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Codes in HUAWEI Nova - Advanced Settings / Tricks / Hidden Menu

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How to use secret codes in HUAWEI Nova? Which secret codes works on HUAWEI Nova? How to open hidden menu in HUAWEI Nova? Tipis and Tricks in HUAWEI Nova. Open the phone's dialer and type in the secret codes. You can open the secret menu where you can find advanced features and detailes information. More Info: http://www.hardreset.info/devices/huawei/huawei-nova/
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Text Comments (40)
Yana Benedick (22 hours ago)
how to setting my notification for who didnt answering calling? sometimes i didnt knw who calling me..please..
rejil xavier (8 days ago)
Is there any option to record what's app calls
Xyvnin Pretencio (17 days ago)
Is there split screen in huawei nova 2 lite?
Sai Devera (1 month ago)
Hi I have a problem with my Huawei Nova 3i. I can't send text messages, Whenever I am sending an SMS its prompting "phone number format incorrect"
Attorney Oppa (1 month ago)
Jack Jack (1 month ago)
how to change font huawei nova 2 lite?
Jenyva Marie Namalata (1 month ago)
just download huawei themes, and emui font fix. you can change the font all you want.
baldi x principal (3 months ago)
Ricky Sardido (3 months ago)
can u help me pls my nova 3i have a problem, system install fail... and other user have already in version, while me still in when i check system update it always said i have the updated version, even i do the download full package... pls help me
mohammed gamal (3 months ago)
My cloud is disabled and app gallery don't work
Robert Liray (4 months ago)
Can any one help me my huawei nova 2i is stock on recovery mode..plz somebody help what should i do to fix this issue
Otaku Anime 05 (23 days ago)
Hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time hold it
Jerson Chavez (4 months ago)
How to change message theme in nova 3i?
Vrnc Tlrn (24 days ago)
Did you fix it?
Vrnc Tlrn (24 days ago)
Same problem lol
Chelsea Montero (4 months ago)
How to screenshot the lockscreen in huawei nova 2i?
Chelsea Montero (4 months ago)
Clan89 Lan Thank you! ❤️
Clan89 Lan (4 months ago)
Chelsea Montero hit your screen by your back finger twice
Dayang Zaharah (5 months ago)
Moc Bauzon (5 months ago)
where is the modify system setting in huawei??
Jxsh (6 months ago)
What's your theme?
Konrad Żuk (6 months ago)
How to improve voice quality during voice calls in Huawei Nova? Is there any software or hardware tip to change it? Or any hange in hardware on better quality mic such as Harman Kardon if it is possible?
OJ Cruz (6 months ago)
What does "Set UI Theme color" do???
SiDD (7 months ago)
What is SD card upgrade?
Ervin Halili (7 months ago)
How can i change the size of my dialer?
Barthelemy Ouedraogo (8 months ago)
comment fair la mise a jour de deverrouillage de face svp
General Broomdog (8 months ago)
star karsh..star karsh..star karsh..*#😝
rfandy (9 months ago)
Do you have a trick to lock 4G network on Huawei phones?
Yakub Ng (4 months ago)
nama app apa ya? mohon pencerahannya. . .
SNIPER_AIIM (8 months ago)
Tahir Rustamani 4G ki option on ki hay if yes then telenor kay service center say contact kurain.
rfandy (9 months ago)
edy cokka buat brand Huawei gk jalan sob..tapi udh bisa koq pk edit system via app
edy cokka (9 months ago)
*#*#4636#*#* bisa ngk?
rfandy (9 months ago)
Tahir Rustamani ngomong opo to cak..gak eruh aku no😕
2ndLastJedi (10 months ago)
Is there a way to increase performance by changing the "Run Mode" from normal to performance or something ?
123Ryanist (11 months ago)
This doesn't work on my Huawei Nova which was bought in China, do know what codes might work for my phone?
Effy Favreau (9 months ago)
123Ryanist me too it dosent wotk :(
E King (11 months ago)
dear how to install new version EMUI system updates...... plzzz plzzz please tell me.
Watcher NotYoutuber (4 months ago)
Just go througj settings and system updates. You can search it tho on settings search bar
Yakub Ng (4 months ago)
go to your updater setting, click check for update. and it should let you download and install latest EMUI available for your device.

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