provider and ask them to change your IP address I’ve been hacked before and that fixed everything for me ( note all passwords to all of your account must be changed after words not before)
Cg Bautista (4 months ago)
+All-Tech 21 to see if my phone is being hack or have other device's attach to my google account
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
What kind of code?
Carlyn Watts (4 months ago)
I need to add a Android code from Healthgrade.com
Arnold Payan (4 months ago)
I will never forget to erase hitory or take good care of my phone
Ginger's gatchatube (4 months ago)
Since you seem like a phone expert do you have any idea on how to fix broken soft keys not digital soft keys but mines are broken and glitchy sometimes they work or sometimes they will just randomly go into recent or do whatever they want do you have any ideas on what to do?
Ginger's gatchatube (4 months ago)
+All-Tech 21 okay thank you
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
No sir
Ginger's gatchatube (4 months ago)
+All-Tech 21 does it require root?
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
Go to the play store and download an app called soft keys
Ronnie Fowler (4 months ago)
Some are looking at alot of time seems u may have some involvement
Ronnie Fowler (4 months ago)
And all is been tracked
Ronnie Fowler (4 months ago)
All is been documented
All-Tech 21 (4 months ago)
Laurie Fowler (4 months ago)
My bank account been tampered with and my sons information as well
NAD (5 months ago)
If you need to know more details when you can contact bestrootapps.com
Lord of awesome (5 months ago)
November 2018!!!!
Holley Martha (7 days ago)
Holley Martha (7 days ago)
Martha Holley
Emani07 Emani07 (5 months ago)
How do you unlock a ZTE model z798bl sim card please please help
All-Tech 21 (5 months ago)
You have to look it up on chrome
Princessshanda1 (5 months ago)
Lindsay Nippi (6 months ago)
How can u unlock a pc network
All-Tech 21 (6 months ago)
Pc network?
Syed Sher Ali (6 months ago)
You are mantle
Nathan Miller (6 months ago)
Jills Mcfarland (6 months ago)
iPad have no cell! Now what
Tone Bunns (6 months ago)
Jills Mcfarlan did you get the email I sent to you on that one
Virgil Dennis (6 months ago)
Adam Cluett (6 months ago)
Hi can someone help me certain codes worked but the main one I wanted / need is the location one but everytime I put in the last code part it keeps deleting the whole code I put in so its like somehow being stopped to find out about someone tracking me so please someone help its the *#*#1472365#*#* code for it keeps doing it thanks
M Tubaña (7 months ago)
How to enable my video call in my phone ? Zenfone 3 max Pls help me .
Amadou Diakite (15 days ago)
All-Tech 21 (7 months ago)
These codes wont enable video calling
Tetsuo (8 months ago)
my menu info code dials unsuccessfully. 2nd vid ive seen saying itwould work. even saw *#*#197328640#*#*. any help ? need for Samsung
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
What kind of code do you need and for what model?
Samuel Chulu (8 months ago)
Need a code for Techno w4 for inlarging the space...
Ronald Volcimus (8 months ago)
Good afternoon how about for Galaxy S6 edge+ model SM-S550TL version 6.0.1 I would like to unlock the carrier.
Ronald Volcimus (8 months ago)
Thank you so much i follow you from Haiti
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
There are newly updated codes on chrome, type in your model phone and the specific codes and they will pop up. These codes are outdated and may not work anymore but your welcome to try them...
Kareem Acosta (8 months ago)
Metro pcs need help plz
Andea Jones (8 months ago)
do u have codes to cricket/boost phone
All-Tech 21 (8 months ago)
No, sorry
Tammy Jones (9 months ago)
whose phone number is +251-205-251-7600 how do I find out who that belongs to
Derick Hansen (6 months ago)
My girl is cheating.. I'm not a computer win... How can I get insider her phone. Can I do anything with just a cellphone number?
john paul diaz (9 months ago)
need code for vivo y53
Mighty Ssj3 (9 months ago)
How to turn off the call forwarding code the ##002#
Ultimate Ormus (10 months ago)
Every important information video has FN band and party going on.
lego Ninjago ultra violet (10 months ago)
Nothing happened ;(
Harry Hite (10 months ago)
What can you use the IMEI code for?
Josh giampapa (10 months ago)
AkosiMarkie (11 months ago)
the IMEI work to me but what it do?
Ernesto Matta (11 months ago)
Hobbs video
Larry Bouldin (2 months ago)
Ernesto Matta
Francesca Ravanes (11 months ago)
i try everything to my phone but never one has not working....all is not working☹😟😔😔😞
All-Tech 21 (3 months ago)
The codes only work for some devices not all...
Ronald Leblanc (3 months ago)
All-Tech 21 m vb
Francesca Ravanes (11 months ago)
ok i will try😌
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
It works on certain models...
Francesca Ravanes (11 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech but my phone is android
priscilla loerwald (11 months ago)
hey I need help real bad. i lost my phone during a move. just found a year later. forgot pin# I've tried all these codes, but still can't get past lock screen.it will only let me emergency calls. I don't want to lose data. plz help. coolpad catalyst old metro pcs acct. no longer with them
Kimberley Baxter (3 months ago)
Kimberley Baxter (3 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (6 months ago)
Is the phone paid off?
cwrent (6 months ago)
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
Did you back everything to Google?
Ravin Jasoliya (11 months ago)
New All Android Secret Codes https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=secret.trick.androidsecretcode
daniel shields (11 months ago)
How can i open my samsung s7 edge from private mode I have messages in there that I copied to my gallery and I need them for my divorce but I forgot my password
Joseph Stinnett (11 months ago)
daniel shields
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
No unfortunately because they weren't back up...
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
As long as you can back it up you'll be okay, and if it's backed up then you can do a hard reset in order to get back into it
daniel shields (11 months ago)
S.A.T. Tech no i didn't could i still do that
All-Tech 21 (11 months ago)
Did you back the photos to Google?
Kaden-Playz Minecraft (11 months ago)
MHD Yabré (1 year ago)
Salut mes amis pouvez vous aidé svp j'ai un iPhone 4 qui refusé de ce connecté a icloud
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
MHD Yabré (1 year ago)
J'aime toute ces expérience
Pedro Morales (1 year ago)
back page.com
Glen Tindal (1 year ago)
None of your android codes work for me.
Isadore DeHerrera (1 year ago)
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
patti dobson (1 year ago)
Will these wrk for notepad?
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
I'm not sure?
aung Ko (1 year ago)
Ricky Coswello (1 year ago)
hi i need help i have a telstra sim and when i start the device up it comes with network locked simcard chuck a puk in i have the right code but keeps saying unsuccessful is it thesame process as this please give a detailed explanation thanks
Ricky Coswello (1 year ago)
+S.A.T. Tech ok thank you
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
What that basically means is that the network is locked to that specific carrier and you need to unlock the network. Go to google abd look up SIM unlock and put your model in the info box and unlock it from the directions that are giving to you...
Gaurav Bhalke (1 year ago)
##7764726 this chode won't run
Christopher Frasher (5 months ago)
Lmfao 😂 chode
Thorn Newthorn (1 year ago)
motorola code is false
Oscar Morales (18 days ago)
+Gary White hey Gary
Gary White (2 months ago)
Vancity Marsad (3 months ago)
Same here
Kenny Jones (1 year ago)
Android secret codes 2017. I have a pin locked HTC and not one of the codes he gave worked. If anyone knows how to open my HTC I would really appreciate it.
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
Your welcome
Kenny Jones (1 year ago)
S.A.T. Tech Thank you. It worked.
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
You have to do a hard reset in order to get your device to unlock
HB Loki (1 year ago)
I got voicemail call out on the debug 😣
Daddys Girl (1 year ago)
How can I find out if my phone is being watched or if anyone has been watching my phone activity
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
Install spyware app on play store, if there is a alert on your device the app will notify you immediately https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arcane.incognito go to the link and install this app, it works great and it will help you feel more secure...
judy tonkin (1 year ago)
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
judy tonkin (1 year ago)
O.k. thanks again
judy tonkin (1 year ago)
Lawanda Moorer (1 year ago)
All-Tech 21 (1 year ago)
Sankar Narayanan (1 year ago)
I need ussd code for disable call forwarding when unreachable in Android device

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